Yukon Valley Trophy Hunt

all right we're doing some multiplayer stuff so uh if you guys want to join go ahead see if we can get some diamonds in duration stuff out of multiplayer because I've been around my map a good bit I kind of I think know what's out there I definitely want to hunt it more but multiplayer is always fun especially on stream you never know what's gonna be out there so uh I should probably see if I can get it can check not if I shoot like that mm-hmm my just bad okay I'll just be bad shot thanks for double superjet much appreciates hey it's silver and gram Oh I joined the guy who's watching the stream nice I didn't know uh I didn't know who I was joining I just joined the first one I saw that was empty there's another so shot thank you so much dude my map is lame no you what's that back to have you actually gotten hot at all the above there's like a something I don't know if that's behind that one Ash's female I thought was a piebald Shirley I'll be able to hit one of these little threes maybe not how bad can flandro shoot a 22 find out next oh my god am I not leading it enough Hey I swear I've gotten so much worse since this map came out I cannot hit these things there we go just have to not spot them apparently hey and now we get to wait uh what actually been waiting for this map I don't know where to begin um it depends on what you want it really does but I was just thinking the other day how much I'm excited for Trek moose yes Canada as is I mean normal moose aren't that exciting since they're on the other couple of maps so it gets to 9 o'clock which is what time it is in this server and then it kind of like caribou aren't drinking bear or drinking go hunt wolves or whatever but once track moves around yeah we're gonna be able to kind of hunt from like 5:00 a.m. on and just go to like 1,300 I think that's gonna end up with a lot more diamonds being shot and stuff just cuz we're gonna stay you know hunting for longer and not switching time it's up to you I don't want to pronounce your name wrong but Mr host of the server whatever you want to do doesn't matter I'm just gonna run around and see what we find uh okay there were two of those i Rex T thinks for two super chat love the vids dude keep on hunting I am gonna do my best man and Bobe I know Bovie this map will be 10 out of 10 if it had musk deer can't agree got to give it a 9.5 because no must deer speak sad I'm on console first thing I saw was a 949 caribou big said I know that feel although what is this I didn't know bear had the blood feed zone that's kind of cool anyway all those a troll level-5 Cara boys I know all about it where's the best place to look for diamond caribou one really bad um honestly almost any of the water here five to nine tends to have caribou somewhere in the area these Lakes up here crimson plain really good I got mine right about here Bridgewater flats the wetlands I get the skull Oh was it the like the screenshot of the skull that's on this map I think I did get maimed yeah shot thanks for the super chat my dad beats me and my dad is Flint er oh I've been outed what a big male holy could I get over there over here got back early only have found one rare and diamond duck so you're bad I really don't think there's common is the amount of posts made him out to be like there's a lot of people that are playing this like if you go to multiplayer way more servers up than anything I've ever seen a lot of hype around it hey Dawkins how's it going man do I have nice I think I have no bottle I do what skull is it it's like a I'll show you what I mean somewhere somewhere up here there's like a very faint looking skull I can't find it it might not be exactly up there either but I got sent a screenshot of it yeah I might go get that we'll see where he goes top left yeah that's where I went I don't see it is it in the map or outside it I might be really blind but I can't see the ducting right now go get this guy don't forget a Schuester diamond like button add to your diamond total Maps gonna be boosted yeah well the zones everywhere easy I should do that as well actually host my Yukon map neither Grizz caribou and bison yeah I'm kind of hoping to get a grizzly bear or a wolf today I know my chances aren't that good but we're gonna at least give it a solid shot see if we can knock one of those two out but I'm gonna stay down here in the water area for a little bit see if there's anything fun over there so shot things again man night but more like night thought got him what a big male am i watching the Women's World Cup I don't even follow yeah I have no idea no I'm not watching it I haven't I know nothing about it picking Flint thanks for two super chat what's the fastest way to level up handgun score honestly if you're just rocking the 357 you can either try to hunt ducks or you can and I think this might be a better idea take the 357 to parque and if you have the antler rattler and the access collar you can just call that min all day and they're really easy to take down so that's a pretty consistent way to gain handgun score and there's a lot of them out there that burn is where the wolves be what now okay I don't know what that was uh what do you skills and perks look like now without snack tactics the only change I think is I have if I can remember where things are I've got all three now in spotting dollars I think I just took two out of cent tinkerer here not much different everything else I've just kept the same I see you know I need you freaking sec why you hate hey not gonna take a shot at a fleeing one I that's that one I was gonna shoot anyway I don't know that I can hit it Holy Smoke luckily I'm right under the bridge I don't have any diamonds I've been close but none they're out there men it took me eight months I think yeah I was maybe level 58 or something or maybe at level 60 day after what was that that was Donnie Carter becoming a super Shuster welcome to the club Matt hope you enjoy your a green name and emojis got those big male emotes in there but if you don't know you can link your disc war to YouTube and get a special roll over on to scored with the super Shuster Club thing so yeah there's an info tab on this cord you can check that out yeah welcome in I think I heard a sell shot Superboy what I was talking I did why the nose big stuff today stay away you sicko mode he talking about me yeah I'm not sick what I am is full of hay dust from last night did did some hay balaam well it was fun you know yeah not fun kind of I don't know it wasn't too bad we didn't actually have to throw in the barn because we basically bailed it threw it on a cart and in the truck drove it to another place and then unloaded it and sold it so it was nicer than doing that but it was double handling which is fun got a thousand scoring access to you last night noise I don't have a 1000 park a diamond I feel like I'm the only one everybody else has like five of them but I'm bad Dede smug what's up she meant yeah I got a consecutive way so shot thanks for the superjet did I get hay fever I don't think so maybe I don't even know exactly what hay fever is I thought that was just like allergies to it my dumb kid very well be dumb ace posible just found a max weight grizzly oh you don't are you in this game hey I want to see a thousand pop-up that bhop double handling is a safety issue yes I assume you're talking about your work I really don't know at this point I've seen three level 9 wolves when I wasn't able to pick up because the game crashed next was 942 and the last one I shot in the leg would have only been 944 game no likey big big sad hey I'm gonna I should turn names on so I don't ruin anybody's on there's a big 8 in the area ok I will keep my eyes open what if that's him nope gonna smoke him anyway though you did I see you're a thousand duck I think so I saw somebody a thousand Harlequin boy so shot thanks again for the super chat just with definitions now hay fever allergic something is a common al good lord if I was guess a allergenic or something allergic condition symptoms the hay fever mimic those of chronic colds include stuffy or runny nose that gene watering eyes and sneezing maybe then got the ax cheatin watering eyes I can tell you that much I've never uh I've never had any issues with dealing with hey maybe it was just because I handled it a lot more than normal double handling and chucking it around it was really really fun throwing because the people that we delivered it to they they have like this garage thing that they store it in so I'm just like chucking it to the back of the garage over and over that could be a part of it I'm gonna try to get out of everybody's way and go up here want a diamond care boy so bad they actually seem to be kind of common I don't think they're too difficult to get so it could be a positive Tyler Ave Inman now welcome to the super Shuster Club Matt I don't know if you heard what I just said but you can link your discord to YouTube get a special role over there a discord info tab for debts and other than that enjoy your agree name and emojis met play it up so I never have to bail hey again oh yeah you're right I need to start like coffin and how big is that shit just look big from this angle yeah anyway start coughing and sneezing and go to the hospital or something something like that except g-man's was actually bad does it count if I faked it I think it still counts see if I can well I could just not spot him and then never have to worry about shooting them that works you chose is a great duck or rare I think it's just uncommon best plays for Harlequin the best place I've had is this lodge here and I think it's this Lodge right outside them I've had level threes of both one of them I couldn't claim other one I don't think I recorded yeah I didn't what's the big said now blowing up with the receipts oof feels bad 7 mil take down a plains bison brain shot yeah if you brain shot them it's not a problem I heared echoes I saw an albino the other day but it was really far and flying what's the perpendicular we're parrot yeah like crossways and I couldn't hit it was a female just gotta love a five-carat boy but it was only 933 big sad Oh lots of those cruel level fives out there I saw Zach you got a diamond reindeer off med bed one diamond true boy seems to don't spawn the West out of the map yeah it's only over here in the East which is apparently a thing because they're Ocean Ducks so I guess that's I mean this isn't the ocean but it's bigger water so I don't know that was my understanding of the whole thing anyway there's a glitch for my Yukon map where the first lookout tower is copied and spawned out of the map wet wait somebody else said they had some kind of objective out of the map I wonder if that's what it was might be big Hecht hey I know Ian we got another super Schuster welcome to the club met again if you didn't hear it you can link your discord to YouTube and get a special role over there I think you might still have the patreon role in which case that would actually supersede it but you can do that if you want and yeah enjoy your Greene name and emojis man good afternoon big shoes them it's good I like lots of a lots of good things that can happen with these emotes cooked I wish hooked when I saw zaggy in real life have ever gotten out by no access to yeah I've actually had a quite a lot of them unfortunately they are not very rare I'm linked I've got the patreon rule sorry been so it consistent know where he's been everybody's got to realize I get it don't forget to use your twitch prime wait are you streaming the night vector are you taking the night off because you got big boy stream tomorrow I forget what your what your deal was I heard a duck Oh again I want that I'll buy no so I'm actually pretty pretty focused on trying to spot every duck that I hear I don't know if it's like way out there there's like a solo duck uh-huh level one hold you're not okay gotcha I'm gonna try to actually get to bed at a somewhat decent time so I can get up for the start of your stream don't be big exciting vectors doing a 24 hour stream tomorrow like early start it's gonna be fun looking forward to it why do i bully dee dee I don't bully dee dee I love dee dee I just love the stuff he says and I use it a lot our red Brown wolves rare they're like an uncommon variant it was almost won every pack it seems the name of the rifle with a four shot this one it's the 300 caning Magnum got real life stuff to do you know where he's meant catch you later where are dem devil trees or demo by nose albino Level 3's especially are accepted does nightbot have the unity discord link no actually unless tag you set it up he set up something try it it might work it might how does one make the big money's on Yukon uh herds of bison might be best if you were to go to a drink zone which is three to seven and then set up a tripod shoot them as they come back probably pretty thick months what did g-men say smoke wolf acts Oh true yeah you can just wrangle them with with ATVs like grizzly bears where do you recommend hunt on this map it's the same as any other map around water is guaranteed to have animals not always the biggest ones but there's gonna be animals in the area and that's pretty much all you can ask for because you never know the big males might be just around the corner it does work all right good I know I didn't have it but then I remembered zaggy setting up something is the egg white wolf rare uh more rare than a red Brown I wouldn't call it rare what is g-man stream that'll be unless something's changing that I'm not aware of Tuesday at noon Eastern hey I'm gonna shoot that cuz it's where I'm going anyway where shoot at it smoked him just shot a leucistic caribou noise I kind of like to lose sistex actually I think they did a pretty good job with the model they're better than the the reindeer ones unless they've changed why does Aggie lie oh he said it was rare it's not rare definitely not rare popped a bunch of wolves in the chicken for us but I don't know where the Bisons are if you go pretty much any of these lakes here like 5:00 a.m. they'll be there I promise you oh also this whole area Bridgewater flats got a lot of them it's bright isn't it yeah I don't know I've been saying bridge this whole time smart boy the Flies are so bad here in California I'm almost ready to go back home I never actually heard anybody complaining about like flies in California is that a thing is there piebald melanistic we're albino wolves albino and melanistic yes hi bald new one does not simply become a super shoe sir it takes many years of intense training and a little luck from level five caribou and they got the glitch where it was leaving some ones it was trotting off never could find it that one's annoying one of the only ways I found if it's really bad look if it's old tracks this just go on forever one of the only ways I've found to fix that is just follow on an ATV and eventually end up spooking them but that one's it's difficult to fix because if there are stuck in trotting they're moving faster than you it's really really tough Oh oh my god servant servant yes orange thanks for donation if you get a max diamond wolf I'll donate 100 dollars now let me go to Wolf's territory real quick are you gonna scare me that bad again cuz uh I don't know if I want that oh that was a that was a holy victor's a super follow up Schuester yeah no kidding just accurate did anybody home wolves yeah we got somebody over there I'll keep on going up this side for now looking for random grizzly bear might as well shoot that do something's been going over there get to hear this gun again okay well let me just lose my breath right when I shoot good news is I didn't hit it grab the quality easy wolf you right just got a melanistic mythical wolf 928 dang man not bad I saw somebody commented saying they got a diamond albino I don't know if they posted in it to sport anywhere I would like to see it and my super Shuster yet you seem to be a green boy I think he is missed an albino duck on late and earlier there's no of I know mallards it was probably a blonde still have to buy it at 300 its it's worth a grind to get it it's a really good gun I have a plan I don't even know if it's gonna work but I have a plan well this isn't exactly how this is supposed to go smoked him Louis my discord link do you exclamation mark just scored in debt yet almost at the next shot the first time oh I've been saying caribou have paddles they're called shovels isn't it both I've heard both what's that yeah I think that's one of those boats over there I'll show you a pedal what's my favorite duck I like the Harlequins because they can have albino they're the only ones that can actually have the albino very and I like it and I can't believe that I actually saw one in a cat away I don't think they're gonna be impossible to get though you know there's just so many ducks coming around for a little bit they'll show up moose have paddles I mean yeah I feel like it's both I'm just saying are they gonna remove zag tactics yeah I don't know when but they did say they're working on a fix for it I think yeah vectors no longer the bot boy with links speakers dad you think we'll get another map in the future um yeah I mean games three years old two and a half it's it's still young there's a lot of stuff that still has I mean the possibilities are pretty endless right now we have is it five or six I can't look from here you can for hunger Park a late in her Sheldon Medved yeah there's 6 we have 6 maps in a couple of a couple of years there's gonna be a lot more maps palms are the tops buttons are the shovels to have no idea I'm still gonna call them paddles Oh bottoms I got you I was wondering what the button had to do with anything didn't make much sense it's been removed on Xbox really I wouldn't have thought they'd have the fix for just Xbox can anybody else confirm that would what I want a new hunter or just more maps updates I assume you mean like a new game I would take the maps and updates I'm pretty happy with most the mechanics of this game I mean if they could just take classic and then make it these graphics and stuff I really like classics mechanics even better but I'm pretty happy with these well can't spell can't spell there we go not on ps4 okay interesting yeah still on Xbox I think you might just have something messed up if you're not having it what place would you like to see a map I reckon Montana base map would be a stick yeah I'm kind of hoping for like in New Zealand or Australia map just for a really big switching species I don't think how they could do Red Deer I guess and even Fox it wouldn't be it it would be kind of similar to the Yukon I guess where you get some species from other maps but uh yeah very different environment and stuff down there could be cool yeah get some use out of that 400-meter render chase Holland thanks forward a super jet I think the reason why there's so many rare caribou is because there's a mission in which you have to photograph to rare caribou and singleplayer really that might be why I wonder why they would do that that seems weird though I think bowfishing would be cool mmm that's the only kind of fishing I'd be okay with in this game I feel like normal fishing is a waste of the developers time to be honest not enough people would enjoy it I think a Colorado Colorado Colorado I don't know base map would be pretty cool yeah we could whoa that scared me we could have like a Rocky Mountain Elk Rocky Mountain is Rocky Mountain mule deer any kind of different I don't think it is I've heard of them referred to that way though hello all the above can tell me that that is a mission that's a weird one it's kind of like the parkade thing why there's so many diamonds because there's a mission to get a diamond of every species Hey let's go over there good news is we're going to a spot that tends to have a lot of Grizzlies so we can go up for net the new map needs boats I don't know how you would do it though like you can't pack a boat around unless it was a raft and then you'd move quite slowly I'm not sure what the best option for that is unless maybe they were to give you an option to set up a tent near a lake and then you could spawn a boat from that that wasn't a very big one keep all moving Rocky Mountain bighorn shippi sheep yeah I'd like I'd like some bighorn I want dall sheep on this map too if they added one or the other the the one they don't add should be fairly easy to kind of just reskin and add some new horns are from Australia Australian map would be good give you a chance to get some big red kangaroo or boar yeah it depends on where they choose though because like in classic they have two completely different regions very different species I can't find any wolves go over this area they're up there it's gonna run all the way up to the bridge there are Rocky Mountain mule deer desert mule deer and others gotcha duck goose no level three boyos big cry just got a thousand diamond caribou a nice did it have the actual max waiter was at one of the glitch ones I saw bison for sure have the glitch where they're going over max weight so I wonder if just everything Kent dead forest is a great spot for sleeping wolves yeah I think I just keep going there at the wrong time cuz they rest like is it 7 to 11 something like that can spot them out there just sit and waiting do you think they should add zebras and elephants I'm not sure about elephants can see some issues there but I think zebras can be kind of cool not sure how often they're actually hunted though like in real life right stone thanks for the super chat man happy weekend or almost weekend to you and everyone in chat really happy to be a part of such a great group keep being awesome y'all hey I can second that notion this is a great group it is pretty amazing do you guys ever do this maybe it's just me but I spot all these level 2's I'm used to seeing a level 2 and I see I think what I see is the V in the word trivial and I think it's starting the word very easy or something and I think is a level 3 am I the only one what do I say about an oak forest with cornfields with turkeys I mean as long as there's right somebody's got a level net as long as there's like new species and I don't know what region they'd go for that's gonna have new species because I don't think that's kind of something classic did it is a bit problematic a lot of the early Maps had just maybe one new species cuz like take White Hart island and loggers point those were the first two they pretty much had the same thing and while it's changed now that's not a great thing for selling the map on there and but also you get bored of it quick your brother got a melanistic grizzly bear those look pretty good I like those how do you become a schuster if you are subscribed to the channel you already are one yeah vectors got a real long weekend coming up I'm sure he's one excited boy you got a 1,000 Trek noise I haven't seen any of those posted if you posted I missed it MP Mustang thanks for the super chats been a while but I'm back I thought it recognized your name when I read it there welcome back man swamp map like rougarou maybe Louisiana and me talking but we'll be cool yeah you can actually do some different stuff there I wouldn't hate that it's just that same flock of ducks flying the other way there's a level one in the yeah I think it might be not sure hey I almost joined skies map earlier interesting oops um Lee it's all good deed what are you up to today other than whatever Canadians do I'm gonna look on that side and see if there's any caribou ease shadaloo statistic bison is my first caribou I actually like the look of those two they're not they don't just look like an albino with a different color nose kind of like the caribou they actually have a different skin which is neat any boyo is out there I don't see any boyos this is usually a good spot it's kind of unfortunate yeah hey EJ thanks for the super Chatman all right well hey I think we're gonna fast travel well where are we gonna go probably up here cuz nobody hunts up here and I know those caribou up here might join if it's not full I have no idea if it is or not I'm probably gonna stay on this another like 20 minutes and then switch up the server just to try something different Jared Rogers thanks for the super chat man I love your content you're why I played this game well I hope you enjoy it if I'm the reason but glad you found the game which is a good one hey have I had the sliding glitch on this map I don't think so what's the sliding glitch they don't recall such things on Layton there's a broken tree stand on the road is that new maybe I don't remember seeing that but not sure have I tried soft points no I think vectors gonna do a video on that so I'll let him test it and then let me know if it's actually worth it that's a wolf oh hey Tommy to me I want friends I forgot there's wolves up here best place for Grizzlies uh over here pretty much anywhere this waterway has a lot of them thanks for the super chat by the way men hey we're gonna go and get the track from this guy anyway seems he doesn't want to play am I having framedrops yeah actually like really really rarely really really rarely I'll kit where I drop like for a third of a second but I'll feel it I do get it which way did it run yeah boy is confused am i excited there's red fox here oh yes very very excited I want to actually have a chance of getting my turn diamond red fox off the list I'm guessing that's a mythical because I would think a legendary would just straight-up confront me but I don't know I haven't had enough experience with these high level boys to tell for sure I would also think of mythical would confront me so what do I know got a 9 71 gray wolf today hopefully I'm gonna hopefully hopefully the hopefully let me just say that a few more times be getting one here something like that but to congrat smith might be out of saving yeah it could be actually you're right they trot slow enough that usually if you can run after them you get a look at them we'll run a little longer after this hill and then slow down hi hey that's like minimum for this weight estimate he's gonna be like sixty seven point five kilos did I miss anything I think I did yeah Palomino lady is a super Schuester welcome to the club I think I know you as well pretty sure I remember your name but welcome to the super shooter Club hey sixty-seven I thought that was mythical wait anyway yeah yeah you can link up your discord tour to your YouTube get the special role over there and enjoy your green name and emojis my nine Wolf's reign for an hour and a half big sad mine just it's a fake boy thanks for the super chat again sales shoots one angry puffer did something like that yeah I don't know what his problem was it's said fleeing but he was maybe it's cuz that this was there I've seen them do stuff like that almost done with all the missions yeah I think I'm gonna do that at some point just get them done so I can have that outpost in the northwest where can I find caribou almost any of the lakes on this map they are out there had four 990s wolves on your map geez kind of like my map on the pre-release I had all the the diamonds none were that big can I join your discord yeah the links below I think night BOTS trying to maybe post it but he's not doing so good how did the zag you get the ghillie suit that was a reward for classic players so if you had classic and then bought called a while in the first like 30 days he got the ghillie suit and you got a camo 270 maybe in both games is that how you got the camo 270 and call the wild I actually don't remember we just finished overhung emissions noise I like them I still have a bunch more to do in videos eventually – no caribou out here yeah you usually want to come up here there's a couple of herds of them Christopher oh I hope I get your name right is it just pronounced like bro hopefully thanks for the super Chatman big fan of you in this amazing game I'm a big fan of this amazing game two men she is pretty dang good hop over here and check this lake mission just mentioned a 22 pistol wet maybe that's the the third thing in this weapon pack that seems to be building if you guys there's a caribou if you guys haven't seen there's a a box of 45 airgun pellets and a box of 30 odd six I think two boxes the 30 on six rounds have been found so far I think the 30 out six was on latent yeah yeah post unlocks after like stick Commission's yeah I just need to do that I was thinking of doing a monstery more in a video but I think to avoid spoilers I might just do them not on such J tanks for superchef I found slash seen the new clues I assume you're asking about the ammo I just mentioned sorry message me on discord if you're saying you like did a while ago I tried to get through them all earlier but I might have missed them if you're saying you'll message me now yeah check it out so stoked for the 30 odd six there was my favorite weapon in classic can't imagine it'll be anything but that on call the wild yeah I really hope they do it right I hope they give it the the proper power and weapon class and all that but it should be good I think that might be the the next caliber I'm getting in real life hey we'll have to see but I feel like that's the direction I'm gonna go I should actually check though cuz my dad's got all kinds of reloading equipment and it would be nice if I could reload my own shells rather than having to kind of you know buy them all the time big male I'm not gonna go all the way over there okay we'll try it one more spot maybe um you know what I haven't even gone I haven't hit these lakes at all let's go do that get a 300 I feel like that's a little big for what I need to the new bison come in piebald and do they look any better I'm not sure if there's any piebald ones I know there's leucistic and they kind of look like the piebald European bison but I think they look better I'm really really happy with the models of them 45 air pellets could mean a subsonic air rifle like bookin class – yeah somebody posted a video I think it was in zag he's called wild face Facebook group that had what was it a Elin being shot with a 45 airgun like they can pack some serious power it can be pretty nasty are they gonna make it so antlers don't go into the ground I think that um change in the death animation was a part of that I don't think they're gonna add it at hitbox Tanglers cuz the problem is then you got animals getting stuck on trees and stuff all the time so I'm guessing that's not gonna change would be nice not gonna lie have I experienced random deaths I have not I've seen videos of it is very weird I don't know about that one what's this moose yeah lots of something's heavy arms thanks for the super chat best spot for the Grizz because I'm trying to get money in my experience like a lot of these things these kind of fingers that jut off they tend to have bears Adam but anywhere in this whole waterway has them anywhere they shall be if you go like 5 to 7 a.m. they'll be drinking it's a good time have I seen the sheep carcass being hung on you god no what do you mean wolf track down here what do they usually live down here Fox as well in the moose all the stuff what do you recommend as a loadout for somebody without the 300 or 338 for this map I mean honestly anything you can carry seven mils gonna pretty much be your biggest gun right so that if you have the 22 to 23 for fox wouldn't be a bad idea or the 45 pistol works just as good just another wolf track well it's a fox never mind hey Christopher thanks for the super chatty gunman what's the cheapest meat on the market deer balls cuz they're under a buck Oh got him I actually thought you were asking me the question first I was like I have no idea he has Kimmy try playing on the new map the other day a multiplayer host kept believing so no one had the DLC ah does it do that if the host leaves you can't stay on the map sort of thing carcas is part of a story mission with a dead uneaten caribou okay does it like it look like a sheep how do you ward and count all the way over there for shut up McAvoy for red fox is actually fifteen point four kilos it's a weird one so I had a wolf act that at nine legendary is the leader I then found the rest zone no hunting pressure and they won't come to the zone at their time so the there's a couple of things you need to know about zones I try to maybe show you on the map what would be a decent none of these are ideal let's just say there's no one's exactly in the middle of this lake they could pretty much decide to rest anywhere around the lake now again obviously zone is not there but they might just be resting away from where you think they're gonna be they might be there or they don't always go there exactly at the time so maybe you just need to wait a little longer could be one of those two things it was next to the dead caribou you're saying there's oh my god what then holy geez that scared me was that there's a small one why what are you just come flying out of the brush running right at me anyway get my heart rate to cell if I come home early I get a day off Tuesday's gonna be a classic cutting dig get there was a rare wolf O's did you ever get one I know you were looking for one just keep on truckin to all these lakes see if anything lives up here I had a 15 point two seven fox go over nine nine nine dang man not bad did you see the caribou I posted on Twitter first on you call 943 I think I did cut those another bear I'm pretty sure I seen it as a solid stomach shot I wanted this shoot stuff but I didn't want to make typing stuff no you what have I gotten so far the stream um nothing too special we're just kind of run around multi-player haven't had any I think the best things been like a level seven bear trying to remember if there was anything else but yeah you know it's been too slow hunts gonna probably hop servers here in like ten minutes just give something else to try Michael looking for elusive rare bison they're very elusive you got that bar right Oh God I know attached how do you claim the outpost in the dead forest it's a mission thing you got to do someone emissions sure is a good thing I made such an excellent shot this moose is running exactly away from where I want to go Gator Dan better my throat you got a 1,000 Plains boy you haven't seen a couple of them was it um did it have like max weight or over max wait wait yeah it's not downwind I might go see if I can get his track might be the most rare of rare level nine foxy boy is actually giving a warning call don't get bad at typing yeah I think I'm already bad it's too late I get to see the thing Oh big male perfect spinal cord shot hey I did good everybody gets a thousands plain bison I should have died say thousands plain I feel like I did who cares I had the max weight and got like minimum Trophy rating for max it's a big said can I keep Buffalo having 950 weight estimate yeah that's max how many missions does it take for the outpost somebody said like six she just missed what I wanted is this map out yeah it's out on all all consoles completely officially released what is my loadout that's actually a good question I have three hundred seven mil to 23 and 22 level of a grayble 67 to 80 that would be seven eight or nine max wait boy what is a good gun do you think would be good for gray wolves seven mil 9.3 454 one of them's big male have I completed the missions no I haven't even I did like half of the first one I have not even looked at him how's the 22 work on fox if you can get like four decent hits one of them has to be something so like if you hit a hip bone or anything just a little bit of extra damage four hits will kill it full quick kill or at least they used to how many diamonds do I have I think I'm over 260 now yeah 260 this is Ike v2 thanks for the superjet hi I just wanted to say I like what you do well thank you man big appreciates why don't you get full quick kill double log on bison I don't know I don't know if they've meant it for her or meant for it to be that way you can get full quick kill though I've had it really close range it's not a guarantee you got the max weight grizzly there's a thousand nice big male you're one of the best youtubers i watch as always cool to see what you're up to keep doing what you do you make me happy well that makes me happy man I'm glad well what have I missed not too much I think we're gonna have servers though cuz these lakes don't seem to be all that interesting make sure I'm not missing nothing doesn't look like I am oh yeah give another one a shot or okay I thought it crashed Mariel plains bison vs. 22 yeah we need to do that I'd like to get like hopefully like four or five people out so we can get as many shots into it as possible yeah this one's empty yeah Leonardo thanks for the super chat just bought this game your videos helped a lot you clear doubts I couldn't find anywhere else also how much time is droppings that say just now there's a I think no Dorf actually has a spreadsheet that'll tell you that if you join our discord there is a couple of spreadsheets and I'm pretty sure he actually did like all the timing on that stuff but I do not know exactly I feel like it's seven minutes or less it might just be me remembering incorrectly all right what's that it'll be easier I've been dropping canseco Li there's a entire flock of them I've been dropping consequent multiplayer games so I try to do you can checks every game well that's good hiding perfectly still think podcast hunting story should be a thing yeah we actually talked about maybe like getting Gmail on there since zaggy doesn't hunt sad melon is thicker just great I'm gonna shoot that it's great but yeah that could be a good idea silver I think I just shot that one in the head have I had random can sector ops yeah definitely hey or can just be a comment and I can be really dumb that works too big male not bad okay anyway it's 1,400 time so I'm gonna go look for wolves got CANSEC so we're good hey Jacob how's it going man do a diamond montage oh did I crash feels real bad I've completed the main missions they're surprisingly shorter than the other stories or other reserves where did I see the word story I have no idea anyway yeah um I've been told they're short that's weird somebody knows my undercover name oh no I'm Bruce Lee enstein that's me we burn out forests for wolves to eat okay that's weird why did that do that this game was I in this one that's full now guess I'm not joining that one hey there's Mason sir let's go in that one he's like a low-level boy the rarest fur type is there like a unique rare maybe I'm trying to think of what would actually be the best high but hmm maybe I mean like there's black gold for wild boar but melanistic wild boar are more rare yeah I mean melanistic in general tends to be the rarest surprise after one or two of them they don't scatter you mean the ducks hello gamers let's have a good sesh okay anyway I was gonna go look for wools played some cold while today and got my first notice tick Maillard noise big mail makes me happy the 300 is a little less powerful than the 338 has anybody tested that cuz I really can't tell I feel like they're already on par with each other what the heck was that oh hey no touch no dad what found out the Disney messed up something on Tarzan no touch how's the 300 for a cure seed and jury is still out on that one did he touch me already something bumped me it seems like it seems really accurate but something weird happens with bison it might be the Bison hitboxes I just knew 300 seems to have more velocity it should in theory I think or no wait do I have that backwards I might now I'm confused have I ever seen a melon stick Fox I've seen them posted I've never shoe stood one where'd he go all right Oh a fast travel big male oh good its glitched probably lose Mike and sick breathe just got the 7 mil from the Guinness boy strat nice you're pretty set with that gun to hunt this map there's a fox it's huge why you hiding from me that wasn't the gun I meant to shoot it with oops no spam sir I'm out here thanks overseer yeah she may get it I'm a newbie and I'd like to know what the rarest animal in the game is with rarest fur on it score trophies score wait mm maybe like a I don't know melanistic diamond wild boar see people had mythical female red fox so I wonder if legendary as possible and if that's the case then like a rare for diamond female red fox would be probably the rarest thing possible someone please put discord Lincoln if you just do exclamation mark discord in the chatter will come up the bot is here too please just figured out how to type on the stream of at least you made it Oh big man hey just shot a level six female Fox the other day I've had as high as seven I've never had Nate myself but people have claimed to see them anyway smoked I don't have Canseco anyway perfect didn't I get Canseco and I joined this server mmm I feel like I swear I shot ducks right when I joined or maybe that was the other server and then I crashed I don't know in the last mission they talked about a 22 pistol watch your wishlist video and I seen you wanted one yeah I'll have to go do two missions and see that it's your birthday today happy birthday men hope you're having a good day good sex sucks can't agree not a huge fan of that just shot a blonde lion 988 nice deed big man you got a whole herd of bison doing the tripod strap it's pretty good idea man I've seen one level nine fox did accidentally smoke with a 243 in the first couple of weeks of release I had one yeah similar thing I wore to shot up with a 243 but I wanted to get it with a bow and just never could get close enough vectors waiting for his new chair to get shipped in what a big male fleeing mr. wolves over there nobody else around me there might be it's a diesel you they shouldn't be alert from me I don't think that seems weird well what did I miss not too much man we just been running around yeah doing multiplayer stuff okay almost made the bad shot smoked Bobby thinks for disturbin it's been an hour still no musty sad poo big said I think it might be official I don't think they added them to the map is you gonna worth the money yes very much it's a really really well done map best way to get hundred percent on bison yeah um brain shot as some people are saying their harvest an animal without using the scope oh boy I shook to Diamond Fox to the 338 oh good perfect what kind of stone is this a is the caribou one Freeland thanks for the superjet I subbed on your patreon for twenty dollars I'm proud to support you you're amazing was that yesterday or is you another one that I got a message because I might have sent you a message if you were yesterday hey any diamonds yet none yet they're hiding I mean for lack of trying we've been covering a lot of ground but they just ain't been there ooh 8:23 with 40% could sack that would have been a big male I don't like having to run around large lake for an hour to claim an animal I shot on the other side yeah that's kind of annoying some kind of like inflatable raft or something you could carry would be kind of cool but I don't know I assumed it would have to be heavy enough that it would cost you some loadout space so I don't know that I would even be carrying it when is wolf drink time I think like 2200 or something like that it's like late at late at night got my first wolf confrontation this area yeah I think this is where I first got it too just now I should go and see if this is the five I guess she'll be able to spot him somewheres kind of surprised I didn't see when I was looking at the caribou though I think my dad has to get hey this summer it's fun times he goes this way walk though so I didn't spook him oh yeah I did wale do I actually care about a moose I'd like to see it at least shut up good morning from Oz a 6 a.m. here yeah pretty early good morning men hope you had a good sleep okay hold on did my name just autocorrect glamorous or is that just like a compliment I'm 21 if you're asking me I'm not sure if that's even directed at me but I don't see anybody with the name glamorous and chat that might be my favorite autocorrect that's what I happened see I don't even know if this guy's gonna come back cuz I might not a spooked him out of his own weight actually amazed it or no no okay stuff trying to get pictures of two bears you don't have to get them in the same spot anymore come back does anyone else have the glitch on Yukon Valley where you could injured if you step in random places there are areas on this map that do that I did it is a glitch but it's not like a random glitch it's just like specific textures on the ground can do it gonna buy a DLC map and I can't decide which one to get I already have a Yukon Valley and Virunga which one hello are you guys going be friends 3 save in just I'll try to smoke that might have actually gotten a decent hit on that anyway I mean Parker's got all kinds of diamonds if you want a diamond Red Deer you can grab park' for that or Medved jeez chill out oh you're done come back medvetz got the track reindeer so there's that it depends on what you want to be completely honest she'd do a stream where I hunt realistically like I did in the video that could be interesting there's a lot of downtime in that though I didn't get the shot I thought I did go down here I want to ask you something do you think that phishing is gonna be added in call the wild not any kind of traditional fishing maybe bow fishing but I don't even see that very likely I think they're gonna stick to hunting specifically how did you get a level 9 9 28 Red Deer I didn't know they got that small for a level 9 Flandre are not glamorous that is the best autocorrect I've ever seen new favorite – I think skiing will be added yeah for like up there I'll be able to just heat down real quick kind of spot around grab a couple of zones easy spearfishing yeah I don't think it's gonna be added in this game I think if they should if they're gonna do any kind of fishing they should just make a standalone game they'd be better off appealing to that market then trying to add fishing into the hunting market at least that's my opinion when I type glammed Rohit tried autocorrect into Flandrau dang your phone's too used to it hello how are you the egg is your problem Oh excellent I keep shooting glitch stuff why am i dumb we probably gonna leave this server before I get smoked on a diamond to be completely honest I don't want to get memed so we found a new one but thanks to so shot for hosting anyway TK said up here at the right place at the right place right time train will take you to the next map I feel like that's probably not true maybe maybe it's a super unlikely thing I got crowded and started watching you again you've gotten so many subs since I've gotten back 17 K holy so close to that silver play button so close indeed probably like September to the current rate we might be at that point it could be pretty neat um I'm just gonna go here again to be honest start with ducks get some Keira boys maybe see some bears they should add sword-fighting yes sword fighting with elephants on the backs of elephants what's that even called what's that they why can't I think of what that is what's the thing where you're on like horseback and you like hate each other with what are essentially really big swords but they're not sergeant why can I not think of the name of that somebody could tell me sword fight me daddy no favorite you can't animal the wolves because of their AI I think hard to argue against that one Joss ding thank you I'm a big dumb shouldn't know that okay everybody knows it except me oops turns out that I don't know anything what am i thoughts on being able to sell guns and stuff in game to gain money I don't hate the yeah I'm just not sure yeah I don't know I feel like the game is set up in a way that you're supposed to just keep trying to progress for new stuff Rowan thanks for the super Chatman hey water polo yes wolf Josten coming soon I believe it on the back of a four-wheeler well they add trapping I highly doubt it can't see a real reason why they would that didn't work max we'll wait on Grizzlies 680 ducks here over there fairly decent angle to get Mike insect back if I'm not bad if I'm not bad I'm bad okay Howard what happened to the beginner series that helped me a lot and could use more videos if you'd make more um yeah can I got to a point where like the progression was pretty straightforward you just like I think I had the 7 mil so you know I can start shooting big stuff I am gonna redo it because of long shots being a thing in the game now but yeah I just need to get on that new map kinda threw my entire life out the door when I was planning on doing all that stuff would like to be able to swim well I mean the issue with it is if there's supposed to be any sort of realism whatsoever if you're packing like a bunch of guns you can't you know just eat underwater probably not a good idea why I gotta be so bad changing my searing range helped a little bit okay how do you know if the one I did get it should be in the water it's like caribou still visible yeah where that was Rowan thanks for the super chat again – Curtis out of this end another well I appreciate it dude I really do possible problem I don't see a dead duck let's head back down should be floating back this way oh yeah I just thought well wait then and arty demolish thank you as well dude what time is caribou drinking zone dad five to nine like I was saying earlier it's gonna be really really hot when truoc moose are out because then you just hunt from like 5:00 a.m. to 1300 and go right from caribou caribou hunting in to track moose hunting looking forward to that how do I have can second now it doesn't make any sense I had several animals on Mason server that were glitch that I shot I don't know can I cross here easier shouldn't have shot the caribou had I known I wouldn't have they shouldn't have global warming that's that's why this maps mostly not snowy it's the global warming feature when will they add turkeys I have no idea I think it's gonna happen it's just a matter of when swill Moo possibly rip caribou I like the time change it's grizzly time that's what I want but uh hey I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to go claim that now feets are wet the more people that keep screaming they want Turkey the less I actually care for them I'm not gonna lie I kind of have a similar effect I still really want them in the game but it used to be it used to be my reaction was kind of like yeah I'm sure they're gonna add them eventually I really want them now it's just like yeah maybe I don't know they'd be a really cool thing for like hello for like five minutes for me I'd shoot a couple of them then I'd be like oh this doesn't really like turkey hunting because that to me that's the thing that I'd like for them to help what are you doing here I have no idea anyway the thing I'd really like is for turkeys to behave like they do in real life get to call them in hear them gobbling all that stuff that's not really gonna be a thing it's just not how this game works so yeah it's actually go try the bridge take your qualit halfway down is there a website that shows you the times we have to spreadsheet that's got some stuff going there I don't know how complete it is I'd all I know is someone was starting one it's just or just always open because there's someone here that I should I don't see anybody don't wanna ruin anyone's on do ASMR I've done that on Twitch actually someone asked me to and I did it for a minute it was one of the top viewed clips on my twitch for a while yeah just yeah there we go is there a Harlequin duck call no they said there's not a call at all for them so like even the beacon deluxe color doesn't work for them so you just kind of set up decoys and hope for the best that's something I should do I'm thinking for tomorrow's twitch stream I'm gonna do half call the wild in half classic so maybe we'll go set up some duck blinds and do that tomorrow that could be fun I missed you guys singing the blues in discord last night dang if only I wasn't so completely exhausted when I got home from baling hay I could have experienced some special times favorite video game like all-time it's difficult I have the most hours in the hunter classic out of anything I've ever played well if you combine every Madden from Madden oh seven up to Madden 15 and 19 as well I probably have more hours in those franchises but one particular game is classic yeah I don't know I don't like having to pick a favorite not good at it do I think though I had 308 or 30 out six it seems we're gonna get a 30 out six there's been a hint dropped in the game that somebody's found it is a box I think two boxes of 30 odd six rounds what the I did two thing big Muriel it's a melanistic boy noticed a girl I should say I think I know what's spooking my animals might have to smoke a bear next I'm not sure I'm gonna bother hello I'm gonna catch it can this happen I'm going to catch it yeah now I thought was gonna fall forward a little bit more dang it well how big is that okay just look silly yeah we're actually use the duck I can't see it face reveal 100k maybe can I claim it oh that's not it I like it is it yes I did not want have to go back it's anyone else shoot the birds on Hirschfeld that's about the only animals exist on that map hi Sean I missed you man playing more classes can call the wild lately I mean I can understand that it's still a fun game I'm watching in a car going somewhere south to rewatch know where he's going for wolves you care boy up here I think there's gonna be my favorite spot in multiplayer because I know this caribou I know there's wolves I know moose live up here especially when trekkers come out but nobody hunts up here I never see anybody go up here so I think it's gonna be kind of the spot that I always check on servers not that I've seen any diamonds come out of here but you never know just realizes I'm not much older than you yeah I'm not much older than a lot of people in this community even though it probably seems that way I feel like there's this weird like mental thing that happens just because I happen to be a content creator I somehow get sort of like pushed further ahead in age than I would actually be does that make sense I already did a face of real heat do I ever experience poor hunter etiquette in multiplayer people steal my harvest all the time on council yeah I mean sometimes a lot of it's just me even around I had a pretty good run in classic one time I I'm not even certain but I think it was somebody that knew me it was way back though I probably only had 3,000 subscribers not very money at the time and yeah I would like shoot an animal it's a seven and then before I could claim it cuz I would they were like with me and I knew they were there but I sort of let him I would crouch down shoot it with my bow and before I got up to go claim they'd run in front of me and claim it I was like okay I got like a hay harvest dog I don't have to go get anything I just shoot the stuff and move on it was lovely I do call myself dad see I don't think I started that but I have it I've embraced it more mature than vector without a doubt maybe a year ago there were 40 people in a live stream now there's almost 800 yeah times of change meant it's the community has grown so much around this game it's amazing okay I hear snarly boys I don't see snarly boys yeah I do level six good seven two sevens packs got a lot of big males and who are you for okay I think that red brow is the seven don't bark in me I missed Oh God Hale yeah boy was gonna die oh no okay y'all need to chill out for a minute some what smoked med kit yeah nope don't good run me over while I'm dead hey max thanks for the super Chapman you roll it in at an interesting time where is the Alpha it must have been one of those sevens just could not get a decent hit to save my life all flesh wounds have taken a quad back up their long-lost brothers yeah he got the thick gene the coveted thick gene okay that was the thing yeah seven mil flashing in my face that's good rip Flandrau big sad don't run around as much it I don't know I tend to I tend to make better shots if I can get that kind of room but I just wasn't making them a great way to lose consecutive died I think you got 3,000 animal oh you got the glitch to max weight once I've seen that rip Flynt ur best youtuber in the world got eaten by wolves dang I was really hoping for something better than a level seven in that pack too okay I don't really like that being in my face one of them died which one died who knows you know what how gonna be easier to just follow the pack with the ATV doesn't seem there can be multiple alphas if two at the same level now somebody said it's the highest weight wolf in the pack regardless of gender so that's what I'm basing my guesses off of didn't they run this way no blood this way okay what did they actually do then blood going that way oh wow it went so far ah vertebrae on that one I think two died or two should have died unless the other one wasn't yeah as good hit max thank you so much man you are far too generous deed can mount us to Caribou level four but said that they are so common went out with an amazing last exam so all good happy summer smoked nice man you got the summer off then we've got a summer job what's your your scenario Flanders drivings doing me a proud I try you know set their zone must be I wish I could get a wolf feed zone this close to the water mine's like way up there on this spot it's all good looks like only the one died what recording software do I use just OBS studio which is pretty good works well is 182 kilo big caribou track is gonna be like a yeah eighties ish maybe a little bigger how old am i I'm 21 why don't I notice you I don't try to not notice you man are albino bison all that rare I don't think so I got one in pre-release we got one like an hour in release day on G mainstream I haven't had one in the main game but I kind of don't want one unless that's actually rare so I don't know first two weeks summer work at an outdoor shop then to pull them for three weeks of IRL hunting what are you hunting in Poland sounds like you got a pretty dang good plan in place hey man love the work you do keep up the hard work the mighty Flint's are died by wolves happens to the best of us yeah thanks man can I have to start carrying the 454 I think Ken does not be in my face I don't want it I don't want it I need to try to look into other loadout options I've done way better I just couldn't kill any of them and that was a bit of an issue if g-man killed something in its instantly more impressive and rare I would say if you make it to the harvest screen it's that I don't know about just you killing something you know yeah well we check that spot and go over here and catch the end of grizzly time best spot for wolves pretty much the entire west side of the map north west tends to be maybe a little more heavily populated red deer wild boar fox roe deer raccoon dog i don't know what a raccoon dog is unless you just mean a raccoon but that sounds awesome it decos I hear I'll see you that's Bible pretty shirt yeah wrong zero smoke I'm starting to learn the duck colors a little bit oh did that land barely but I do got a I don't think I can get out there can i maybe over here look up raccoon dog okay got some distance to run anyway kundo got dog all right phone can just freeze that's what I want okay oh my god what is that why do those exist they look really weird you should hunt those I don't like him no spam ideal grizzly time for drink time it's 3:00 to 7:00 a.m. but I would say five to seven because nobody likes hunting in the dark where do I like to hunt wolves the route I usually take is I'll spawn here kind of run up through here see if I get any attacks and then fast travel here same thing up there not not a very sophisticated wolf hunter yet I'll figure more stuff out but at the moment that's what I do it's an invasive species huh oh my hunting pressures gallon I don't know where that actually landed but it looked like it was staying over here this might be kind of bad because if it did float away and I don't see it I came from that way so I don't think it was over here maybe it did float over or I ran past I don't know kind of wanted that soon I'm gonna get a new PC nice man PC worth it oh I did run by it hey Luxan one piebald boy nice now fast travelling back over there we're good places for caribou anywhere there's water from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. you're pretty set when you try to run to your favorite youtuber you got some distance to cover kilometre away I remember the original Cabela's outdoors adventures when you finish the bear would spawn behind you and attack your Ridge you know I think I'd play that one I kinda remember that happening Loosli have I seen the music player in the trophy lunch yeah it's a interesting little feature they added there it kind of lao's you to hear the soundtracks of the map maps I should say best time for wolves that's a tough one and that I really don't know I know you can catch them in night drinking is that the best time down mmm yeah you know depends has anyone else seen a ton of piebald caribou yeah there are two common really not a fan of how common they are meant to say fishing instead of finishing mmm okay now I remember it less I don't remember fishing having anything to do with what I'm recalling a couple of grizzle bears but nothing worth going after a Wendell wolves drink I think it's like 2200 or something like that I don't have the exact time segi and i found some at midnight though when a my own tweets again gonna be tomorrow tomorrow I don't know exactly what time but we're gonna do half call the wild and half classic I think the wolves attack a lot more it seems like they're less than on the pre-release which is probably good most of the packs I found on free release were attacking me once I kind of figured them out but I like it it's cool even though they're killing me more often that I'm getting them these days they should make a radio like in classic with youtuber voiceovers oh yeah they have the in the trophy lot that is pretty cool as you like that so many decos I don't see any albinos though do you think the hunters should make it cross play it would be really nice if they did it would be really really cool but it's just there's a lot of hurdles to make that happen and I don't think it's gonna be something they can do what's the rarest animal I shot and I mean all things considered my albino diamond moose probably I guess the thousand kayo you could maybe claim because thousands were not coming back then I think that's five all – to be honest not sure but didn't look normal kind of glad none of those were three is that would be a tough shot to make they're everywhere I know I'll buy no boys albino Harlequin czar a thing yes I've seen one but it was very far away couldn't get it big sad cuz it's just my game but as every caribou male have the same weight estimate they are like reindeer where most of them are like a decent size and they have that way to estimate because the estimate is just too big a range I think so yeah everything that's like bigger than a level-two pretty much has max estimate to make a video shooting as many piebald caribou as possible I think I know where at least two more are on my map where I've just ignored them forty five seventy might be decent all wolves actually that's a good idea but then how is it on caribou it would be the other side of that are there albino or piebald coyotes there are both actually both of them's are a thing I think we're yeah we're past grizzly time so Qaida open for caribou or maybe catching a grizzly that's in a seven-thirty zone hey Matt attack I'm doing good man how about you how many new clues have been found we know there is the 45 airgun pellet box that's like I think down here somewhere it's at that like wrecked boat thing that was used for mining or something like that I forget what people told me and then I want to say it was on Layton Dover 30 odd six ammo boxes found so yeah I know it's good on reindeer some going off that they do seem to be same exact animal essentially like with that how the quick kill works so that's a good point big whoo max wait for care of is 190 okay I'm gonna fast travel somewhere um yeah kill try here I guess smooth what's the difference between caribou and reindeer they're the same like species but they live in different areas and kind of have adapted to be slightly different spokes hey max thanks for the super check can you tell me the drink zones I'll take notes of every species at least on this map bison are three to seven grizzly are also three to seven caribou or five to nine moose or nine to thirteen going completely off mentally wolves are sometime in the night I want to say it starts at 2200 might be wrong there and Fox are 1900 I don't think Ducks drink did I get em all kaduche I like that one big new Ranger has domestic past caribou is about in free Oh true yeah reindeer were domesticated this is accurate tracks moose will be amazing yeah I'm really as much as I'm enjoying this map I'm gonna have so much more fun when those who think like to be able to just like I'm basically when I hit nine o'clock in this game I'm like okay time to go do something else change the time whatever cuz it's just like yeah I don't want to go hunt a moose right now I've killed a no no how many diamonds 2030 a lot of them but when there's true wrecks that's gonna be hot looking forward to that smooth smooth g-man is wild and free what was your biggest donation the vector was one of them maybe the biggest I don't know I don't pay too close attention to that to be completely honest as it blows my mind that anyone's actually willing to support for uh you know silly shooting game or a silly guy playing a shooting game I should say hey I'm not the only one that got smoked by a wolf hey for me are there as many moose on this map is on Layton doesn't seem like it it seems there's less how many hours I have I just saw before I started I was at 1951 so we'll be 1953 by the time we're done here well it's a oh nevermind I read it wrong I'm sorry it's a big show got him shoes string game yeah how big are you big for am I gonna get a shot maybe I want to get a follow-up to might have actually nailed that okay it's a whole herd of them over there shoestring got them I find so many moose maybe not quite Layton but too many to be fair I'm not hunting what is your problem don't die oh it's aggressive who shot that one did I shoot that one I'll save you now what if I hit that by accident big mail max grizzly wait please 680 nope I didn't shoot somebody else did a while ago interesting it's just when aggressive I didn't really know they would do that just shot a diamond wolf nice big mail I don't see honey pressure I got this one though must have must be multiplayer memes do bigger bison roam alone my five wasn't heard still only 86% with two lung shots how big his eyes are in that one okay we got like five minutes where can I fast travel to and do something quick down here sure I don't know there's caribou down here but we're gonna try insert the hero that's it you got it my 994 was than a herd yay holy there's tons of zones down here go see what leaves over here then tries soft points I do need to do that I don't even own any right now so I'll try it and see if it's worth it though I thought those were bear tracks Rome alone with Macaulay Culkin that's my favorite Christmas movie hi quick kill a single long and long lever you get 100 that's the soft point you're saying oh yeah that was you too said that probably was hurt a duck label too good anything interesting pie bold Harlequin ducks probably been the most interesting we've had some good size stuff eight hundred you know I don't even think we broke nine hundred but well the players always fun just getting to run around shoot stiff three red foxes I don't think I've shot three total on this map yet none have been level nine so I just passed them try running up this way and see if there's any boyos out here sorry I'm late no worries MIT still got a little bit of time left hopefully we can smoke something ideally not a duck Flint er ye my second ever plains bison was an albino nice man where do these guys keep coming from just like they just appear there Matt Flynn could throw for as many yards and that offense as Aaron Rodgers you had your level 9 Fuchs on her Sheldon yeah my the two that I've had were but a long time ago and also beginner series account for one of them is there a fur difference on the new fox now there exactly her Sheldon talks just stuck on this map the 470 I'm bison will work if you only hit once it doesn't work really good on European bison unless your brain shot him some kind of guessing no they could maybe they've changed stuff have I had and I'll buy a no Harlequin no I saw one didn't get it just got a new hints no caps but what did you find I'm on Yukon and it's raining and snowing at the same time nice I didn't think it rained on this map like at all all right well might as well shoot something because I know I have a chance too oh good smoke them how do you get a required dlc on ps4 should be like in the game store or something I don't have ps4 so I don't know exactly but I think you get in the same place he would buy a game I'm hoping it's gonna flow it over to here otherwise I got a run back have I ever gotten up on a wolf new and I'm kind of happy I haven't least it's a little bit of something to shoot for there's a hand on one of the missions about the 22 pistol yeah somebody was saying that earlier actually a couple of people were but that's interesting you know if we go over there we can go see the 45 ammo box actually maybe we'll do that and then we'll wrap up and gone for an hour what did I miss not too much just been running around not be able to quite reach my ducks please don't make me run all the way back yeah got him another whole flock of them there's so many more males of these and other species and still not a lot of diamonds it's interesting 4570 works good for a woofs might have to reconsider the loadout then why do we need a 22 pistol well it would be nice if I could have something for ducks and stuff that doesn't take up as much inventory space as the 22 rifle that's the main reason why financial not to read this but I do what you mean fam can I get over there I forget how I did on the Twitter stream yeah Sancho thanks for the super chairman and got a thousand a Red Deer I'm party last weekend nice big meal it's a good thing that female moose is over there have I had a lose sister caribou yeah I actually have a decent sized one like 8:30 or something it's it gonna be that big of a royal pain to get over there I think I can go right here 9:39 caribou just got smoked remembers that at yeah i right up by the bridge yeah okay I was good ideas I thought it was perfect I'm stuck I don't only read things if you say I won't I don't know I only happen to catch that second level five and still not a diamond big sad they're really worth me running all the way over here might be able to see I know which window it's in I thought I knew maybe I don't hello that's a big one maybe we shoot that and then cuz we gotta get over there we can go look at the good thing it's a small bagel shop damn block forward you're gonna make my life typical did I get them yo hello I'm sorry Harsha huh I'm so good you got a wolf at 170 meters single long hundred percent not bad might be a really decent option then I actually have no idea where I cross to get over there I did it on stream and I got to go get this caribou anyway smoked it's a long way to go back to a lodge shut up I know you're over there anything good well was gone I don't think so about the best thing we've shots a piebald harlequin boyo holy is there not a crossing here while you got a do that to him he deserved it didn't you see the way he was looking at me wasn't right man at this point I might as well go get a quad try to speed up the process a little bit you did put that there I love to look at this stuff like the the red stiff when I get snowy looks really cool they got to be faster to just drive down around I'm so late it's all good man we still have a caribou to go claim and then gonna try to go look at stuff how long am i streaming for not too much longer just trying to go get the caribou and if anything else shows up along the way but yeah I want to go look at the 45 airgun pellets okay good driving max Chris away its 680 dude you will this be a video yeah it'll still be a replay you can watch I don't know it usually takes a couple hours for that to like properly what's the thing properly kind of like process but it will happen eventually Tim ATV skills yeah you know I'm a natural as I slide around and nearly hit stuff what am i miss not too much I mean shot a lot of stuff no diamonds I've been in maybe three or four different multiplayer servers so like I've been saying I'm actually glad that I'm not killing diamonds left and right on this map I've had three or four I want to chase a bear but I'm not gonna um go ahead caribou duck bison I should have had two ducks I think but one of them I couldn't claim so yeah it's not like there's diamonds everywhere and it's good Parque Fernando part two wouldn't be something I want teach me a hit every tree well what I do is I see a tree and then I'd go around it's just like awkward steering compared to most games hey I have a friend I think he's on a quality okay there's a dead caribou somewhere like down here how do I not see it yeah should be like right here yeah run a little bit there's this fresh shot the duck no it should be the care of you I don't know maybe a despawned not a big deal wasn't that big hey I'm gaming thanks for the super chairman other than the park a 338 target challenge are there any other variant unblocked from missions completed because I had a lot of fun doing that one there's a mission unlockable drankin shotgun I thought was gonna be able to just get all the way over there how did I I crossed here oh okay that works dude yeah on medved you can unlock the rankings what is it a over under 12 gauge okay I've seen it where's it actually ad it sound like a window I think in here maybe yes all da TV driving to come see these are gun pellets so it seems that's gonna be a part of the next weapon pack that's how you're meant to yeh you know avoid the trees hi Freund I don't know you could do this you crash my game alright well it's gonna end anyway so guess we'll just end on a black screen so thank you guys for hanging out been a blast yeah that'll be streaming tomorrow on tweet I think I'm gonna do half call the wild half classic like a three hour stringy hour and a half of both should be a good time hopefully I will see you there if you don't have my twitch I think you can do exclamation mark twitching the chat that'll link you can go follow and yet adios

  • Enjoy all your videos, really do. What backpack you using to carry all those rifles? Hunting Yukon, awesome, harvested 10 or so, but wolf packs keep killing me West of course, Teeken-Copper maps. Thanks again!

  • Wow, it took you eight months for your first diamond? Bro, I'm not mad at you for all the ones you find now. Because of your vids on hotspots, I'd obtained my first diamond after a month and a half of playing and I've had 8 more since then. Your hard work made the way I know how to hunt for them possible. Thank you.

  • Spoiler alert someone dies in the missions! I heard. Also copperbowl lake is un hunt able because of the terrain glitch

  • The sliding glitch is real!! It happens on sloped areas you just slide down a couple feet and get damaged like you jumped

  • Does anyone else have the issue of being “defeated by gravity” and killed in some parts of the map? It has happened to me atleast 10 times since the maps release on Thursday. If you know how to fix this please help me out.

  • Hey flinter, I heard you're saying you're thinking about getting a 30-06. I use one in real life in Australia, I live in Tasmania so we just get fallow deer and they work wonders. They are such a good round and if you wanted to you could shoot a moose and or elk. They work great for mule, blacktail and whitetail, because they are around the same size as a fallow. They have no kick what so ever, if you do get one I believe reloading is the best way of getting a really good round but it's shooters preference.

    Ps love you're videos mate keep up the good work
    Love from Australia 👍

  • I think that the skull that was found is a hint for the next animal that will be released in to the new map

  • The clear wolfs are a thing on Xbox and can kill you and are really bad and do bad things could you tell the debs plz

  • Hey flinter, wonder if theyd add an india map? Hunting animals like Tigers, Leopards, Water Buffalo, Chinkara (like an impala), dhole, chital (axis deer), blackbuck, kashmir stag, asiatic lion. I feel like itd be a cool place and neat animals to hunt

  • I got a diamond moose the other day and a diamond bison today. The moose was on Layton and someone got a 973 grey wolf off my map today

  • Within 10 minutes of starting yukon yesterday i had a lvl 2 leucistic, a lvl 3 piebald, 2 lvl 4 piebalds and a lvl 5 940 scoring caribou. Then havnt found anything decent since so i either lucked out super hard or nothing has respawned. But considering its been months since my last decent rare and i got all that in 10 minutes i definately agree with you the spawn rate of rares need dropping a few % to make it special.

  • I was watching the stream when it was live and about when you said we could join i got in and i couldnt find your server and started raging, ;-;

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