Yo-Kai Watch Series 3 – Medal Mystery Box (Part 1/2)

hello everyone and welcome back to another yokai watching boxing video today we're me crack and open the series three metal blocks holy crud I am excited for this I've stayed completely spoiler free for what's going to be inside of this box excluding obviously what's on front can't really avoid that but I have no idea what's gonna be in here you guys know how much I love these metal packs and how much I love collecting metals in general so if you're as pumped as I am make sure to leave a like on this video because it helps me out so much you'll literally no idea I cannot contain my excitement anymore let's crack it up and come to think of it something's changed actually the metal boxes actually changed a tiny bit now they have this like flap thing kind of like Pokemon boost your boxes we're taiking it's cool I don't really understand how to like display it though I guess kind of like that huh you just squash it down oh man that does not want to go down oh okay we good I guess we're good so yes also they've changed like the order so now it's like a lot it's literally like a blind bag before you could guess okay this is gonna be the metal that I want it's gonna have this in it not anymore now they've completely changed it up but let's check out the packs again not gonna lie there okay um I'm really not a fan of how they look like Hasbro's doing a good job on pretty much everything except the metal artwork I'm not gonna like the pack artwork leaves a lot to be desired I don't know if I'm the only person that feels that way about them but whatever you first pack of 24 if you don't know how we do things by now we do twelve in one video and twelve in the other metal QR codes will be at the end of the second episode so I'll be on the look out for that let's get our trusty at night out and I apparently forgot how to cut things in-between videos I'm season 1 I haven't been in this setup I'm actually back home doing this unboxing guys so things may be a little bit different if you like the old set up a little bit better don't worry about it it's coming back but speaking of old things will the QR trick be the same we're gonna get the metals how I think we're getting get them no it's gonna be like this okay keeping it suspenseful I like it I like it so what do you guys think we're gonna get out of our first metal pack I'm thinking I'm thinking it's gonna be Shady okay if No I don't know stinking something okay let's check that oh we got slither F I'm not happy about that me and this guy do not get along at all and we also got Peck pocket all right I'll take it and are rip its draggy oh that's actually a really cool middleman I dig that one it's pretty awesome so now I got the whole set we got Dragon Lord as our dragon and now draggy come put on our collection not bad honestly not a terrible first pack but we got a lot more to go so let's crack open a nice keep saying crack open but in reality I'm slicing this thing in half whatever it's not a big deal technicalities at the end of the day aren't a huge problem but uh yes our second pack now I know there's some really awesome rares in this set I hope I can get them if not I'm sinking no we're just going just gonna try I hope I get the legendary in this series so let's see what we got for Oh swell barrier my boy okay I want you in wibblewobble but I will take you in metal form as well holy crud that look I love this metal design I just like small terrier in general he's one of my favorite yokai designs and we also got frost ena she's cute too you know charming and she's so cold thinking frost ena and another pack pocket you know what not terrible dang let's get a better look at that guy though holy crud dude I was wondering when they were gonna make a swole Terrier in Chihuahua I hope he's in this set too but now like oh my gosh I have so many like charming rare yokai it's crazy I think that's my biggest collection yet but Wow check that out dude that's awesome oh my gosh I'm gonna put him out I'm gonna put them in the yokai watch and here's summoning song at the end of the video by the way so don't let me forget guys even though you're watching this in the past technically so we're gonna put all our rares right over here not a bad second pack not gonna lie but we ain't stopping yet let's uh not slice my fingers off I really need to get a pair of scissors man but this is literally all I got oh well whatever but yeah unfortunately if only getting small terrier and yokai watch would wobble was that easy no my knife is like coming apart that's not good uh it should probably fixed that but you know what I want to get to the packs ASAP so safety will have to wait no not real probably fix that after this pack but oh my god this one does not want to come out okay half of this video does not need to be me struggling on packs let's get it together guys what do you think we're gonna get my money is on a con it's gonna be a snake it's gonna be something I don't want just kidding that's reverse psychology this is gonna be the best yokai ever so let's started off with whoa very good speaking of yokai watch wibblewobble my girl Eterna of the Eirik oh my gosh I'm not gonna lie she's probably my favorite yokai ever because in my first episode of that playthrough I got her from the cranky time machine it was like the greatest pull ever I was so pumped oh my gosh okay let's let's chill out oh we got a guruma not nearly as cute as i Eterna you know what I'll take it Rocca belly so uh the comments for this set seem to be Peck pocket and rockabilly but oh my gosh what are the chances of that dude back-to-back hollows awesome man she looks so awesome even though I technically used ever for my playthrough Eterna agranon me man I think her dress is a lot more fitting of the eerie tribe let's get a better look at that dang do you that that's so awesome I love a yokai of the eerie tribe that are purple by the way they just I don't know just fits for some reason but yeah that metal is awesome can't wait to check out what they summoning song for that sounds like but yeah I fixed my utensil let's get into another pack and I really got to keep track of how many packs were getting in one of my first unboxing videos for yokai watch I accidentally opened up more packs and I was supposed to so that's kind of bad hopefully I've learned since then but are I'm gonna say fourth pack it could easily not be your fourth one I'm not sure I'm too lazy to check but uh also a fix me you guys since you guys did not see that you okay we got on all my gosh we got a bit of a spoiler there but we got um holy crud you okay um yeah we got Rock abelian grub snitch or grub snatch your grub no one cares about okay some people care about him but who were really after here is the legendary of Erie Tribe you know he's not purple per se but does let's just check this guy out Oh Mike look at that packs are falling off just in the presence of Dan due to the most handsome and beautiful youkai ever created oh my gosh just look at a man he's so awesome okay I'm gonna be totally honest Dan doodle might not be my favorite legendary of all time but his metal just looks so sick it Oz I'm so happy I got him okay I'm really tempted to put him in the yokai watch and hear what is something song is cuz I love that song so much but it'll have to wait for the end of the video holy crud okay I don't think anything can top him but there are some yokai that I like personally a bit more than Dan doodle let's hope we get them in this and I really gotta start counting these okay just give me one second guys and it turns out after doing a little bit of counting this is in fact our fifth pack so we got a couple more to go so I better actually start speeding this up or we're gonna be here all day I'm actually recording this at night I don't know if you ask aunt Ellen it's sort of thundering outside so I want to be a little bit on the quick side so I don't get inspirited by some thunder if you catch my drift okay so let's check it out it seems like the rare is on the opposite side so can't remember how we saw Dan doodle so I'm really bad at doing this trick but so far I've just been flipping it and oh my gosh we got paper i I want to say it's vapor cuz I haven't heard her talk in the cartoon yet but it's a combination of white and taper who is a Baku's palette swap which is a C rank that's a really cool metal it's all like dreamy and stuff and we got helmsman I wonder if I reunite is it are you serious what is going on no freakin way we got sandy – dude okay it's legit I got all of the good ones in this video there's a there's gonna be nothing left for the next video holy crud dude we were getting eerie yokai like crazy I mean I'm not complaining cuz I like him a lot but dude check the hell honestly I like mmm I don't know I kind of like eat I like you turn a bit more than the sandy line like let's be real come down below who do you think is the better Irie girl that's in yokai watch 1 because I know people a yokai watch you were to say something totally different but personally I'm kind of leaning towards Eterna I don't know that's just me but anyways we got another ultra rare not bad dude so far we got four I'll take that I should probably put those in the camera shot come to think of it the problem is I don't want them to like autofocus whatever we're moving on to pack number six so okay I kind of want to see something different okay I want to see something that isn't eerie I'm totally cool with getting more ultra rares that that's that's totally fine with me honestly I have no problem with that no crud I rip the package so hard I think I opened this part up I just got a funny but let's get into the next pack so let's open this up and we got pain oh snap shady yokai and also Casson owner always heartbroken poor guy I feel so bad for this yokai cuz I feel like no matter what he can do he's always gonna be alone and we got another draggy not bad either so so far the Commons in this set are some of my favorite and seriously look at it that's the saddest guy in the world – he's got to be alright moving on to pack number seven and I'm gonna stop saying the pack numbers out loud because chances are I'm gonna mess up so let's check this one out hopefully we get something still good I mean the legendary of this set awesome I'm totally cool with that but you know hey there's a lot of other hollows that can be in here – I really want you on yokai in particular if I could get him in this pack that would be awesome so let's see what we got and we got ambass awesome so now we got no way Walden and impacts we got them all and we got uh I want to say do Shu your – ooh ah he's cool I guess and are like oh we got now no I'm gonna I'm gonna mess this up this could be either an Agatha or shadow Lee I'm leaning towards Nagisa let me know if I'm wrong I feel like I'm 100% wrong and someone's gonna get upset at me but I think this is Nagisa I mean she's got like she's kind mean man check that that metal she says I can and you smell like cab agents like hey lady I'll make fun of your vegetable themed perfume yeah okay don't really know where I was going with that but whatever so we got another Irie girl look at it wow there's actually a ton of yokai of the eerie tribe they're all female I'm just starting to realize that I think uh well I guess you could debate that rock abelian well it's palette swap are female too but what it doesn't really matter we got a lot of girls as all I'm saying and I'm totally cool with that anyway let's open up our next pack and we got our you King that's like the million from one we've got what the heck okay and speaking of girls of the eerie tribe will actually come a thing of this is from the heartful tribe but this is reverse' it was a combination of well des Marella de and wait is he gonna be in here no cuz it's okay it's green right the the packs themselves are green maybe maybe he's in here dude I'll be so stinking awesome uh let's check I'll make out another rocket belly okay but happy err do you are you gonna be in here I stink I love happier he's my boy dude I hope we get him too but yeah I really gotta check how many packs we've opened yet again it's Oh be right back and okay sorry about that my dudes I just gotta make sure you know we have some for the next videos all I'm saying but we got four more packs ago let's get these going and oh gosh I almost cut a metal there that would have been absolutely terrible cuz UK our friends Johnny okay yeah I'm just referencing a comment I got a long time ago but let's see what pack this pack has in store for us I'm pumped hope you're pumped I'm hoping for a brave yokai you guys know how much I love the Braves and maybe we'll get one in this bag oh we got a loo of the mysterious tribe he's okay and I want to say no more maybe quit I'm so bad with these I'm so bad with these specific yokai I'm so see he's sleeping though so uh I'm gonna say this DeWanna actually maybe it is I'm not too sure anyways we got another dress okay this is hands down the worst pack of all time okay seriously up I'm not a fan not a fan not gonna lie okay so three more to go maybe maybe we will get a brave yokai in this one heck I don't even know if there are brave yokai in this so I could be completely wrong for all I know but hey we'll find out one way or another so let's well I kind of just did that in the wars batter possible well I'll take it heck so keeping with the theme of eerie ladies yeah I'll definitely take that holy crow okay that metals really cool waltz we get we got done MO and Mira Poe not bad not bad yeah I want to check out Santa or not sandy I always make that mistake Sawney gosh I'm so bad with these names but yeah let's check her out so she's even got her pillow and everything not gonna lie not a bad metal design at all pretty cool so that makes that makes for four count them for eerie ladies I can't even put it that many medals on screen at the same time for in the same series I don't know how to feel about that but yeah dan doodle I guess has a gonna have some friends but we got some more packs to go let's check him out so so far things are looking ok I mean I'm happy with the polls we're getting you know it's it's decent but let's check out what we got in the next pack is it gonna be another Iria lady only one way to find out let's check it out we oh we gots creeks who I don't think is a girl but still a very powerful youkai given its ultimate is one of the strongest ever and we got Baku not bad not bad at all hey we finally got a brave yokai in the form of Mo chief mo what are you doing man look at him he's just like Ning eating underway okay probably not even out of character for a yokai but uh yeah Baku is pretty sick me and Baku go way back I like Baku she's one of my favorite yet again another I guess this is the eerie Lisa we got I believe maybe one more to go one more see this is a problem with it not being on like two different sides I have no idea what I'm getting into but let's open this one up hopefully it's something stinking awesome and crap I need to cut that a little bit more so far I'm totally spoiled though I'm like 100% spoiled from this I've never had so many hollows back-to-back-to-back before I can't hardly believe it man but let's check it out oh my gosh we got score an e the scary granny not tattletale John you idiot another mysterious bird and last but not least ooh I cannot remember your name for the life of me hold on give me two seconds this yokai in fact is not the one I was thinking of and is actually capable of the charming tribe the evolved form of Kayden the first yokai we've ever gone and I feel bad for forgetting him but now that we have it well I'll never forget it since I can just put it in the yokai watch and learn his name and speaking of the yokai watch let's actually test out the summoning songs of all the yokai we got in this video so starting off how can we not include the most powerful of Erie yokai debatable concerning as a healer but whatever let's put him inside the yokai watch and hear his summoning jingle and please don't mess up please don't mess up [Applause] ooh damn doodle I love his voice soon try try to impersonate it and do a horrible job okay moving on let's uh let's take a break from the eerie crap cuz I want to hear swell terrier in action mm not bad kind of sounds like jibanyan a bit like swell terrier I don't know he's cool actually no he's not cool at all cuz chihuahuas the cool all right moving on let's check out insomnia not bad pretty cool gotta say she sounds a little different in the TV show though she has like a weird effect on her voice and I guess they couldn't replicate that with the watch that's totally fine now on to her sister kinda sandy much better oh man like her voice a lot but uh the best was saved for last we hot we got a lot of new yokai friends in this video but there's still one that's closest to my heart and that is hmm so yeah not gonna lie pretty good haul so far we got let's count them five rare yokai in total let's put him out in front one of which was a legendary I can't even stink and believe it but we're still not done in the next video we're gonna open up the other half of this giant box of yokai goodness and I hope you guys are excited for that because that when you get to see the QR codes on the back of these medals so hope you guys are excited for that and as always thank you all so much for watching it means so much to me your support is always appreciated and yeah see you in the next video bye


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