Yo-Kai Watch Series/Season 2 – Yo Motion Watch, Medals, Plushies, Cards, Tribes

so the season to watch will have that you emotion attack and it will come with two metals and then obviously there are several more metals available on the line each for that your motion projection technology this is the wacky fun world of yokai watch yokai are spirits and your your everyday life that caused the unexplained things so if you forget something that might be was that if you automatically start spouting the truth and telling everything you know that could be tattletale if to go to the bathroom all of a sudden that your video fan so all the yokai are this whole world that of characters are make you do things the only way you can see these yokai is with the yokai watch and what the yokai watch lets you do every yokai has their own metal and when you place the metal in the watch it allows you to imagine summoning that character so that is Shogun Yan won one of the one of the legendary yokai basically the yokai there are over 200 yokai they each belong to one of eight tribes brave mysterious tough and so on every tribe has their own tribe song and kind of unique dance that goes with it so incredible collectability over the course of the year there are 200 yokai everyone is read by the season one yokai watch that comes with two exclusive medals itself both jibanyan and whisper and then all of the metals come in different series so this is series one which is denoted by that blue band and in series one there are also you will find corresponding pages with a blue band as well those pages go into our yokai medallion and that medallion really is the guide and a great way for kids to understand all of the different yokai it includes kind of their BIOS their backgrounds what tribes they're from and then some information about their personality and history so I think one of the great things about this is just the tremendous artwork and differentiation between all the characters we have well-known characters like blazing in series one and shogun yon who is the legendary character and then as you go down through the different tribes over the course of the year we have was that one of my favorites is tattle cast who's kind of an amped-up version of tattletale with big speakers in the tough tribe we have a different Robo yan we have rough Raph he's kind of a bad influence on jibanyan and at different points and then down at the bottom we have Gil gross as well the legendary character in that piece in the charming tribe we have a number of different characters as well these will be available on both the blind bags and some of these will actually come out in exclusive products as well tail-end for convention exclusives in the heartful tribe hum Gramps one of my personal favorites he makes you hungry happy heir who's always in a good mood old Saint trick whose gifts it gives gives gifts to different people the shady tribe is a different bunch entirely this is where you have high to bat and other of his variations he'll hide about here and a couple other pieces here negative buzz is a it's a fun character that kind of always always brings it around a negative odd and then over in the eerie tribe again these are all characters that fall in that range we have cheek squeak it was a real fan favorite Dan doodle who was a legendary metal and then finally our slippery group in the last one a number of great characters as well one of my personal favorite variations we obviously have no go from the original and then panda Naoko which is an alternative version of Naoko that comes up later in the year so the app lets you actually scan the front of the yokai it pulls up their bio and then you can click on details to learn more about that individual character their ranking and also you can register them in your collection by scanning the QR code on the back of the metal so the app has a complete wiki of every yokai available and again you can scan all the different characters and bring those yokai to life of course that's that's our main main guide jibanyan and there are lots of other characters as well so that works for each of the 200 medals beyond the core system itself we have a number of different figural expressions of the brand we have our medal moment series which are inspired either by their personality or a moment in the show so you have whisper who's cut in half in an episode komasan who's always carrying around a backpack and then you have other characters Blasi on who's all about energy and courage wigglin is a dancing character no way he's always putting up his hands for the wall and then of course kumajirou and as you as you scan down really a great expression across a number of different characters we have happy err jibanyan juban yawns alter-ego badan yawn and another version of jibanyan robonyan so really all of these are great fun collectible expressions of the characters that come with their metal as well on the bottom and these get into the ones that are coming out later in the year while Kappa hyung Gramps was that and even cheek squeaks so all those characters are coming out in the line over here we have a number of vinyl expressions the great thing about that is they're they're tremendous vinyl on their own but they're also included they include a glow-in-the-dark sticker sheet so we call the mood reveal and that you can change out their expressions and when the lights go off the their expressions in that spirit world can change so those are our mood reveal figures and then we can head over to the other side here we have a full line of plush the ones that are out an hour at launch the smaller scale 1099 plush great character variety jibanyan Blasi on Naoko one of my personal favorites and then coming out later in the fall we're gonna have large-scale plush as well for jibanyan and whisper one of the other great figural expressions in the line for our converting figures the yoke I kind of have a number of different versions so this is regular jibanyan but he also crosses paths with a character known as ruff raff who kind of brings out the edgier side in jibanyan and that's where you see bad and yawn come to form so we have a lot of fun expressions on that the other one that I really enjoy is komasan has his regular mode when he first enters the city and then once he kind of gets up to speed and knows his way around the city he gets a he gets an official job so he has his business suit but he still likes to go out and relax with an ice cream cone now in there so for fall we have really a lot of updates to the line aside from the core watch a metal system and a number of great Figaro expressions we are taking the core watch and offering customization accessories so everyone really you know the ability to customize their watch and unique ways you can add a jibanyan dome or a number of different rings or character pieces really to plus up your watch and make it your own so we have both a jibanyan and a komasan dome it's just a great fun way to add some depth to the experience of the line the other big news we have for fall is actually introducing a new character a new category entirely for the brand we have our trading card game we think yokai lends itself incredibly well so you have both a starter pack and then some replenishment packs as well great gameplay unique graphics that were created specifically for this game so not only is there great gameplay but we think there's a highly collectible element as well and that that card game will come out late fall timing and then finally the the big new news that we have for fall is our new yaw motion watch obviously the season 1 watch has great audio recognition where you get the character's name and their tribes own the season to watch we've taken up a notch with what we're calling neo motion technology so every metal and every character actually has its own projection movie as well so the one that's being demonstrated is obviously jibanyan every single metal will have that capability so you have kind of a mini movie for all characters in the line so the season to watch will have that your motion tech and it will come with two metals and then obviously there are several more metals available in the line each for that your motion projection technology thank you for stopping by the yokai booth it's a wacky crazy world with very character if you think the watching metals are a tremendous kind of collectible and fun experience and we think there's some great figural expressions as well so a lot of fun a lot of great great ways to experience

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