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Zombieland: Double Tap Review | Escape to the Movies

I’m not sure that a modern movie I actually
liked ever needed a sequel less than Zombieland; which was as good as it was in large part
because it felt like it was riding the twin cresting waves of the zombie genre’s early-2000s comeback and the general optimism of the early-Obama era – it was a fun movie about coming out
of bad time still alive and learning to party again that didn’t take anything about it’s actual genre or really anything else seriously and moved at a fun, fast clip because it was able to bypass a
lot of setup by playing like an unofficial sequel to dozens of other movies that came
before. And also…I guess, more “bluntly”
it was full of good then-popular things that you hadn’t gotten really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really tired of yet and now kind of resented even though you know it’s
not really their fault and thus not really fair to hold against them like… Zombies. Stakes-free slapstick gore. Fourth-wall-breaking meta-humor. Topical and/or political humor that SNL would
call “toothless.” Ironic celebrity cameos. Jesse Eisenberg. But hey! Ya’ know, that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t
work. I could be fun. I mean, it’s not… but like it could’ve been. Anyway, Zombieland: Double Tap picks up now
one decade into what’s now a dark-comedy alt-history present rather than a dark-comedy
immediate near-future for… really no other apparent reason than there not being a reason
to do this at all if the whole cast didn’t come back and Abigail Breslin at least has
visibily grown-up. As such, her condition drives the what
passes for an inciting incident: The good guys have been living in the now-abandoned
White House for awhile, but young-adulthood has hit “Little Rock” like a ton of bricks
and she’s chaffing at not being able to at least try exploring the world to look for
other survivors her own age. And, so after some other weakly-defined tension
crops up involving timid character arcs of the other three characters, she wines up separated on the road with a dopey hippie en-route to supposedly zombie-free “pacifist commune”
while the others opt to pursue her using a very vague set of clues and some plot convenience;
the lone “new gimmick” being that during a brief spot of relationship awkwardness between Eisenberg’s “Columbus” and Emma Stone’s “Wichita” he has picked up a second would-be tag along love interest in the form of Zoey
Deutsch as a cartoonishly empty-headed blonde dope. Deutsch is a talented comic actress, and that
the film saddles her with a stock caricature that was played-out long before
the first movie is an early sign that Double Tap intends to not really bring any new energy to the table. I mean you watch her doing this bit and she’s not bad at it, but you keep thinking, “They can’t really just be doing a ha ha dumb blonde bit”
like this is a 1994 Rob Schneider vehicle right, but yeah they kinda are – like there’s has to be some kind of turnaround where she’s more than she seems, or become important to the plot, or adds a uniquely missing piece to the group dynamic and… no, no she’s just that. She’s dumb and uses up speech and it’s funny, “ha, ha.” Like at one point they go into an extended riff
where she babbles about missing taxis and randomly invents Uber in her head so the other
characters can laugh at what a stupid idea that is i.e. the oldest tiredest alt-timeline
joke format there is to the point where there has to be a twist… they can’t really be doing this joke and there is not. And, the whole movie starts to feel like that. You just keep thinking, “They can’t really do the White House thing and re-establish that
there were no more presidents or government after 2009 in this universe and then not do any jokes about
Zombieland maybe being a preferable state to the real 2019?”… but yeah, that’s, that’s all left on
the table. Woody Harrelson’s “Tallahassee” rants at the
idea of Breslin dating a hippie from Berkley and the gun-free-zone commune and you think… “Oh, is this going to get topical? Is this going to go somewhere?” No, not really doesn’t really go anywhere with that. Mentioned, brought up, dropped. Like, it’s a plot point, but does it become like a character thing for him or make any kind of meaningful joke contribution…no, not really. There’s even an entire stretch dedicated
to traveling to Graceland, only to find it’s not standing so “Tallahassee” can be sad that he won’t get to do all the Elvis material he’s been setting up the whole movie and you think “Oh. Okay, maybe this is the twist and this is where it becomes about this not being all fun and games this time and it’s time for a different tone and attitude to comedy and satire, a whole new Zombieland…” but no instead it turns out there’s a different
place nearby with all the Elvis stuff so they can still do those jokes. Okay. And, that’s before the point where it seems like they remember there’s still exactly one joke for Shane of the Dead that they haven’t done and inferior vision of yet, and they decide, “Okay, we better do that.” It’s not a complete loss, mostly because
the cast still has chemistry and these are funny actors. Plus it’s always nice to see Rosario Dawson
pop up even if she’s offered so little to actually do it kinda feels like you’re watching
another season of Iron Fist. In the end, this a sequel that doesn’t really
go anywhere or do anything and doesn’t feel like it has a reason to exist outside of October
having open release spots to fill and (I guess?) someone in the studio has data suggesting
a lot more people than you’d expect really, really wanted a sequel to Zombieland instead of just watching Zombieland again. So, 4 out of 10, not good but… on the other
hand, every minute Woody spent making this was a minute I was not closer to having to
watch Venom 2, so – thanks for that?

  • I was sick of zombies, and meta humor when the first one came out. Zombieland is a comedy so it's not really about zombies, regardless of the title. So, the sequel is going to live and die on its jokes.

  • Really dig the movie reviews from Bob, even when I do not agree I always understand where he is coming from. Was a fun watch, thanks for the upload.

  • So does the light reflecting off of your green screen cast a green hue around yourself? I guess I would have thought it too would be keyed out or replaced by the background…. I know little of blue or green screen tech, . . just wondering.

  • 1:23 – 1:44

    Geez, Bob, did that particular gag REALLY need to be dragged out for twenty seconds? Even ten seconds would have felt like a bit much.

  • Comedy timing doesn't mean wasting time with dead air in your video, just as repeating the same word endlessly does not equal emphasis. Are you related to Seth MacFarlane?

  • I found the first Zombieland so funny I forgot to laugh. Good to know they kept the same level of comedy from the first.

  • I think you wanted this movie to be more that the filmmakers wanted it to be. It was just a fun romp – just like the first.

  • I enjoy this show and the reviews are good info, but the title sequence is feeling increasingly dated. It's a small quibble but I'm finally early enough that maybe my input will be seen, lol.

    I'll still see this film but it's good to go in with managed expectations. ;p

  • General optimism of the early Obama era…shame that Obama was just another corporate suit. he was a neo-liberal run of the mill middle of the road politician whos inability to implement any progressive change is one the reasons people voted for Trump.

  • "It is really nice to see Rosario Dawson show up, but she is given so little to do it is like watching another season of Iron Fist."


  • Double Tap was literally 9 years too late but I can't help but admit I still had a fun time with this odd slice of 2009.

  • Oh god Bob's trying for comedy beats again. Dude, I don't know why this hasn't occurred to you yet, but YOU. CAN'T. ACT. Just review the goddamn movie!

  • I love Bob but he really has to stop his attempts at mini skits. Did that overly extended pause add anything to the joke?

  • 3:55 – 4:04 said it over on the escapist, saying it here. I don't care how bad "real life 2019" seems to be, I have never thought "I'd rather be chased and possibly killed by zombies" and will gladly take all the crap that comes along with rl-2019 over the prospect of the world being "ended"

  • Guess Bob needs a movie to heavyhandedly affirm his politics for him to enjoy it.
    Post apocalypse zombie world better than bad orange man Drumpf winning.

  • OK. I stopped watching this sub-literate rubbish at 1:40. Just too posy and unwitty. Are those words? They are now. Fat dullsack.

  • SPOILER ALERT: Bob didn't like Zombieland 2 because neither it nor the characters said "Orange Man Bad, Zombie Better". 🙄

  • Zombieland was a building block of my teenage years. It was THE modern film that my social circle latched onto, for one reason or another. We rewatched it all the time and constantly quoted it. It was a permanent fixture in our rotation of shit to put on while we hung out and wasted time.

    So coming back for the sequel, I gotta be honest, I had a good time. I left the theatre feeling a bit disappointed at what I felt were several missed opportunities, but all in all I can't say I didn't enjoy myself.

  • 4:00 "oh my God I'm movie bob and the whole world, and reality is orange man bad" it has nothing to do with trump, Grow up

  • and on top of the Michael Keaton cameo in that newspaper in the WB's Crisis adaptation, old Bruce Wayne will actually be played by: Kevin Conroy.

  • And then to sound on the nose speaks to a tropes negative connotations basically banishing it to the far off outskirts of "A Bit Too Far" Just to say that same something is done well (Zoey's performance) while simultaneously dumping on it for, reasons? If nothing but to perpetuate a seemingly toothless review on a movie if only, because.
    Is what your reviews sound like

  • Shame, I wanted it to be good.
    I'll still give it a chance anyway but this doesn't really leave me all that hopeful.

  • Thanks for the review, Bob! Hated the first, have no intentions of seeing this one, just wanted to see what people are saying.

  • Considering that the first movie was originally a unused tv series idea the sequel is just season two why do a twist when people are expecting a twist .

    I never agree with this guy it’s like he can’t just enjoy a movie without expecting more out of it which is why I never have any expectations for a movie especially a sequel TEN YEARS AFTER THE ORIGINAL!

  • So your biggest issues with the film were all related to its apprehension to be political in the ways you wanted it to? Got it. Last review of yours I'll be watching.

  • why the fuck would we want anything topical in this? i hear about god damn trump enough all day long i dont fucking need to hear about it when watching a fucking zombie movie. oh and fyi, airhead brainless blondes exist. stereotypes aren't conjured out of thin air.

  • Joker gets bashed for being political, but not how Bob wanted it to be, so the movie is shit.
    Zombieland : DT gets bashed for not being political like Bob wanted it to be, so the movie is shit.

  • Why does zombieland need to be about no gun zones ? That'd be like setting yourself up in a zombie apocalypse world. Why does everything need to be about politics and real world. The channel was named escapism for the love of god. Yet it actively compare selective things with real world

  • Well, I guess I can put this in the Ignore category, along with Pacific Rim Uprising and Kingsman 2. Wonder how the prequel will be like.

  • Your spoon fed, corporate prescribed political and social ideology not only prevents you from enjoying things that are simply enjoyable, it makes your two bit, dime store analysis of media entirely predictable.

  • The movie is a failed time capsule.
    People filled with Twinkies a decade ago but they actually expire, y'know?
    It had other great stuff but I'm too tired to find it around the stinky mush.

  • Goddamn it Bob, how the fuck does someone who's seen so many movies do so goddamn badly at a beat and pauses? It doesn't even pad out the run time to 10 mins for YouTube dicksucking. What the fuck is this pause for a non-joke delivery? Get to the bloody point, this is a review.

  • It was like a weird pit stop to 2009, yeah the jokes where pretty tired and they missed a lot of opportunities to do some social commentary but I watched the first right before I saw this one since I hadn't seen it in years and you know what? They're pretty consistent. It was a fun afternoon, it's not gonna be on my top 10 end of year list but I had a fun, mildly distracting afternoon of 2009 nostalgia 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Oh my, a sequel nobody asked for to a 10 year old film barely anyone remembers turned out to be crap? Well colour me surprised!

  • It's not a good movie, but I laughed enough for me to not hate it. The blonde bimbo bits did grate on me. There's a "women suffering" (suffrage) joke that is really just the worst.

  • Idk, I thought not making Madison more than a ‘dumb’ blonde and standing in that was a way to subvert the expected “she’s going to serve some clever purpose later” trope that discerning viewers expect. It was nice for me to see a character played straight. Shrug

  • I mostly agree with this take except do you really think this movie would have been made better with the inclusion of "topical" Orange Man Bad jokes? Are you sure?

  • Saw this last night.. How best to sum up why movie Bob doesn't like it..
    'it doesn't affirm my political beliefs or take pot shots at right wing prepper, so its out dated and out of place'
    The entire audience on the other hand (92% RT audience score) were laughing hard through out the entire movie..

    I know it's hard to distance yourself from your beliefs bob, but you criminally underrated this film..

    For the record, Emma Stone and Woody pimped for Hillary.. They are on your side big boi

  • I feel like Bob ya missed the magic that is Zombieland. Ya want hard hitting political bs that has shaped the 2010s into what it is. Ya want shit to mean something more. But this is 2000s, ya dont do that bs in the 2000s. This movie is suppose to take ya to a more simplier time where satire was mostly just gag jokes and zombies weren't overused yet. Where ya can have the dumb blonde sterotype and its not weird or "politically incorrect" instead its still considered fun but getting stale. Where ya didnt have to stumble over your words so ya dont seem to "woke" or "conservative". This is pure nostalgia for a simplier time of trying to forget your problems cuz theres like 2 different wars going on and a small recession. Zombieland is pure escapism fantasy. Its about family and making the most of a shitty situation with guns and jokes ya know the American way.

  • I am a fan of Moviebob, but I half agree/disagree.

    This is my thoughts on the film copy/pasted from my Facebook.

    General thoughts on Zombieland: Double Tap.

    I liked it, had a lot of fun. Is it a good movie? Yes and no. It's great to be able to welcome back Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock after a decade of absence. Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin still have perfect chemistry together, there are a lot of laugh out loud moments, and the final action scene was, while not Avengers: Endgame level of awesome, is very fun and worth the price of admission alone.

    However, in spite of the good moments, the writing is uneven. There are some new characters that start out great, but then kind of overstay their welcome. Not that they're bad, per se, but they didn't need as much screentime as they got.

    Also, there is a mid-credits scene that, while fun and enjoyable, ultimately didn't need to be in the mid-credits (this is not an MCU/DCEU film where the mid/post-credits scene plants seeds for the next story) and probably would have been a better fit as a Blu-Ray bonus short film if it had to exist.

    I see this sort of in the same way as The Incredibles II: A step down from the first in terms of quality, so it doesn't necessarily feel like it was worth the long wait anticipation, but still a blast if you just want to hang out with your favorite characters in a new adventure.

    Recommended, but hardcore Zombieland devotees will probably get more out of it than the average viewer.

  • Saw it to night before watching the Review and while I can see where Bob is coming from it was every thing I expected from a Zombieland squeal. And using my theater as a sample I would have to say Yea a lot more people wanted a Zombieland squeal then you would expect.

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