YBN Cordae, Doja Cat + More on The BET Awards 2019 Red Carpet

hey guys Natalia press at the 2019 Abby et Awards where this carpet was passed we got to talk to you ah t rich blue face o t Genesis Danny lay and Meagan the stallion take a look this is a moment when you're at the BT words it's almost like I made it it's one of those I made it moments have you ever had what were other I made it moments that you've had in your career so far when I learned how to tie my shoes when I got my first apartment when I that's pretty much it I don't know yet it's still like I still don't I kind of like move in tunnel vision you know what I'm saying so I'm not really like I don't really look look back and be like look mom made it I'm like man I still got so much more to do you know what I'm saying we just getting started yeah yeah this cash this guy he that's the baby Gucci's motto he got the whole mannequin oh you might do he definitely does he definitely does going to the White House with President Barack Obama because he enjoyed the music that was a moment that was a big moment being featured on one of the most anticipated albums ever typical butterfly with Kendrick that was a moment being nominated for two Grammys for my last album was a was a huge moment for me my commercial LeBron James was right I don't think I don't feel like nothing's gonna get greater than it cuz no matter how old I get I can flex that's like having a commercial with Michael Jordan in his prime so I did that when I moved my mama out the hood yeah what was her reaction she was surprised you know what's that does you all know all your lyric pretty sure I heard my grandma my great grandmother I don't know I would love to see your grandma rap in here I just did a song my ass sharing a chance of rapper I feel like that's one of those moments to me what we see the bow and cheering that you were like you know what I'm gonna cross genres like I'm he reached out and I was just surprised that there was like willing to do a song and even interested in doing music with me and my brain not just was a bout let us get it I would say when I shot the video with Chris like I think just like a legendary moment for me something I've always dreamed of so was it like working with quest like what's something about him that we might not know I mean I felt like everybody knows he's a goofball he's a big kid but he's just so nice like he gave so much love to the whole crew like everybody know like so humble so people honor know people might not know that about him now the other day they released the double XL freshman class and your name blue face right up there how did that feel oh yeah I was uh I was a great accomplishment man I feel like that was more for the fans exhale don't validate me and just make my fans want to be fans more so I that's what I really do it for you know all these awards it's more for the fans I mean I really do think that this is one of the best freshman class that we've seen in a few years because that meet does that make it a little bit more special because I've know a lot of people have been saying that as well oh yeah one of them classes we're by the own airs like viral yeah I'm saying even though you make such amazing music that gets people turned up you also are giving back as well why is that important to you um I keep saying I just do what makes me feel good and making other people happy make me feel good so and what does Beatty Awards mean to you shit it's just the start of the summer for me like it's a hot girl somebody let me in this motherfucker so look we we decided to see Mary as a blush know that's really who we came here to see Mary you seen me a marathon I was so down we here to see Mary we flew here we flew he flew fulfilling I flew from Detroit to see Mary Jane but this year you know we're definitely I feel like women are really being represented in a great way what does it feel like to be a part of this time in music as a female it's wonderful because a lot of people are just opening up and I feel like it's a time to be extra creative and extra you know just female and just I really want to embrace that too and my music um I felt like it's time for them you know just just just as hip-hop and as rap we just we grown you know no sense so it's it's a blessing I have females involved if you don't have enough of them we don't have enough females rocking for the females in I think there's you know as well deserves while the females and I think we need more we need to keep empowering the females to be where they are I think it was maybe about a week ago I saw you tweeting out about all the abortion bans that are going on and as a man joining the the conversation with us women I thought was so beautiful because I feel like we need more men about that why is that important to you I mean first of all I think these are like I said in the post these are this is a backwards time I don't understand how those even pass through I think that it's important for men to join the conversation first of all listen and then support you don't you don't need to do anything other than that but the way a lot of men think you protect women by physically and brute force that's not that's not the times we live in and that's great protect your sister protect your mother protect your your your girlfriend your wife but really protection means protect women's rights so that and that's what we need to do that's the Front's here we are so if you recognize that that's the time we are what did you love about nipsey sweetie or what inspired you what I love about nipsey is that he was all about the black community he was all about enlightening acknowledging and supporting and I wish he would have you know showed him more love while he was alive but I recipes MC and my heart goes out to his family when I first met him you know I met nipsey through Kieffer when a one of our mutual like friends and like one of his younger homes you know and he really just his aura and his his like he was gangsta but he showed love at the same time and when you find that balance coming from the streets you know that like that's a real Jean one person when he used to have a studio downtown so what did you get this bookshelf um he said IKEA said but the thing is you can't get a bookshelf if you do not read the books that you put on the Shelf you cannot just put anything on there so I have the bookshelf in black I literally have over 200 books and it's thanks to nipsey he educate myself if you lose him in the airport you'd most likely find him in a bookstore not at the snack shop charging his phone or doing anything else he was a very educated gentleman and I like that you know a lot of people saw him as a product of his environment he was so much bigger than that and that's what I loved about him is he educated himself but he educated his people hold out of unity definitely taught me more how to like read books you know me read more and help the community out for sure you know community you know neighborhood invested in yourself you know in assets and not liabilities you know I'm sending investing your money you know putting it back into the community you know he oh and drop a lot of gems for sure the world isn't always going to love you back even if you let the but you should still always strive and still always try to be a good person own stuff me don't lease it on the end you want to be in the hood you want to feed people you got do it with a long spoon and I'm saying yeah inspired by everything you did all the conversations we had all the times we spent in the studio talking about family investing in yourself and your family everything all around he inspired me because he told me personally that I am the first female to represent our culture and take it to this magnitude so with that being said I got a walk-in my true standing my to own it and take it to the highest level possible so that's what he's fired me to do and we actually had to talk right before he died something like that maybe you left a gym with me that I got to keep forever so I can't never stop cuz it hey that's his motto the marathon continues so I gotta keep it running Nipsey was everything I wanted to be as a man I'll be honest like there where I'm going is is inspired by him I've always been a community person I was a community activist before there's a teacher but what for him to be able to do it while doing music and while being a celebrity I guess amazing that some I look up to it so for me what I learned was was never never lose the your reach in the streets never ever lose that and be a man of the people by the way you act not just by high talk and blue-faced they're gonna have a tribute to Nipsey Hussle today at the VT awards why did nip see me bu it's music dope man inspirational music music you know I was listen to him before I was even a artist so losing is inspirational good message you know it's not like you're not talking about nothing


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