Yo-Kai Watch – Dream Medals 02 – Medal Unboxing

hey guys welcome back to another yokai watch unboxing video and today we're opening up a case of yokai watch dream zero – inside this box is well first off who saw kyon and I really want to get that metal and speaking of young he's right here with me also in jibanyan I still have a total dude thing so bear with me anyways before I begin if you could do me a giant favor and leave a like on this video as helped me out an absolute ton and now that you've hopefully done that – let's open it up now a couple medals I'm looking for in this one specifically it's whole dude and Iraq –mess hands down some of the coolest yokai from yokai watch juicing is their generals and oh crap that's kind of messed up I was work around that but you know it's really hard to preserve these boxes anyways but really looking for their dream medals not gonna lie it's 40 like I'm pretty I liked them they're very cool characters in yokai wash and Anna Paquin oh my gosh so I don't know what the theme is for this one now I want to say it's yokai watch two themes because as the generals right foot there's no seem to be that many yokai watch – yokai in it I mean there's count cavities like in yokai one right then there's rasathi on who wasn't even in the second game so I don't sink and no but yes really pumped to open this up I don't know what's rare and what isn't but open up pack 1 and let's see what we got 3 – oh it's high to bat or you can't get annoying not a bad-looking metal if I do say so myself and down the richest yokai of them all so cool to get it in metal form I really like that the blue poker chips look I don't really know why fun fact uh I guess not only funny thing about blue the all man got was not actually looking to get this metal but we got castelia smacks not a favorite yokai in the world I don't think he has too many fans he's pretty tanky though I like him he's very defensive doesn't make for a bad novel he's really shiny but not sure if he should have been hollow but as I saying I really like blue as a kid and now I don't for some reason but our next pack will contain hopefully an s-rank yokai total dude or reckless please join up my repertoire and oh my gosh we got him okay we got a gamma or total dude man that is such a nice looking model oh my gosh dang it man all the jury metals just look so sticking knives but the test drives don't look too shabby all right so I guess he was going join his brother cassellius max on the tough pile but on to our third pack I believe so far we have no this our fourth don't pretty good on the hollows oh my gosh right after good I'm so happy about that oh my gosh so we got both arachnid and total dude holy crud back to back to man that metal looks really nice actually I don't actually have the hog array with me but the lanterns in the back would actually be only in that version I'll try and find it and maybe show you at the end but heck yeah now we have hopefully we'll keep it oh man we got chemo Lee I was gonna say hopefully we can keep the luck running but and Daddy cool like some of giant jelly bilder no it's definitely a rice ball but yeah so for it I can't really sense a theme going on here oats next oh this is ever for sweet he actually never got her metal in North America so hey now I have her on my team at least in metal form she was such a good party member in the first yokai watch game yeah it's an interesting metal artwork I guess you're just chilling to the I don't know what going on there I guess you're just enjoying the cherry blossom but are we going to get the coveted who stopped yawn only time ups oh man dawn your team do doc dawn Eureka I'm just gonna call it Desmond relevant you know it's pretty cool to actually have the D like it's the same in Japanese in English character's name starts with a deep I kind of like then I guess she stopping the rainy day or something I don't really know but we got a lot more packs to go so far we have been doing too bad actually I'm pretty happy with the pulp get cuber comb we actually can't get Kira coma I guess like the Packer is like advertising that he's just like you can use him in the dream roulette but I don't really know maybe like there's a chance to get the flips to befriend him from one of these dream corner okay it wasn't count cavities gabbling Yan or Dragoon Yan one of the best localized names in my opinion why don't we have like an American Dracula yokai that'd be kind of cool oh not about metal though okay because uploading the anime was actually pretty funny was like am Walking Dead pay or use one of my favorites actually of season two and again only thing season two's done you why am I still talking about Dracula on you're probably wondering I don't think you know I think he's cool you want to fight about it no let's open up more medals okay and ooh Oh Oh does she cop wash in alright you know I'm just gonna call you hi know me goodness and some people say localization is not necessary I cannot say that thing on my first try even if I looked at it all day just throwing that out there but we're getting a lot of harmful metals I guess I make sense considering dream 0-1 then actually have any harmful yokai I'm pretty sure was just brave and charming slippery and I think a couple mysterious too so I guess this is like balance things out of bitch button Oh wavy we got Hama cosas oh my gosh salute wit it for flight that's the bathroom mom toilette ax um living up to her name oh my gosh it's such an adorable metal dude I can't even alright that how is that not a hollow that has we won the best metals in the whole line of jury metals she wasn't so sick oh I guess I think that's actually probably one of the best metals I've ever had and it sucks because I was that okay now I have that one I'll just let you guys in on the secret I've opened up a case of this before but I had some technical difficulties and could not use the audio and oh my gosh were already halfway done No okay basically I need to get you a sloppy on and that I can complete the set yet oh my gosh I saw the blue man unless he keep more that's fine I think we're starting to get into the double and that's okay I prefer no doubles but you know what oh well expect please a heavily sloppy on I think I now just meet it was oh my gosh all right so where ever dismal road is happy year must also be in Hanoi born oh nice I like him so it's always in such a good mood man I was counting a happy year do one thing make people happy such as wife's when you ain't gonna talk that alright so I already had his metal as well but we're getting into the pack so now I have a rack and a total dude I already had a rack missus hog or a metal all I need now I'm pretty sure is you Safi on everything else is just trade fodder at this point hopefully we get oh man that's like my force my fourth most Star Wars no my fourth casteless max or scab a bummer but oh well please I need to get like oh okay ha – Oh Coco wow that is a really nice looking metal – shame actually has like the copyright stuff on it right there I don't know I didn't have that it'd be honest looks like a work over and kind of cool I just put on the back but oh well so I think that's actually in reference to the fact that Desmond relatives metal had like a rainbow and so they had to keep that up with Rao's act but yeah still already had that metal if I can get Haga rave totalled eww pretty sick but oh no gonna get another hobby oh so Cole you know what hey man I'm sure someone someone happy to see if I need to you metals right out there gotta write you know whatever I wonder if drizelda's in this set no way she an Erie er I can't remember her tribe off the top of my head that's a bummer but no I think she's charming so she couldn't be in here with that kind of stinks but oh oh we got Kieren yo that's not bad I think when my friends actually needed a Kieren so hey that works out I actually pulled this guy a lot in the yokai scramble battle so that was kind of cool but yeah I don't think do I have this guy ever there we do already pull him oh no we didn't so this is our first Kirin what else I think we alway was hein only that's right but dang not bad like I don't know the metal artwork looks really nice I guess he's using his folsom in the background there or something but we need more offensive heartful yokai in my eyes you know the heartful tribe you know they're cool you got your grandpa on there you know and hung Gramps all that we need some more dragons in the heart Fulcher I'm just throwing that out there Oh baby Monica yeah I have a full Sun I don't have to buy this one who stopped yon yo oh my gosh I knew putting the plushie back there would stick it helped but we got to stop yawn of the shady tribe and this is like one of the rarer metals in the set he's uh I don't know what his QR code gives you but the website says something about it or he has some special functionality so hey I guess we'll find out in this episode though but oh no he was winking and stuff I think he was sloppy on is a great mascot for yokai watch three events like Japan knew about him way before yokai 3 even came out because he was in there then I'll game oh well I think now yeah wait okay we have three packs left nice everything else we get doesn't really matter but it'd be nice if I got the hoggar a medal of total dude I don't think we've seen all the medals here but I have Oh majority of them since okay muta Cobb a I saw the yellow or orange in this case it was really excited but new am I gonna get all the medals I want that's fine though Jude as well if I can get you sake on I'm stinking happy one one one o clock so it's kind of like okay we need to have a talk know what I'm sticking to our right you know what that's fine our last pack of yokai watch zero to dream honestly I can't complain I think the only metal we didn't get that's hollow and I could be wrong if count cavity and if I don't get him no big deal but hey only one way to find out what's gonna be in our last pack hopefully something good come your routine huh my bad already had him though pretty cool looking metal nevertheless but now to summon a yokai guys it wouldn't be an unboxing video if we didn't do some summoning so up first what summon Misaki on hmm so it sounds like the slop gun might actually react to if he wins the dream roulette or not so maybe that's a special functionality I don't know how to check the wiki on that but so pretty cool yokai my book now on to the fleshy souls general o gamma so I think during his dream roulette segment he was saying uh Merry Christmas or something Christmas present what's that all about you know why he says his name really fast but yeah he gave us another Christmas present too not sure what that's all about but up next now for the Chanukah son who I just want to hear the name of actually Oh Mike that is remote okay her metal is adorable but her voice acting in Japanese has to be okay I got diabetes now that was so sweet anyways up next we got water on okay apparently I was saying a name wrong woody ah man I got no cool let us think even with the watch magicians that's it really quickly but yeah I guess that's what she sounds like up next we got Pierre Arun oh it's actually kidding instead of Kirin huh I guess that's a little bit different in Japanese like a lot of words up next is this guy so I decided to play the full slumming song for him and he's table Kui she I guess that makes sense and a blast we got Castelli smacks let's see his Japanese name Latino coke um okay I would not recommend trying to save me but anyways that's going to pretty much do it once again thank you all so much for watching this video I hope all of you enjoyed it and stay tuned for next Saturday where we open up dream 0-3 with some American yokai inside and see you guys next time bye


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