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YouTubers Delivering Silver Play Button Awards to OTHER YouTubers!

– We got a new Silver Play button for hitting 100,000 subscribers. No, it’s not really ours. But, we’ve got a fun video today. We got an email from a channel that we didn’t even know about that happens to live near us and they hit 100,000 subscribers. So, this is super cool of them. I checked out their channel, really cool. This is a family that
has five newborn babies. – Five.
– Quintuplets, yes. – It’s crazy.
– It is insane. We thought it would be super fun to deliver the Silver Play
Button to their house. He has no idea that it’s even arrived yet. He’s been waiting for it. Huge fans of What’s Inside and of Lincoln and I said, “We’re just
gonna show up to their house, “knock on the door and
give them their thing.” So, I picked it up today. Here it is right here. This is their Play Button. Let’s open it up. Lincoln, open it up, buddy. Don’t break it That’s right there. – That’s the new one!
– That’s the new one. – Oh, that’s so cool.
– It’s really cool looking. – [Lincoln] Oh, I don’t
want to pick that up. What? What?
– Don’t drop it. There it is.
– It’s so light. – [Dan] Five Two Love is
the name of their channel. I think they’re at 150,000 now. This is their play button. – Wow, I love how the play
in the middle, it comes out. – That is cool.
– And that’s all metal. – [Dan] So, when we get
the Gold Play Button for the family channel,
assuming that we get it someday, this is the style that it will be. – That will be gold? Oh, that’s so cool. – So, Lincoln, why don’t you carry it? Let’s just carry it like this. Let’s leave the rest of the stuff in there ’cause I want to show it to them. Give it to ’em as the Play Button. All right, so, we’re doing this. We’re going to their
house to surprise them. – They’re doing a video on their channel of showing the surprise and
everything that went behind it. I picked this up from them
today, without the kids knowing. I think they’re kind of crazy,
knowing what we do to awards, (fast music) to let me just have it on the first day that I’ve actually met them, pretty funny. All right, fun video, surprise video that we didn’t know we were doing today. Delivering Silver Play
Button Awards to YouTubers. YouTube should do this. Instead of just mailing them out, mail it to another
YouTuber that’s close by and let them deliver it. (hip-hop music) Okay, Lincoln, take it out of the package. Don’t break their button. – It’s crazy how light it is. – Try not to get too
many fingerprints on it. Don’t touch the actual button part. Look how reflective it is. I can see you in it. What are we gonna say when we see ’em? – Uh, hi.
– (laughs) Hi. How about, like, “Special delivery.” – “Hi,” then, “Special delivery.” We will both have our parts. – [Dan] “Hi, special delivery.” What if we say something like,
“This was delivered to us?” – No, not (laughs).
– (laughs) No? – What are you trying to do there? – [Dan] I don’t know. – “Uh, hi, this is
special delivery to us?” – [Dan] I don’t know, let’s go. (vocalizing Mission Impossible theme) – I haven’t even see those movies. – [Dan] Wait, so, I’ll say, “Hi?” And you say, “Special delivery?” – No, that was my part
that I came up with. – Okay, okay, I’ll say,
“Special delivery,” and then you say, “Hi,” okay. There’s the front door. Okay, hold it out nicely
but don’t drop it. Hold it, so, stand it up. Like this, put hour hand on top. One hand on top. So, it’s, yeah, like that. That looks good, okay. So, you’re ready? What’s your line?
– “Hi.” – Okay, “Hi,” this is the moment. I’m so excited. – Hi.
– Special delivery. – What?
– We got your award, your Play Button.
– It got here. – Are you ready for it?
– Come on in, guys. – We thought we were gonna cut it in half, but, then we thought maybe
your dad wouldn’t like that. – [Skyler] Oh, it’s in one piece? That is cool.
– Still in one piece. – You’re the one that
had all those babies? – Yes.
– That’s impressive. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you, Jaime. We did it. Did we do good on our lines? – Yeah, I said, “Hi.” – And I said, “Special delivery,” We practiced that a lot before we came in. Okay, we’re gonna go and meet the awesome Five Two
Love family right now. I think the delivery went well. If anybody else needs us
to do a special delivery of your award, we’re
getting better at this. We’re learning. – Hey, I said, “Hi.” – [Dan] Yeah, we did good. This little cutie right
here, this is Lincoln. His name is Lincoln. Hey, buddy, hi, hi. This is Lincoln’s twin. Lincoln.
– Hello. – [Dan] Lincoln. Since we got here, you haven’t
let go of that Play Button. What do you think about it? – I think it’s cool. – [Dan] Would you ever
consider cutting it in half or is that crazy? – [Lincoln] How would
you cut that in half? Would have to cut the whole thing? – [Dan] I would recommend don’t do it since that’s not what you guys do. Just hang it on your
wall, have fun with it. Okay, and tell me your name. – I’m Shayden.
– Shayden. Nice to meet you, Shayden. You’re a year older than Lincoln. Than this Lincoln, not that Lincoln. Oh, oh, guys, it’s happening. Baby inception. Look at this. One, two, three, four,
five little baby bouncers, two of these swinging things. This house is gonna be a lot
of fun and a lot of work. I don’t know how they do it. But, if you want to see how they manage to have all of these cute babies and all of their older children also, make sure to check out their channel. I’ll put a link here in the description. And right up here is, like, an end card. I’m sure it’s a challenge, but they seem to have a very
positive attitude about it. So, I think that’s all you can do. So, mama, how’s it going? How old are the babies? – Babies are almost six months. So, it’s almost their half birthday. They don’t look like
six-month-olds, though. – [Dan] So, you’re holding
Daisy because sometimes she likes to be held. – She’s our fussy girl today. – [Dan] All right,
Landon, you got your box from the back of our car. What about the letter? Is the letter in there? – [Lincoln] Yeah, the letter’s in there. – [Dan] Okay, good, and
the foam that came with it? – Yeah.
– Whoo. Be careful with that letter. Okay, Landon, can you
introduce us to your babies? I want to check to see if
you know all their names by walking over and looking at them. No asking your parents, either. – Daisy.
– Daisy. – Lincoln, Logan, Violet, Lily. – [Dan] Violet, Lily, Lincoln. – Logan.
– Logan, that’s a cool name. And Daisy, how cute. How has life changed now
that you have five young ones in the house? – Well, I’m always holding babies. – [Dan] What’s the most diapers
you’ve changed in one day? – Probably six.
– Six? How about you?
– One. – (laughs) One, you better step it up. Lincoln, how many diapers have you changed in your life?
– Zero. – Fun fact here. I never changed one diaper in my life until it was this guy’s diaper. Kind of weird. Okay, it’s been about 45 minutes and he’s still holding
this Silver Play Button. I think you’re excited. Let your brother hold it sometimes, too. That’s it. We are gonna leave these cute babies. Lincoln actually held his record of the most babies at one time. So, you’ll have to go watch their video to see how many it was. But it was pretty darn cute. Goodbye, babies.
– Goodbye. – Keep growing. All right, guys, see ya. – [Skyler] See you, guys, thanks so much. – Wow, we are just leaving. That was fun. Let’s do some more of that. Who else should we surprise? I’m just grateful that
they watch our videos. How cool of them. They have all of those kids. Aw, man, that’s amazing, right? What was it like holding the three babies? – They’re all very warm. – (laughing) They’re very warm? They’re very warm. That is true. I didn’t expect you to say that, though. I guess that’s the end of the video. Go check out Five Two Love. They did go through some
infertility treatments. They said they had a three percent chance of having twins and a one in 25– – No, 55. – One in 55 million chance
of having quintuplets. Well, they basically just
hit the baby lottery. They are the winners. Really nice family, though, great. And now that I know them and
know that they don’t live too far from us, we might see if we can do some more stuff with them and just get to know ’em a little bit. Anyway, just let us know what you thought about this video in the comments below. Go check those guys out. Hope you enjoyed this
random video from today. – Bye.


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