XBOW & MORTAR DECKS GONE WRONG… but then? Clash Royale Trophy Push

this is mortis a video if you enjoy hanging out with me there's no skill to be learned here I mean I don't know add a disclaimer or something if I can find this part of the video let's throw it in the beginning at hey what's going on guys Nick at Nite here today welcome back to another clash Royale video thank you so much for the love and support on all the videos lately I've been in the comments like crazy lately it's been insane down there so I'll be replying as much as humanly possible have you seen the new night hats I'll be reppin one in today's video as well as into the am shirts like the one I'm wearing here new graphic tee extreme for 8 hours today in this position in this shirt in this setting right now playing cod Mobile if you want to see more cod mobile videos as standalone videos let me know if you are ok watching the cod mobile streams on demand on Nick at Nite 2 or on Twitch both links are in the description below my second channel is where I'll post the streams I'll try to do a batch of them today or tomorrow because it takes a lot of time to download and upload such large files especially when the streams are 5 to 8 hours long Monday Wednesday Friday see you guys in the next stream maybe or on the second channel maybe or in the hat shop ah there we go what it does what it is yeah alright flipping on over to clash row yeah if you remember when I tried this setup and I mean it looks crazy right now but where the game was bigger and stuff I feel like that had potential but maybe it was just before its time you know sometimes you never really do know I'm gonna try seized X today we've got Expo we've got a mortar deck I used RG in the last one I used balloon in the last one I never have not won at least deck that's a golem so that's there I'll jump into a here and we will get a cruising and a bruising looking for everything there but we ain't got losing oh wait sorry eyes in the sky fives and seven Skycam high-five baby there it is right there loud and proud and always in the cloud its sky cam Mari from push VR by the way if you want a short link to watch live streams and turn on notifications at it's just night dot live nine characters one of them is a period symbol so keep it in mind next time you're looking and you're like come what was that URL again slash nikka died underscore TV tonight dot live it's just that easy I'm gonna rock it all this unfortunate but we didn't have ice wizard NATO available so is the next best thing latest and greatest uh-oh those fire spirits who lice they're going for mega minion well we're playing hog rider and I've got Expo I haven't played season a while other than royal giant so it'll be a little bit of a learning curve but I did look at the leaderboards royal Giants not royal giant mortar royal giant mortar Expo giant triple spell what are some other popular ones graveyard at a couple instances I didn't see many golems actually lotta lava clone but it's weird the things that we aren't seeing right now rather than the things that we are seeing at least it's my perspective on it right there ooh musketeer she's gonna come in she's gonna get that one shot on the tower there I'm gonna put ice wizard on outside here our tower is quite low already I don't really know how to play against a hogrider player or have that much experience as of late with Expo as a whole this is Expo without Tesla as well so a little bit different we'll try to out cycle now a bit he's got that belk we've got this ice golem maybe now we go ice whiz skeletons I could log all this all right the defensive Expo is up and running mega minion I guess is you have a fire oh he has a poison that's right Wow I could see the power it's quite clear it's definitely strong mega minion oof fire ball comes in nice and saucy but look at that that's a lot of health of an expo still alive and very much so well dang it I don't even need that NATO I think you could just poison us out though this is not looking good Sanders I'm not an expo player I think I might need to use the Tesla version maybe that one's easier not sure I skolem he's a nice golem ice golem he's a nice golem a couple ice wizards really that's all we need I guess it's gonna poison kill us good game and well played I'm gonna let this one go I don't think it's worth it trying to fight for that 300 Hulk love me maybe let's scour and look at other Expo decks good luck Maadi and I'll get to the point where maybe I should have not been messing around as much TV Royale maybe that's Expo without Tesla is that the way to go how about this one do ice bow and I think it's onslaught for two is mortar okay yeah I got mortar Expo World giant we already went through all those this I almost got today but then I posted a tweet I don't know if you saw it of me barely saving myself and then I was I hate just so you guys know don't suffer the same fate I have many a time with fast fingers so flip with some chests battle pestle Expo let's get it going let's get it bombed but but let's get it bomb boom alright just making my game a little louder now there's a little bit louder now stop Oh Anjali Anjali okay can get behind that ooh royal giant I'll go x-bow over here maybe Tesla in the middle that works out because his royal giant thought a cycle yikes but does it mean anything not really I mean Expos gonna get a couple chip shots but he got a couple royal giant chip shots and like that's a lot better they're both six cost I guess my like I don't know any of these interactions when I on I see Expo I'm generally using a beat down deck or something I know but it's rare to be on this end of the the siege if you will the world giant deck we were using yesterday absolutely crushes I could always go back to that should i fireball this Mega Man boom almost caught an archer and all that jazz defensive Expo maybe I spirit almost shuts that one down ice golem next he does have a lightning spell but that Expo is going to fully shut down that RG I'll say well played because I don't know actually I think we go with like I know if I'm playing it you gotta like sometimes in a put it defensively and then rotate all the way through again and then go offensive but it's just a little bit maybe Tesla here that's a decent pull over to the side oh and he's got a log nada log nada Kalamata o log or ice school and I think I'll go with log since they're all already on the expo try to save it a little bit all right Tesla to come in do some dirty work dirty sauce banana no no no no no no no I don't know I guess this Lane is the one he's gonna go for there's the log ice spear going this way skeletons going this way archers ice golem we gotta go one two my spirits gonna die maybe not actually Expo is looking at our G which we don't want we got these Barb's here I got ice Coulomb and Tesla royal giant takes our tower because he's a boss and now you could lightning our oh so close but I mean our is our G like okay so let's see this okay if what's do one more but then here's my thought I think mortar wins and that that's why I like it here watch if you go to leaderboards you see our G but then watch I'll just do like two to ten mortar lava clone mortar random and thing I don't even know and I'm think I don't even know random giant mortar oops like mortar is there's one Expo at eleven lava clone another mortar I think mortar wins because you can cycle I'll sail do one more you could cycle to the mortar for for quicker than the same cost royal giant six elixir so there's that but we're learning it's okay to lose a little bit now what is there like wait is the season over this weaker next week because it'll be a little bit scary if it's this week right crip tack ride he says giant in the back he protect he attack but most importantly he's a giant in the back yeah shell beloved Linga don't want to linger on that tower you might be there for an hour or an hour many more hour maybe more ooh fireball an apple right there the bomber buffs though in the last video I was looking at him taking out that magic Archer and someone commented the timestamp and I was like blink a lot i've streamed eight hours today my contacts were kind of dry so i just went like blink moto p there for a second almond old is this i don't know if this is an acceptable single elixir play to make but try it I'll go ice golem to protect whatever's coming next hey that's what's up Tesla you got this you got this Tesla I mean maybe some archers here but think where I he's definitely get that giant damage we get our expo planted down we're chipping we're chipping we're lipping it takes a couple rounds to learn the flow of a deck even if you know the cards in it if I even played Expo or small mortar or something in a while there's just like when I play golem I don't have to think about timing when to do what if I put something in the back well I have enough elixir for XYZ in the front this is a good example of when you're out of touch a little bit with the deck how it can be tough I have to log that now because of the witch there's some skeletons ice spirit hmm all right another Expo Tesla iced golem I know he's a fireball get it Tesla skeletons archers ice spirit Tesla uh-oh infernal dragon was just there we're pretty much equal right now I'm gonna go Expo defensive but this side over here we got archers ice spirit bring out a log skeletons alright alright alright maybe yeah maybe this is a Juke Tesla right here maybe I'm not actually gonna Expo let's see see if it takes the bait now I go expo back then ice goal on the defend yes I think it's currently working skeletons with a bomber yes yes yes yes yes Tesla again fireball a bull which no I can't fireball almost all this well that raised infernal dragon just scared the crap out of me Tesla middle I think this is how people defend the giant pushes actually I'm not too sure when I read a book once archers Tesla Expo it's gonna get the barbs out Uno opting for the full-blown giant oh nice nice Expo underneath underneath yay good game and the log okay all right we're getting the flow I mean maybe I I go like 20 minutes of Expo 20 minutes of mortar I mean that seems like a healthy mix get a giant deck so we were able to play that let's start this unlock boom what are we up to like 5,800 reaper hah HOH tato chips alright I'm skellies here split some archers one thing we know what do we know about Expo decks not much well what's one thing we do know they can cycle like a mean mug right Reaper good luck some fish are here more archers really just cycling everything in the world the only problem with this deck is you instantly give away kind of what your deck is just sort of by default with out of principle how it works he's got Prince Valcke fireball archers hmm is that Ananda is that a it's almost like a bait deck but not the archers I'm just gonna defense bow here and then test laptop save the x-bow he'll use the Tesla it's pretty good with two defenses and two to three units to kite across the middle the possibilities on defense are endless but I do really prefer a NATO and the deck NATO in the deck that's something that you better better met a check it's something that you better better check boom boom ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba log it you're gonna take that damage squeak curtains alright let's go ahead and go i school in here would barely get that bowl off I spirit freezing that prints like a charm log in the guards baby was good I think he didn't make a play for too long skeletons is that good game Prince hog baby man that's like that's a chip damage and a half do you want it here or here maybe here the only sad part is if you make somebody rage quit with these decks how long it takes you to win is the sad part it's sort of pathetic I mean you could sort of get it done with the archers an ice golem but it's nowhere near fast alright x-bow going down as well ice golem Expo how many can we get what if I like try to just go for as many expose as possible that would sort of be bow pump yeah that's Toxie right there I'm a screenshotting I don't even know you never I don't have run any pictures of like an expo ragequit sort of like on my arsenal of screenshots if you will so it's cool to add one or two raw jet Eagle team war united they came as one the war was one the past is done here we go good luck thumbs up apparently if you do more than two emotes it can be considered toxic it's a word and then the action that goes with the word like there you go good luck so I don't know maybe the name is Bobby Bobby Bobby we have a which of elk and you mr. og to the man from ah geez towers got a deal with the bats first he uses the RG so we're gonna have a fireball the switch quick nice I mean we get a fireball damage I don't think that's really a celebration though because look oh well played hog and royal giant good game can I get through to win conditions either way we've done Expo a couple I'll try mortar as well but mmm it's alive it's a lot to punch through yep it's a lot to punch through oh there we go I school him in the back nice spell car gonna slow us up a bit add some archers add a nice spirit add some squeaker tins ich RG chunks down the x-bow with time to spare I need to have a Tesla ready for the hog here it is Tesla oh that's a great pole because you get bolt towers involved which is never a bad thing I'm gonna try to get back to Tesla really quick really quick mostly logging just for that Bal conness Lee archers Tesla dang it I hate I hate the Tesla tower it's way too difficult I put down the same tile I've been doing but they're depending on which side you're on it goes one way or the other it feels like like it's just wrong I don't know why what it is like the it's the only unit like I don't understand when I place it what's gonna happen sometimes it's too scary of a card well played good game well now we try mortar yeah mortar it's something I gotta get order I don't know which there's like a million mortar decks though so I don't know extra stones a little bit more appealing than the x-bow at the moment all right let's see we got more two Rascals minor let me copy two of them in case one doesn't really work out leaderboard boom that's that one boom there's lava clone boom here's another one we'll go one and four or two and four here we go a battle yeah we're facing a swarm of midgets okay username I'll wait this is very swarmy I have all swarm cards it's kind of funny in a way but also sort of not its defensive mortar what you do ever I don't know I mean I got Rascals here coming up they're not raged that bandit gets a nice charge – I was gonna try to force the bats but we didn't have the juice mmm mortar could we get a rain check on you firing at anything right now that was bad bats to sort of trickle here alright that works I guess we can mortar the next couple batches here of fire spirits it's obviously not in an offensive tower position but a is what it is right that's a full-blown Pekka I'm not gonna lie like we don't like act like we don't see it we do okay goblins more goblins minor that's gonna try to go in does he have any spell feel like any spell would do the job right now come on tower whoo I'll play though big Peck I'll wizard that's scary stuff what do you not want to see under your bed tonight I'm big Pekka and a wizard honestly NIC I know right how do I stop this though I mean I guess Rascals split is pretty solid Rascals another card I've never really used all that much never they given him the love that also many believe they deserve all right lumberjack just doing crazy stuff that's working on that jack can I even try to pull off a mortar right now I don't know drop gang on the other side of this mortar we do get a SAP on us but that means we can go with bats and another mortar on Dee yikes guys yikes I'm not a mortar player any day of the week I'll tell you that much goblins gang I guess he says the SAP in so we're clear – bats mortar spear gobs snowball on this infernal d reset it he's gonna freeze us no somebody take that infernal dragon that sucks get the bandit on this there we go bandit bandit bandit bandit no one all right Rascals bats another order I can do like quadruple of every unit with this deck he's gonna freeze us spear gobs no no what the heck this is such a flop of a try right here I mean I'm I'm almost net even but not really let's try this one I need to I need to become a mortar player to be a mortar player you must embrace this is gonna be one heck of a comeback finale if this video even goes up that means I kind of got it together if you will fun at booster pants I'm like right there would have been nice if I had the minor we did not obviously there you go mortar deal with the princess but now we have all this to deal with some bats as well he's gonna drop a while because that was pretty nice honestly thanks guys log I'll play this is I this is I this is I I think the main thing is you've got to like always have that that next unit down why thanks I'm gonna go like here hit that minor in get those fats in there we are there we are and now the mortar coming in deep let's go Valcke this is nice to have the real log here because you can hit the princess at the bridge and the Goblin barrel I'm gonna go minor to the front throw them a curveball you won't even know won't even suspect a thing ain't nothing but a G thang right minor punching through four big Dizzy's Valkyrie every time we see the knight I think that's the shutdown that we also need nice I spirit I'm gonna minor over here that's smooth I didn't defend the goblins that was a bad decision NIC oops I just put my ice spirit into a log skeletons Valkyrie as if a rocket I would dislike it if so that's deep as none other right there I'll go outside I haven't done that yet dang alright miners in oh but he gets skeletal and I just use so much elixir well plate as well I'm friend hmm okay I'm gonna go ahead and replace that second one I'm slowly getting it it's just not gonna happen in like two battles you know I haven't really have a practice to it let's see here's a mortar one with barbed barrel and fireball okay I think that mm it's the mortar Dex with two cheap spells you got to be so chippy I kind of like fireballs a little more forgiving but I it's firewall that comment with mortar maybe maybe maybe not right I'll just put a minor to the front eh there it goes I'm surprised I haven't seen another siege deck but that always happens because it's rigged yeah I know but really uses Expo faces royal giant hog Pekka wizard lumberjack uses mortar what the big cards go where'd the our g's go where'd the Packers go ah system knows it filed I'm under do not match oh wait he's got him ordered AK JK i can only tell because who people who have a mortar deck they always put the ice golem in front of the second rascal like they're in some type of like cyberpunk band that's like got a musical that weekend they're like this is the cool thing to do not in a edition kind of way but sorta mmm from brotherhood we are a hood we are our brothers Brotherhood oh wait nobody is that well he's kinda the executioner doesn't fit but maybe he doesn't have a mortar I'm not sure anymore don't ask me who ass yeah a little bit of chip damage on those Spears okay not to get a shot I don't know maybe our barrel it just to be safe barbarian chillin I don't understand maybe he's got a siege car and he's waiting for it I'll just defense they're Rascals the same thing you just did get rid of the tombstone Oh okay I could see it now minor to the back maybe a bar barrel here to just tank a bit double mortars are just raining fire down upon our friend eek watch this the ultimate swarm Oh a nice NATO all played honestly that could end my and my game because of how well it was played come on minor 25 three Wow I'm gonna just put it in the one spot everything can hit it a game it's pretty good it's double 12 so we're down facing these now 5716 only won two matches I think hunter from SKT one skittle clash maybe it's we're hot now hunter good luck and some good luck Wow her hunting thumbs up how are you crying get dropped off the bus you're mini Pekka meet Rascals Oh bats and spear goblins to stop a hog there's more than one way to stop a hog there's just a better way than others most of the time as soon as I see that furnace like that though I wish I had a rocket I wonder if I could if you like if you plant here does it go for furnace or tower experiment I'm a home and maybe offset mortar what it does yikes get that hog out of here okay one hit that's one hit too many mission failed we'll get them next time there we go there we go gob dang it minor money sauce they say that money moves but can money be sauce that's for the next episode of cooking with night I think I go mortar are away I wonder if this can pull a hog hmm Haskell's barber okay that does not pull a hog at least that hog go deep oh man i put that on the wrong tile oops yo chip units getting in there though alright 30 seconds let's just go with minor over here all right we're going into OT I mean maybe we could watch this that bad Oh some bats I don't know how this is gonna play out but I feel like I'd rather be him in this instance Rascals for the mini P mortar and tucked in I guess tuck it in like a nice night dream minor deep okay I can fireball now let's go was it was good job gang we got Cobb Lee knows we got some spear gobs oh yeah we do pick up a lot of them too ooh forcing that fireball out okay how am I gonna three crown this guy there's no way this is a lost cause it's basically played for a draw sort of really the name of the game at this point we can shut down the log I'm gonna go off site here drop gang mitt off silly one spear gap trying to put in some work mortar spear gobs no shots no shots watch this one though oops a mortar on the tower one minute left and things are getting hot they're getting hot over here Jim thing I can't get my I can't get my minor to not hit the aggro at all right now it's a struggle that it is barbed barrel on this I guess all played maybe go somewhere like this with the rascals Oh watch this Oh missed the spirit are you kidding me ah good game this is miserable I don't know why people put themselves through this and a good luck I don't I don't know I don't I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know it's like a struggle this is just videos a warning don't you know don't all right the second place person it's got to work the decks gotta work mortar and expo the best players I've ever known that play and mortar only the best one I know only ever played mortar like pretty crazy huh like what do you do just hover snowball and then so he goes Dark Prince I can't stop it so icicles I guess that was right do you ever like spear goblins Apple Lane for pressure like this or nah it's pure goblin pressure over there so we got the Prince coming in he's gonna charge a little bit it's gonna charge a little bit go ahead and gob dang in the mid I mean this let me just I'm not gonna launch I'll launch it Pat hello this cheap at yeah I just wanted to go ahead and just send you this tutorial all right we have to mortar and I have a snowball I need this mortar to not die right now so I have to go with minor and that mortar shoot the pump once all played that's I know they're gonna bump the baby D but AE that's okay what do I do about this pump the next one I could rock it but for now I just got to get some positive positive elixir trade I've no idea what to call this video struggling with everything that is seized almost breaking down and and giving up hold them all right so we got to brace ourselves golems come in to pound town we got a mortar I'm gonna Apple laying pressure with a minor pop-up there we go we've got our bait spear gobs and then our goblin gang non bait over here I gotta go like Rascals in the middle or something though how in the world folks how in the world snowballs nerfed so that's sick quickly hey we manage a snowball somehow giant double prints I try to make a seize video and use play I play giant double print or golem double prints I don't think I've ever seen this deck in the last couple weeks Wow Wazza Wazza they say ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba autumn mr. Sandman bought Auto bring me live borrowed automaker girl don't know what role scooby rooby-roo where are you Scooby maybe snowball good luck I don't know how we won that oh how did I win that I think you needed to pump up again or something but I don't really know what's open I'll do the silver now the ideal chess slots would be I guess two golds for overnight you know l ml four one five one Oh sounds like a nice it's almost like an address honestly ml four one five one oh I went there and they had a show on television television I never know where to put the mortar on defense like against this is that is that an acceptable spot I like that you got I'll play I like the Royal recruits never the Kreutz are here have nothing to fear big papa rascal you got a lot of tanking to do right now hopefully you've had a nice cup of Mead before this one hmm Mead fills a belly good let's go with a cheeky miner and fats yeah that's that boo bats you're gonna take out princess almost I don't think snowball is gonna take her out hmm I'm just gonna unfortunately snowball our to our side it would have taken her out long story short um mortar we got our mortar down we're gonna go spear goblins here Rascals here I think the red pills maybe should go behind but I like the high units here in the pocket because they're gonna pull both sides to them maybe some gob gang that one rat recruit just not in it not even caring minor deep it's got a hog bait deck I've got some bats for this go bats I know those are very meaty spear guns but you got this I got fake princess locks beer gob's dropper rascals deep I'm gonna just try this rocket on all of the recruits I miss a couple oh you're kiddin I gotta like do this and then this and then this and then all the things Oh Oh recruits on tower well played my man again we got it on the 31 very close game actually I mean right there and that and that instance it looks like we barely barely had one slip through our fingers but we know all right just a casual like – hundred trophies this is more just a video if you enjoy hanging out with me there's no skill to be learned here I mean I don't know add a disclaimer or something if I can find this part of the video let's throw it in the beginning yeah Fabien Brasi Tom pickle ah yes the famous brazier Tampico been there many a time I'm gonna pump out some quality tomorrow I don't know why but I could just feel it like I'm just this is just silly sauce I'm pumping out right now since it's a silly sauce sometimes better than you toss toss dog I made a sweater it's got Moss Moss Moss why does it have moss on it I don't I don't know I don't know let's go that's one tower down he's probably just get throw in the game on purpose he knows we're on a law streak thank you very much Fabiana I think I'll do mortar here that should pull a hog yeah cop gang and Rascals take a bite of that musketeer yeah eat ooh XE but we got the rascals but they're in grave danger they were perfectly offset almost to avoid that axe but not fully snowball batts spear cobs at least we'll get one spear each minor quickly a we draw out the guards he's got to use the guards and they're turned into skeletons nice this is working okay but our tower is showing signs of degradation with this tech I almost think a tornado I mean he's got a snowball and it's all it's clearly working but it almost feels like you want tornado oh no that's my B I missed the AXI just like I missed that exit all right we somehow stopped that barely [Applause] mortar indeed get ready for the musketeer she still comes right on time easy prediction there it might have been all we needed honestly hogs gonna go to mortar and he knows that's the play that just lost in the game it's vividly unfortunate just killing whatever's at the bridge good game well played all right I mean a big Arab this with a couple dubs I'd say it's not a lost cause palma de bon papen and it'll better better better better puppet of all but about oops i should open that silver chest it's okay we got this storm princess good luck those thumbs be flying ye thumbs be flying thumbs lining Dunsey flying yeah I'm just gonna mortar off the bat aggressive minor the bomber because the towers distracted on the rascal boy maybe yeah what am I good that motors not gonna get another shot I didn't even need a goblin gang right there could have been very different placement towers got that pakkaaa it's hard to tell on pekka's their health is like a touchy subject I'll play it I'll pretend like I'm out of options well we know the truth boom boom hazlit our rascal girls bite the bullet there folks I'll play it again these bombers be crazy I feel like a bomber would be better than the goblin gang but I'm always it's always easy to say like oh I can make this tech but while are you number 2 in the world No wow that got deep quick sorry but not sorry right boom boom boom okay how are those goblins and miners and everything just didn't meet is crazy there's a lot of maybes that had to happen right there and they all did maybe we go bats draw the arrows nice those are some nice bats like grade triple-a you kidding me how close was that Swarm units he's got arrows and he's got the log this is it folks this is it this is it all played bang dude mortar come on are you serious how much does that do enough watch this though he's gonna go minor and then I get one shot oh shoot okay that still works oh my gosh like I just thought we threw that one because the minor was targeted by the the mortar wow that was scary good luck whoo yeah every round we're slowly getting it a little better I'd say there we go at the double gold chest q it's a successful video if you can make it back to where you start Nick at night 2019 he was ahead of his time as folks since then people don't push anymore they just it's called trophy hovering how to trophy hover it's a real thing stab gobs I'm gonna snowball these minions just see Omar oh that snowball got me an extra hit was it worth it yeah because it does 300 versus 56 or whatever a snowball does don't question my judgment Murr daaad murdered I guess we go with rocket here rock it out oh wow I didn't even see the princess in that alright alright any day there you go guys minor deep some bats on these Barb's would be nice I'm playing with too little elixir though you just zapped so we have cob gang as an option against the hog I don't know I kinda have to like mortar it's got enough health I guess I got spear gobs for this this is the already zapped once again I think I'm going to mortar this princess boom this is like rock-paper-scissors right now try to snowball this it looks like value it's all of the barbs spear goblins is here to try to draw the zap once again oh that musketeer taking a beating mortar minor deep goblin gang opposite bats opposite everything's opposite right now but we are churning this bought her a cake he just zapped he's gonna princess right here who almost the old snowball honestly though wouldn't hit that that's crazy he's freaking out mortars gone the hog almost gets a hit but not quite [Applause] their game a mortar on their side how do you know you made it in this world when you stick a mortar on the enemy's side of the arena and you're ok with it and you're ok with it just 783 this started off as a no pun intended shipwreck and its ending to be kind of pretty good I could see the allure it's kind of fun alright mortar for this RG let's see if we can out cycle it I don't know if we've seen RG since we brought up that out cycling topic earlier I'll go with a minor here hopefully rascal boy pops up there now nice there we go yeah obviously at that mega minion you got our spear gobs I guess we could snowball this knock the bomber back guards forward and is that a full cancel I deserve to win this match because of that play that was tile perfect and post snowball radius nerf perfect bats that's the DPS we need folks I think the pure the bats are the DPS in this deck every other goblin is to draw the Zap it's just facts rascals rascals always pay the bills they're gonna file taxes too if you can get the thrills you can do the same same let's see ready for that mega so we see nothing contemplation and feet thought gg this tech can pack a punch dude good game going from getting dumped on literally to making people rage quit Nick at Nite 2019 siege learning siege the hard way by just going cold turkey in the ladder with it making it work hope you enjoyed the video thank you so much for sticking through another hour of clash Royale with yours truly I'll see you guys the next one we actually just got higher than we were in the beginning and as always everything class trail you know doobies are you doing to keep it right here I'll talk to you guys in the next episode peace

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  • Me and a Clan Mate did a deck where we only used the defensive building, We didn’t have bomb tower or any other if they were so it was, cannon, mortar, inferno tower, x bow, ice spirt for rotation heal for rotation and to heal random teammates troops when I played with RANDOMS and skeletons also for rotation and a random spell, like rocket for tower damage and when it was me and him we won on our first try to maybe you guys can try it but with bomb tower and other defensive building if they exist

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    thank you. luv your vids

  • You said that we are just hanging out today and that we want learn anything new… Well at 17:40 you tell us that doing more than two emotes is considered toxic, thanks for the tip nick, maybe you can call it TipAtNyte 😂 like this so nick can do this!!

  • Ok in the first match you always gave him poison value by playing the xbow were he could poison your weak tower. Also you played too defensively I would ignore the hog nado it to king and play xbow on the other side he will play valk but you have mega minion and keep the agression going, ice golem to distract valk for a bit. This is all coming from a player that 4 of his 5 decks slots are siege deck xbow cycle, 3.w ice bow, mortar cycle with rocket and mortar bait last deck is megaknight bait deck its awsome.

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