Yo-Kai Watch – How To Get ALL 55 U.S. Passwords + Trophies! [Tips & Tricks]

how's it going everyone it's Abdallah here bringing you guys another awesome yokai watch tutorial video on this video we're going to go through all 55 passwords within the game in order to get really awesome prizes and complete all the trophies in the secret trophy area yeah I know I haven't really covered that on my let's play so this is going to be brand new for all of us and if you guys do have a Nintendo 3ds and yokai watch you guys can do this in live time right along with me so that we can get all the rewards together it's going to be pretty cool so if you guys are excited for the episode and this episode is going to help you out definitely smash that like button and if you have a friend that's also playing yokai watch why don't you click on that share button and share it with them so here we go grab out your handy stylus right over here and we got 55 of these bad boys I can't wait I can't wait to see all the different kinds of prizes we're going to get all the different trophies and what happens if you get all the trophies in the game this is all a secret to me but shoutouts to the game fa Q's community and the reddit community on yokai watch because ultimately how you get all these passwords is by catching all the yokai criminals and putting all the pieces together so the list has been out for a while but on this episode I'm just going to give you tutorial of what the codes are what happens when you get them and hopefully we'll have a good time with that so if you guys are familiar you can do this at any point in the game as long as you have the gourd pond available which is like blossom Heights and of course if you have the post office available which is about an hour into gameplay so talk to the the second clerk over here and she says that right up above me on the bottom screen you can go ahead and click on the password button and we're gonna click on yes and now here's the fun part so this is uh it's really case sensitive so you got to be very careful I've got my list right over here and we're gonna go off on it so here we go the very first one is going to give us a Beatle trophy and a cicada sword now this is going to be I really don't like this keyboard this keyboard kind of bothers me level five so you should make it a qwerty keyboard and go from there I don't know what you were thinking with this but maybe the pixels are messed up but anyway okay first password L capital L capital W a lowercase J s J S EP capital ep e P select password successful okay here's your award we get the Beatle trophy alright exciting and the cicada sword now the cicada sword is an item that you want to give to your Kaden or your sink ADA either one of those guys and it's exclusive to them so we're not going to save at all we're just going to keep on going alright here we go we're not gonna go internet download sorry do okay nurse joy ha getting a little bit of nurse joy over here from Pokemon gen one when you're trying to heal your Pokemon just keep on pressing yay all right here's the next one this one's pretty easy this one's capital T lowercase W and uppercase G T W that's not a w TW g all right password successful what are we getting a bird trophy okay we're just going to be collecting these trophies and we're gonna give them all to somewhere special and you get the tough Bell that's a AG banya an exclusive item that I want to say raises defense anyway third password this one's a little bit longer so here we go we're gonna do a lowercase K uppercase L I couldn't imagine how hard it was to gather all these passwords you guys in the community are great so thanks for doing all the legwork let's see and then lowercase D J lowercase J f3 capital F and the number 3 where are the numbers here we go there we go here's your award the bottle trophy we all these trophies look the same am I missing something Oh heavenly sash that's a good item man imagine if you had all these passwords within the first hour of playing the game oh my gosh it makes me want to just go back and play the game with all the info that I have right now I would love to just play the game all over again and I'll play it as Katy this time around so we get a different dialogue all right so we're going to do another small one this one's capital W a lowercase D capital F wdf okay we got another Buzz trophy or not another but we got another trophy and a holy x4 wow that's so good a holy export gives you like 20,000 experience so imagine this like if you're playing the game right the beginning you get a holy export give it to jibanyan and he's like all right level 40 and then you go ahead and beat snarl really quick alright so here we go the next one is a another three-letter one this is lowercase T T uppercase oh no sorry lowercase J and then uppercase G TJ G select okay and the password is going to be what are we getting cicada trophy not bad and what do we get a yellow coin there we go we could put that in the crank time machine all right keep on going all right speeding through these oh man that's a lot of them okay let's see we're gonna get another one this one's a long one man want it to be so long okay here we go this one is going to be X capital D are a lowercase T 9 n 8 4 9 a lowercase n 84 oh man alright stay tuned for a long video a cloak trophy alright very nice and IV knocked gauntlet okay you can use that to fuse together with something a V knocked gauntlet actually know what that's actually the diffused product you're right you're right okay here we go so if you knocked gauntlets good alright entering another password we are going to get another long one here this is capital F let's see capital f lowercase X okay here we go W for capital s lowercase n capital F lowercase n capital F alright there you have it this is your reward of a comedy trophy they all look the same and an ancient scale okay that's not bad alright we're choosing not to say because that's going to take even longer so I'm trying to speed up this as fast as we can so make sure that you guys are playing along with me and entering these and feel free to pause the video at any time okay next one is another easy one okay this one's a three letter one capital H lowercase Z capital K kkkk right here okay here's your reward any cool hair prize oh thanks thanks an orange going alright we like orange coins okay moving on okay Wow we are not even a fifth of the way there this is there's 55 of them okay cut the cool here prize here's a four letter one this one's s lowercase s capital P f e spiffy Cupid trophy Greg and a purple coin that's okay we'll take some purple coins it doesn't hurt to have as many of those coins because you guys can use them in the crank account machine right okay let's see ZB okay this one's gonna be lowercase Z B capital M okay lowercase K – what capital C I know Rocco P H all right here we go we got this what happens a cyclops trophy what does the cyclops have to do it anything and a fiend ring oh that's a good weapon or a good equippable item keeping on going here we go all right we've got the Cyclops trophy oh this one's another long one here we go okay this is capital W lowercase a K capital H lowercase X whack H X n v capital n 5 n v capital X these are so crazy of passwords darkness trophy whack H some of them like actually spelled some a guard gem I don't think I've ever seen that item throw my entire let's play of this game I've never seen that so I have no idea what it does but you guys can find out when you guys are putting these passwords that's cool all right here you go an easy one you under our lowercase u u u capital s capital F that's easy USF are what are we getting from the USF a days trophy and a monkey circlet monkey circle it's kind of lame you could actually buy those all right here we go bless you that's okay justice sneezing in the background everyone can say bless you in the comments feel free all right oh let's see we are gonna do another one this one's like a seven letter one capital T six lower cage lowercase H capital Q capital X W Z all right what are we getting a diamond trophy and a crystal ball okay look what the heck does a crystal ball do I don't think I've ever seen that all right here we go moving on okay here's a four letter one capital K lowercase W kept it okay lowercase W capital P s P s what do we get a dragon trophy if only it looked like a dragon a light blue coin okay now bad light blue coins pretty good you can get shadow V knocked with that shadow Phoenix pretty good too okay we've got another four letter one capital K and lowercase s s capital B and then P capital P right yeah KS BP I wonder what all these like passwords are for when you're programming it's like you got to make them sound like something or you just random letter generator a ski mask okay in case you want to go to pickle stand bank with the ski mask feel free not recommended all right so another for one a lowercase H lower H upper n lower C uh Purdy I would really hope that some of these passwords would be like Easter eggs like spelling out something that would be really cool and a spell Bell okay I don't think I have a spell though that's uh another jibanyan exclusive item all right well I'm glad that we're doing this because now we're getting some pretty good items that we can use okay so here we go oh right so we got the spell Bell this one's a five letter one lower M upper j bj k upper j bj k okay a gambler trophy these are some pretty obscure names for these trophies and a golden doll you can sell that for a lot of money – that's good alright here we go we are going to go with another password oh this one's a long one dang it alright here we go this is lower K upper H lower FY n FY n lower H five and capital y all right we're getting them all glasses trophy okay and a fiend band that's a good item to man if I had these passwords at the beginning of the game man things would be way different okay yeah here we go a capital C 3 lower j5r j5r upper B lower s there we go here's your ward it's a good job price what is that and a big bottle you know what I was always looking for a big bottle you give that to a wall kappa or a pack or sup yo and boost some sort of some sort of thing of theirs here we go password ok gambler trophy we got that one we got the big bottle one oh here we go this one's the weirdest trophy name why would they name a trophy after this alright capital H lower H as upper Z 7 this one's for you this trophies for you guys the granny trophy that's stupid you get a silver doll ok what is that like for being the best grandma what is that why would you get a granny trophy I mean granny seemed to be a theme in this game right cuz you got tattletale it was like a mini granny they like gets stuck on your neck and forces you to tell the truth all right here we go Ozzy z lowercase Z upper DC j Oh husband it's an easy one what is this one huh oh whoa okay a guardian trophy and ritzy set I've never seen this item either ritzy studs that looks pretty cool alright I'm gonna have to take a look at all those items off-screen and see what they do okay okay an easy one I'll do this one really quick watch a lowercase F X BAM that's like record timing for a password that's lowercase F and lowercase X a hat trophy sleep and study and sleep in studies kind of lame it's good for for grinding though like sleeping study gives you more experience every time you battle but it allows your yokai to loaf more so season okay here we go eq y f e hopes oops that's a d e is it lower Q mm-hm no yeah it's lower q YF q y f password successful we get a heart trophy very nice and a meteor badge okay meteor badge boost speed that was pretty decent of an item okay meteor badge here we go this one's capital ERG lowercase D DJ e RG lowercase D D J easy a hood trophy lunar lunar rings good that's a good item these are all awesome equippable items I'm telling you if you just started playing this game you need to watch this video oh man had I known about these passwords okay we got the lunar ring here we go this one's C low lower C uh purty Vth v th now we have a horse trophy they're just naming random nouns they just like close their eyes flip through a dictionary and then like went like this and said okay hood got it awesome horse okay cool cool just name it after that hood horse granny and use they're all in alphabetical order by the way okay hood Horace oh here goes this one's easy um a blower and K alright we got the Hunger trophy not bad a brute bracer kind of a lame item you probably won't even need that alright hunger trophy reminds me The Hunger Games oh this one's easy DQ you all under D Q you a Kappa trophy and a reverse sword this item I never came across but I heard it is really good for like lower rank yokai that's got to be cool and it's got a little yin-yang design on it nice we like that okay we got the reverse sword uh what else we gettin ooh this one's cool man you can imagine if I had this trophy and this password at the beginning oh man I'd be unstoppable it would be easy mode yokai watch would be an easy mode why okay these are capital this is under Z upper five eight and then Z B okay here we go this one right here katana trophy and we get another holy X form so you've got two holy experts from this oh man imagine that who do I have on my team at like hour one of the let's play I jibanyan I think I had like tattletale I think I had a wall kappa i would give jibanyan a holy x verb and I get wall kappa 1 and we'd be done we just blow through the game with those just those guys okay uh kids trophy in a son bracelet this one's to lower our upper B uh let's see lower K upper Y and lower BB oh man a kid's trophy and a Sun bracelet very nice kids trophy okay here we go this one's another long one lower en Y E and Y upper Q K lower C we are getting the kimono trophy and a nail bat okay I don't think I've even seen a nail bat before hmm reminds me of broth or bad dude maybe an item with him okay here we go another long one thank you game making him so cryptic okay it's lower CJ upper you lower W yeah Milo a lower F upper Y n lower F upper Y n okay here's your award it's none other than a lion trophy and a sleep pillow suit pillows kind of lame-o Maya Milo is a lion you're right okay another five digit one oh hey Milo what is that oh he's floating who's whose arm is that holding my oh hey Milo you guys see my lover it over here just as I hey bud hey huh oh he's Flo nose off huh oh my Wow the lion trophy just for Milo thanks okay so we did the sleep pillow we need the main trophy this one's a Z for a lowercase J why three okay why three okay we're looking good here's your award the main trophy and a blue coin I think we're like halfway done guys we are very close to being done I can't wait to find out what happens oh man and Thank You Milo for the halfway photobomb no I don't want to say it's gonna take forever all right here we go okay so we got the main trophy we got the lion trophy oh here we go this one's a good one mine's me of Zelda this one's a fpk and then upper Z lower J this one is called the master trophy huh that's pretty cool and fix specs I don't think I've ever seen thick specs before hmm okay thick specs we got a lot of good equippable items we can easily go through and just equip all of our guys with it okay master trophy me outro fee and speed Belle oh this one's good all right meow trophy spoilers this one's lower Oh Jay like orange juice upper X speaking of which I need some orange juice lower our are okay um yo trophy and a speed bail very good jibanyan items okay we can receive special pass where it's okay here we go we got the Meowth Rocio this one's cool a capital n eh I'm sorry capital L n lowercase L x na LX NEX wait what oh maybe that's an I capital I see I hate that it's like an i and L look the same n a I capital IX not an L mochi trophy and a cheery coat very nice cheery code is for wiggling rid and stepa if you guys have those little dancing yokai oh this one you are going to need this hall meant out of all of the passwords you're gonna need this one best item in the game hands down see I know Milo it's very useful for people that are just playing this game capital X capital B lower mo upper Y lower MV of course it's gonna be like a 10 lettered password here we go the paw Patrol fee and vampiric fangs the best item in the game for physical attackers you equip them with that you attack them and you get helped back it's so good put that on Shogun Yan you're done alright this one's really good you're gonna need this one okay so this one's called thank you this one's an easy one so here we go we're gonna just about than1 Y under oh you thank you wait oh not a capital y dang it why would it do that why oh you blower you okay I've been grinding for five star coins but you get five star coins from doing that okay here's another password ah let's see five star coins oh wow I think I've done this one before but I'll show it to you this was one of the very first passwords that came out and it was actually on a flyer about yokai watch that I got a long time ago so this one's actually two bits I'll just show it to you tw0 b1 TS 45 sorry it's kind of cryptic it looks like two bits but see that I've already done that was a very first one that I did and that gives you an excitement coin okay so we've done that one Karisma c h a r is ma charisma really oh no there's a one instead of an high charisma all caps yes password successful okay get a pink coin not bad don't really need it but we'll take it okay charisma we did that one okay there's really only like ten of them left not bad and then I'll show you what to do with all of the trophies okay so Christmas done we're gonna do a lower C uh purge a lower X upper our CJ XR a sac trophy okay cool and a beefy Bell oh man beefy Bell that's cool that'll probably like increase jibanyan attacks that by some incremental amount all right here we go we need all this one's an easy one this one's lower G lower K upper H lower G lower K upper age here we go a seaweed trophy and a sticker of hate sticker fates a pretty good item especially if you have a really high defensive yokai like golden yawn or rohban yawn and you put that on them it makes all the enemies attack them okay here we go this one's h t XL a X L a okay looking good password successful a shark trophy and a galaxy charm galaxy charm was a good item way back in the day okay we got the galaxy charm here we go TR z SF this is lower TR z t r z upper s lower f a shell trophy not bad and another golden doll okay so we got two golden dolls out of that's not bad okay uh let's see we did the golden doll ooh wow this one's cool this one's all lowercase I like that those are easy SRS VV loll lower so s oops let's see s r s VV Circe we got a Shogun trophy and turn a beads cool okay and then oh this one's another easy one okay this one's lower case a SC a s see that's a B alright you go a SC get the slither trophy and a large export okay no not in her download okay I knew I was gonna happen all right so a SC all heroes a long one dang it huh this one's capital F 3 F a let's say lower seat up or W lower see upper w9g okay a snake trophy cool and a pink coin alright moving on we have Oh another pretty good one huh lower h4q at capital Q R Q R lower ad h4q rad a stag trophy and iron plates okay not bad we're moving on not internet download good you can press B to cancel that I did not know that okay so we got the iron plate so we're gonna do capital j SG j s G lowercase P upper G okay here we go we've got like a couple more oh I accidentally skipped through that but that was a stilt trophy and adaiah fate okay not bad okay the next one still trophy oh here we go this one's easy upper m lower k upper m lower k upper e and we got a stylish trophy thank you so much and a green coin not bad all right here we go password we are going to get o this one man I have feelings about this trophy here f lower f kc Nutt KFC but lower FK ck c upper k lower M upper K lower M upper c9 and it looks like a lower oh there we go password successful here we go this trophy a tengu trophy man tango tango and his twin brother fling gooo man and a fiend badge that's a good item okay we only have five more guys brace yourselves for those of you guys who are watching all the way up until now and entering all these passwords you guys are awesome this one's easy lower X Y G we get a toothpick trophy okay reminds me of pandal a yokai and a red coin alright here we go password are let's say lower r FF what is this FF P these are all upper and then 8 m8 to lower M we get the Triclops trophy hmm not only do we get the cyclops trophy by the Triclops and three holy exports from these wow man that's good okay here we go Triclops um this one's lower our upper qy our upper qy q QQ q why okay we have lower q WF q WF easy and the wannabe trophy with a restraint belt alright we only have two more two more ladies and gentlemen password yes okay wanna be trophy are sorry this is lower our upper a lower Z we have lower K upper FD u V upper UV res could try to pronounce these a wild trophy with a fiend charm you literally get all the fiend items from all the terror time chess through all of this stuff you get one of each of them this is good and here we go a very good weapon here this is an 8 R M lower T upper s9 a upper s9 and then lower a that's it the last password password number 55 while we've been here for a while a wrinkly trophy and a reflector okay now that we have all of the trophies we're going to go somewhere very special if you guys are already into the game where you have Mira Poe cool warp with Mira Poe if you're not then you're gonna have to ride all the way to breezy Hills gourd pond area so here we go gourd pond park we're gonna warp here and we're going to go into a locked area that I've noticed once before on one of my videos and I didn't know what it was until recently though we found out that it was a trophy room it's right over here in the middle of gourd pond so it's this little area right here done so we open this if you didn't get a single trophy then this will be locked but now that we're gonna open it we will see all of our trophies in the room and we've got little golden yet over here golden yon cool we got every single trophy just by doing that of course if you go in there you'll get yeah you'll it'll be empty but now that we have all of them sweet golden yon thank you for the trophy I've been realized I think oh and he gives us a whole bunch of stuff red coins here's a reward for collecting half of the trophies just a little something to say thanks okay ten yellow coins looking good huh holding on is highly optimized take this and keep on gathering wow this is a great way to get a lot of coins so you can grind and look he's dancing too he does his little dance huge power take this pink coin okay yah-yah-yah many trophies thank you take this okay we're probably gonna get ten of each of the coins you are amazing golden yun fully optimized you are amazing golden yun fully optimized oh I don't get a golden yan by doing this oh that's kind of lame well well well okay this is this is looking pretty cool so there you have it ladies and gentlemen we have officially gotten all the trophies in the trophy room for all of your enjoyment definitely take a look at all those passwords and if you have to rewind and pause the video feel free to do that so that's one more thing that we've done and I'm pretty pumped up about it so if I'm ever gonna play this game at the beginning I am going to enter all these passwords right off the bat just to get the good items and then just have a blast with it that is so cool so there we go enjoy the tutorial guys grab all those good items and yeah go from there so of course we are continuing our yokai watch playthrough as usual we're going to go through a lot more tips and tricks the game on the let's play is pretty much done I'm just spending some time going through and catching yokai in order to fill up the medallion I've done everything that there is within the game such as you know beating all three Oni you know beating the infinite inferno if you guys have any suggestions on how you want me to continue the let's play other than catching all the rare yokai and doing yokai hunt definitely let me know in the comment section below and for this video if you guys did enjoy it and it helped you out you know what to do smash that like button share the video with the friends so they too can get all these awesome passwords and shoutouts to all the patreon supporters way up top over that way you guys are great head on over to patreon com of Dallas mash to 0 to 6 to help support the Nintendo content those guys are great there's tons of incentives and I would really love it if you took a look at that so other than that guys that's it for me today click on that subscribe button to be notified of everything yokai watch I'm going to be starting up yokai watch 2 and yokai watch buster is in the near future so get pumped up for that we're gonna do live stream part ones on each of them it's going to be cool I can't wait to see you guys in the next episode so until then talk to you later bye guys

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