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Zero | Official Trailer | Shah Rukh Khan | Aanand L Rai | Anushka | Katrina | 21 Dec 2018

What brings you to Delhi
in this storm, Mr Singh? Bachelors at 38 aren’t
scared of storms. – No girl is worthy of you.
– You lied to me. Hiding a diamond
in a coal mine. – She’s not your type.
– I think she is. She shakes a lot. I’ll shake along. – This road isn’t for you.
– But I’ll walk it. Welcome, Miss Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder. There was no wheelchair
in the photo. Hey Bauua! Who’s that? What made you imagine that
you could marry me? Marry you? I was just
window shopping. Thank your lucky stars
she’ll marry you… – …even a guy would say no.
– Rubbish! Your bad habits made me short. My bad habits? Your tobacco chewing stunts sperm. Till 3.30 last night, I hated you.
At 3.45, I fell in love with you. – Love? That was quick!
– Yes! I can get dozens like you. Why like me? I love fools. Look! She was the only girl
I could look straight in the eye. I was equal to her
and she to me. We could’ve lived life as equals. But would that do? I wanted
to live life to the full. But God deprived me
of a dream of equality. And to get even… …I snatched the dream of
an entire nation. As long as there’s light
in the world… …you belong to me. As long as I am in this world… …you belong to me. Get out! You’re are nothing but
a zero, Bauua Singh. Now we’re truly equal, Bauua. They say in love you can fly
to the moon. Guess, I took it too seriously.


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