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YG Entertainment Pizza Restaurant in Itaewon!

Good lighting~ I know it’s cause the windows right in front of us. Hello everyone, I’m here with Christine Thank you We are at PBA, this is YG’s Pizza restaurant So uhm, you got the (?) cheese pizza And I got a pepperoni pizza, pizza and beer association But it’s like 1 o’clock we’re not gonna drink beer right now You can, but I can’t I brought something for you, a little later Oh, OMG Okay, (what is that?) Okay, but look Krunk is right there I wonder if there are other like yg artists No, there’s just a lot of Krunk We’re matching today Christine: I know~ Esketit~ Thank you~ Ohmygod, your’s looks so good. This is yours This looks so yummy, yeah, I heard good things about this pizza place. So I’ve been wanting to try This is how I like my pizza not gonna lie, I don’t like sweet pizza, I like oily pizza, like America Christine: I do too Yeah, right. Like I like goguma pizza sometimes but Christine: It’s like a once in a year kind of thing I love my pizza is that good? yeah Christine: Very crunchy Crunchy? Its a big slice~ Wow Oh, it is crunchy right, it’s good Wow. Look at the plate Yeah Yes, don’t touch your face, you know So we’re now walking over to a cafe it is called Mmm Record so Mmm for eum-ag. Oh, yeah, so eum-ag is music Yes, and a lot of artists actually went there for photoshoot. Ahhh It’s like records and stuff Christine: Crush might like it too. Joan: Crush did a photoshoot there Christine: Oh~ That’s why Saw I didn’t know but when I went I saw a photo of Crush so that’s how I found out Christine: I’m excited Yeah All right, we’re walking over You know, it’s a 30 minute walk. But gotta get my steps in. Oh wow Christine: Joan… Joan: I promise I’m not Ashley This is something Ashley would make us do. Christine: I know I know, ‘Only a little bit more’ Yeah, I know she does that after like a hundred steps a little more but it’s always worth it. So I’m excited too because This one’s worth it Oh my god, okay Look at out knees guys Never straightening my knees I’m actually walking more than her because I keep going back and forth for these shots. I hope you guys are enjoying it. Oh My gosh Honestly 45 minutes later All that walking I love look at this it’s so artsy, right? Oh, I was actually second-guessing myself, but now that we are here I’m so glad we came so there are like rooms. Oh wow You can see that there were some artists that came to take photos here There’s like a little DJ booth But like look at this view Let me tell on That we breathe it as we walk this, oh, okay. Alright, we’re just gonna find a place to sit now So, what did you bring us? I am Well, oh My gosh her mom made this right your mom made this Awesome you see Unless you Fitz and Ashley is going to be really I know been wanting them. I know I have look for her – oh, but then I was like don’t gonna try it before you Don’t you know, yeah Come on You know, it tastes like and stormy you know what hmm or move My I already have it from last time so cute. Hello. Hey Kill my favorite scene in like all of my blocks featuring Christine would be the one with the wine. It’s so cute Christine is going to navigate us back to the station, but I just wanted to tell you guys that we’re giving away two of these bags one bring you and your friends so there will be one winner and That winner gets to give the back to any of their friends So if you want to win one check the description box and see is how you can win one of these back So good luck. All right 15 minutes to the station. Yeah I might see you tomorrow Let me know yeah Hi everyone, hello. I’m here with Aaron. Hi guys hanging out outside of the office today my toe Finally, I’m so glad that I just meet you out of the outfit So we’re gonna we’re gonna we so tired we decided on grain I came here before But it was the closest thing Carrot cake or carrot bread The yogurt avocado, what is it tomato tomato in will turn oh, yes, it’s time to eat We just finished eating and she’s leading the way Hello Kathleen, that’s true. You are always my go-to navigator One day adults and and then they go ahead when you’re not here I do it. I mean, it’s unbelievable, right? I’ve never saw you leading the way this is the cafe, but it looks full This is full seat for three Hopes some shoutouts to mango plate. This cafe was actually recommended to me by Ashley a long time ago She’s never been hmm. She loves it. That’s her favorite cafe in America Yeah, it’s like good for your health Because they do like foot baths like you’d okay. Whoa. Whoa what’s going on over here? They do put that Pretty cool, right? Yeah, here we are Oh There’s not a lot of people here Oh rare rare rare And you gotta wait I want to go to foot baths so this is the menu Whoa So we have to pick one from here and one from here. So this is our mind you said mine I don’t know our body and this is like a tin mines. Oh, we currently having. Mm-hmm Oh Wait, have you been here? No, oh my god. It’s like your style. It’s is that it’s like super healthy I know cuz like yeah, yeah Erin is taking the photo for Christine Finished my healthy drink Erin did not I know right fine time for our foot bath Christine has cold feet and I have dry feet we’re done I know I got to change my battery now. It’s blinking red. Oh your blink? I am So we are currently on a bus Going to Myeondong, we actually gonna eat at Hongdea but we changed that We’re gonna meet a friend he’ll be your guys’s first time meeting him, but we actually Oh my god sure we are So we’re gonna eat at edala This is one of my favorite places to eat. It’s so good They’re really like food is out we all ordered the same thing hi, Michael Yeah, yeah so funny Alright we’re gonna go to the rooftop bar 21st floor I hope you guys enjoy watching. Here’s the shout out today for those of us who translate it. I transcribe this vlog right here Now see you guys next one, have a Joanday


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