Youtubers take over the BET Awards RED CARPET and the BEST DRESSED GOES TOO…

what's good YouTube miss you girl Melanie Monroe another day more YouTube drama now as you can tell by the title of this video this video is about the BEP Awards yes the BT Awards just happened this past weekend and there were a lot of social media influencers in the building so I thought it would be nice to just do a quick recap and you know about who was best dressed take a look everybody's outfits and their be easy experience yeah I don't know let's just get into the video so we're gonna go ahead and start this thing off right with MS YouTube herself the Queen Damo Wilson someone looked absolutely gorgeous I feel like she's like a little doll we're all white on she got the little feather bottom crop top and compared to her a couple years ago diamond was looking like somebody's brother now look kids I'm Oh looking off Freddie and prissy looks like she enjoyed her weekend according to her Instagram story let's go ahead into a little snap recap of demos BT award experience ah Loki I got a million nests of knowing your views I'm a household name ran into the most litters people tonight look who are up next we got miss Queen Niger not only was Queen an attendee of the Beauty Awards she was also a nominee for an award which is amazing because last year was her first time actually going to the awards and this year she's actually a nominee and not only was she a nominee she also received a platinum plaque for receiving over 1 billion streams on her EP which is phenomenal like people don't even get that four full albums and she got that on a piece so y'all better look out for Queen Niger cuz she might be taking Finland cardi B shoes next year yeah but anyway here is a quick snapchat a recap of Queens BT experience no more now miss just hilarious and Quay went to the awards together and they both looked amazing I really like Jessa larious outfit it was form-fitting I like I like the feathery look if you have the right body some people look like birds but I think it'd look nice on her and clay he always looks handsome he is a very well-dressed man and here's the recap of this snapchat beads he Awards weekend experience I'll be I'll be required for help Tammy a fire your drink now DDG these Jesus look like DVD he only he could wear what he had on only he could pull it off if it's his personality you know the nice a blazer with no shirt underneath with the print and the pinstripe only DDG can pull something up off like this so here's a quick recap of his bees he awards experience [Applause] yeah I don't know lost their record but I'm record a bit turn it off all right I turn it off now miss kinzey Simone miss Kennedy Simone did not came comfortably oh she came to slay her outfit was the best hands down I just I loved her outfit it was simple but it was so much and she just if I had to vote for the hottest social-media influencer at the beauty Awards I would definitely definitely give the award to miss Kennedy Simone okay miss Bea Simone not y'all I love me some B's Simone that's my girl I love her on so many levels and her outfit was da bomb her in Kenya Simone was running neck-and-neck with the outfit I loved it I loved it I loved I loved the see-through I love the sequins I just loved it there it go with her personality I don't know her in Canada Simone was probably the best but King Simone had my girl be by just just a little bit just a little bit was just a little bit more classy in my opinion but here's a quick recap of Miss Bea Simone's BT Awards experience [Applause] maybe some last but certainly not least is Miss Allah Allah Bob looked a beautiful elegant classy she always just comes to slay I love me from Allah I love the white with the little slit up the leg long sleeves a simple red lipstick in the sleek ponytail it was just everything and more and here's a quick recap of her B's he Awards experience [Applause] things business in my room okay partially undressed face still beat cuz I feel pretty yahoo felt like not taking your makeup off cuts it look so good I don't know that it's coming down below who y'all think was the best-dressed social-media influencer after we eats he Awards I feel like it was important to make this video because often times people always say oh they just youtubers oh she's just Instagram star but look what just being on YouTube and just being on Instagram has done for these ladies and gentlemen they are on the red carpet with some of the best and most well known celebrities there are today I don't know I just I enjoyed watching the beads he Awards I enjoy watching my favorite youtubers on the red carpet I enjoy watching their Instagram stories it's just motivation and inspiration but make sure you like comment subscribe and turn on your post notifications so you can be notified every single time that I upload and so next time beautiful people woo


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