Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack Developer Diary – Medal of Honor Warfighter

hi guys I'm Chris Ellis our art director here at danger-close studios recently I've had the chance to work on the zero dark thirty map pack coming out later next month and our partnership with zero dark thirty Sony we're bringing to you two of the areas in Pakistan or bin Laden was haunted by Tier one often probably heard about trawl and Daraa and single-player missions now we're opening up these areas to provide more opportunities to explore these forbidden and treacherous locales of course we couldn't really get a chance to travel to Pakistan so in order to get a feel for how we should design these levels you spent a massive amount of time compiling footage and images online as an artist it really makes me feel incredibly fortunate to be able to bring these images to life interpreting and fictionalized in the region picking the best parts and expanding on them to be taken advantage of for gameplay as well is a valley landscape a wide-open floor bordered by Rocky Mountains familiar villages nearby the basic place to hide in plain sight dar is cavernous and sharply vertical there's a reason a gun market can be hidden in this terrain it's incredibly hostile rugged and difficult to enter the perfect hiding spot for a terrorist weapons up as an artist it's the best kind of challenge to bring to life areas the most part and seen by Western knives these areas are incredibly interesting there are extremely wide and command gran vistas the in-game maps are larger and wider prior versions and I mean you're going to have a chance to dig into the sniper class making much more effective we found strategic spots to add sniper blinds and yes be warned


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