WWII MILITARY TRUNK FOUND IN STORAGE UNIT! I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit! WWII Medal Of Honor

this is an old military truck already it's given to it ready like 900 bucks on you the better piece of the craze in 82 gets a good welcome back the treasure hunting with jiva skies that we are here any massively huge unit luckily the Devils unit six six six is right over there we'd have to get a six five next door you paid 100 bucks for it and it looks to be a ton of vintage stuff in here we're gonna go through something right now don't forget to like this video subscribe for new let's get on it alright guys so as you can see we went through this entire union we pit every single box that we thought looked interesting on this wall over here all going down here is everything that was worth showing you guys a lot of other random stuff – we already packed on the trailer so let's start going through it but first you know I'm gonna save it to the end but it's got to tell you we got to build anticipation look at this this is an old military truck we have no idea what error its problem as a Desert Storm Vietnam maybe even like World War two who knows we have no idea but that's gonna be the last cuz we gotta wait I want to know you guys want to know but we're gonna wait to the end let's start going through some of these boxes first I don't know what you guys but I really think snowdrops and pirates looking extra sexy isn't it what do you think is it the skirt is it the Hat I don't know what it is something about add outfits don't worry y'all get this you keep horse-playing I love it alright guys the first box here we don't know what it is look part of its sense knife drawer and then on the side it says jewelry and little boxes fingers crossed the little Texas right we don't really need a more connects right now a jewelry is always good let's see oh that is literally a full box of nothing but can I can eyes always good but you know jewelry just a tad bit more exciting let's see what's in this box just a little bit loose be jewelry look at that we have two jewelry boxes right in the box which one first you thing why your pink white white all right guys you ready paint let me better send for loss that looks like a Shell gas station they'll go doesn't it pacing it on there yeah it does are you ready three two one oh nothing maybe in the bags nope nope also no so empty jewelry box maybe that's because they took everything out of the white jewelry box and put it in the purple one the purple paint whatever this one also has a shell logo on it like it's some of this she'll get out like jewelry to their employees or something am I missing a good job I don't know you ready let's count out four five let's make it even more dramatic five four three forgot we left it there just kidding 2 8 1 hey-oh white went way but still some people buy jewelry boxes we also got it's so much heavier than it looks this Christmas trees extremely heavy I don't know why yeah feel it yeah been doing a camera well it's like no that's weird it's heavy that it's like hollow but it's heavy weird they also got a bunch of silverware yeah you guys think any silver maybe I know there's always like Oh dishware you call it that's silver maybe some of these are silver if anyone else a brand of silver or way to look out for silver let us know down in the comments this one just for Jilly Disney trained for gooey Disney Chinese this night it is not trying you ready trying Oh trolled clothes it's just clothes Michael hello kids no not close and I'm well they got the Disney end right at least it's Mickey Mouse is it oh well you got somethin here what is that look at this what is it's like a barometer humidity and thermometer this looks like something has to be a like an airport or something I wonder how old that it that's pretty cool though let's keep going on nobody gets it to see the Wizard not nobody not know how you don't know what that reference is from then I don't know what you've done with your life you're never seeing that movie then you should just you gotta go watch it now to stop whatever do I'll allow you just pause my video I don't even care go watch the movie come back and then you know you lived a little bit voiceover a little figurine or that more figurines more figurines OOP is that what they meant by Disney train just a couple railroad tracks really rolled hard there are all these Disney oh no they're not lying look at this these are just bubble wrap train cars we can get it undone on earth the bubble wrap but look at that you can see Mickey Mouse I don't know if that the camera can zoom there but you have Mickey Mouse goofy the dwarves all that on the train so this is actually an entire Disney train set no telling how value will something like that could really be all right so we're just moving stuff out the way and look at this super nice piece here let's go to our Victoria Secret model how all do you think this one is well this piece right here is a very nice dresser it's a desk dresser you think it's gonna vanity back in the day you'd probably have like a little bowl right here and a pitcher of water and that's where you would shave and brush your teeth you also have your desk right here but the piece is probably I'm gonna guess 1850s 1875 someone if I to speculate that's what I'm gonna guess it wouldn't work what do you think you better solid for I'm thinking to the right person is three or four hundred if I want to move a quick that's like 150 200 that's already more than the price of unit right there you do it all right guys we have another box here and look what its dad Star Wars mugs and beer something living room shelf we have Star Wars stuff we can have more money and judging off the fact that they had Disney trains something tells me they're probably collector party memorabilia so there could be a lot of money in this box oh we got newspapers forget the Star Wars mugs we got old newspaper inserts cream cheese 2 for $3 a cookie cream cheese guys sorry ooh dark batter right that's his name right no matter dark matter we got another mode – this one wrapped up this is trying to think of a way to mispronounce his name Chewbacca noise Chewbacca every old lady's ball was the best inscription you know what is this one okay open Open Sesame I don't think Ella cake Star Wars to me there's some stuff inside of it this may be army happy to serve you it is at all arming pins and stuff volunteer work veterans we trust there our treasure our veterans just a bunch of veteran stuff right there tonight this one's a Marlboro cigarette mug looks like it has more stuff in there like military maybe that might be a dog tag down there this is a caterpillar I guess the construction machine Navy is a construction worker after the military oh yeah marbles screwsie this is just the stuff you expect to find like your grandparent to all people's houses like you just having a mug full of marbles keys metals and nails like I don't know why but they just have it just think I'm talking British top of a phrase like why do you have this here exactly like they don't even know we don't even know but we all know it's there so let's just keep going okay I was joking I have no idea of this minute I never actually watched Star Wars all my Star Wars knowledge is based off of the family got parodies I've never actually like the real movies but it says may the force be with you somebody let us know who this old guy is so I'm moving boxes we came across this little wooden crate here it doesn't feel like heavy but there could be anything in there can be cashed who does what you ready let's see what's in this box whoa yes a green rag even better exactly what did you notice and oh what my mom can't see look weird on the camera cars not rose no idea that is you really know sand dollar so what you said is what I said but I can it doesn't look like you know I think we got that thing in a green rag somebody please enlighten me because I'm so lost right now alright so we just moved this box off to look guys to see what's coming next we've got everything off the chest of that military chest coming soon first let's see we got here what is that what is this there's an old paper cutter sliced paper wonder what age this is from I don't know what's something like this worth oh no my head off you can let you execute somebody like this just take it right off let's get crazy Loes paint swab what is this that looks like a 1932 Thomas something radio the Thomas Edison I'm assuming check that out how much value think that could have I mean that's nearly 100 years old not quite new like 80 some years we're close I think the era will give by yeah 30s that's pretty cool we also got is that an old dartboard it his hey it looks like it's been shot up already oh yeah this side not so much but that's kind of cool too well shouldn't you find a darts we have some fun with that only outride Greg what is this an old bleacher seat Formula One from 1981 Wow that's over 30 years old we got a funnel with the marble in it I think those are called cat I'm wild aren't there I feel like I've heard that hearing before it might be a cat on our data if I'm wrong I know somebody will tell me there's someone to be in the conversation that's actually a moose I'd marvel oh really yeah Bicentennial quarter nickel a dime and that's this one I'll keep the vices hang up order cuz I still kind of collect them what you guys know what that means let's get into that military truck all right guys so we got the military truck down here and we got it over here the storage option fire with us because I don't really know military stuff like that at all he knows a lot more been doing it a lot more than I asked make sure you subscribe to this channel too because this is even more this unit that you won't go to see here unfortunately the first thing we found I dunno what that is that's the flag it gets delivered to the family when somebody dies in service so when you're gonna do everything in our power to make sure we contact these people and get this back – I don't know if we can even trust the storage facilities I think I'll take it on ourself to go try to find them unfortunately it looks like he died in 1996 Oh probably Desert Storm era is my guess if I'm wrong somebody correct me but let's get into this real quick yeah there's a rare patch is what it is actually just want to see okay this must be his level of rank right there before we go any further I would like to say shout out to this man for serving his country and what he fought for was without what he did for us we didn't have the freedom to sit here and make this YouTube video for every one of you amen to that you ready let's get to it ready like 900 locks on here I better be something crazy and they need to get the gun whoa a lot of that random stuff where are we even start in the beginning good idea there's a nice skirt I think that would fit them hey you look nice too I'm going to find out they put this down here so be finding nice we take care of them what do we go oh man this what I think it is this is the coveted Purple Heart we don't let lets tell me the proof this is about the most coveted award you can win in the entire military service because you generally have to do something super heroic or pass away in the line of battle want to show them there yeah that's crazy I never actually seen one of those in person there is what is it we don't want to subscribe with let's see for military merit and then it says his name that's very that is a very honored award right there well definitely gonna try to get this stuff back to the people you got no you on the boot no why was like the Hat I was wearing yesterday what I like about those look at that is a heart who doesn't like parts maybe into that here it look like patches they're given to me what it looks like it's like a varsity patch so I'm not really too sure exactly it is looked like something when you put on like a letterman jacket when you played sports in high school I personally would say you're absolutely correct some form of letterman jacket may represent with sports but these are old these are like 60s and 70s you can tell by the stitching see the quality actually might even be older than the 50s and 60s but you can probably a legit sell these for like 20 bucks apiece to do so random story you know I love letterman jacket just one of the main reasons I want to play football in high school and I found out the hardware school didn't give him out I was so disappointed they do now they do now yeah let's go to the next one you ready Oh personal stuff person yeah there's a couple of armonica than the reality think needs to be oh well it's got a bad did it do Coast Association Coast campus these are these are definitely older they're marine of em owners which are very very collectible probably actually something he used when he was in the military lot of people played harmonicas and stuff to pass time I would say those are probably 50s or 60s maybe raised by the patina and the wall like that's actual wood in here nowadays these plastic that's pretty interesting it looks like a lot of there's the other food so things are made for walkin they sure are that this is Boy Scouts of America that's a t-shirt it looks like her this is the only gonna fences the whole ensemble actually the whole you know voice is probably what he did before he went in the military I remember I was in the Boy Scouts that's cool that's his hack like this right here look at that that age right there all mine this is actually really old that looks more like a no one show his name right they would see the quality of that hat the way it's stitched that's probably if I did guess like 20s 30s oh wow that's really crazy I'm gonna guess what we have here is military tube because it's right on the front it says United States of America so let's open it up yeah we have another award oh wow I want to pictures but yeah look at the you know these are by any chance let me see those awarded for honorable service while prisoner oh whoa wow this is well this is taking this to another level not only did he fight in our country but he was physically a prisoner of war po2 awarded for honorable service while prisoner well you gotta get this chest back words don't even describe actually sitting try to hold this medal and contemplate the idea of being a prisoner of war is is unparalleled it really is this looks like it might be the same case yeah it's just a collectible statue everything nothing else in there it's just why the student just c4 that it looks like it's just a collectable thing oh yeah let's seal and Amos says disabled american veterans wow you must have really good so here we go again here's another one the Great Seal of the state of California order California this the Distinguished Service again another medal of some sort to the heroic got here there anything under that one I wanted I was I want to see what these things are because it's kind of like important like what he was but look at this card right now I took I had to block his name that even though it's probably very visible national membership card American ex-prisoners of war international headquarters this is certified that this gentleman is a member in good standing dues paid for 1963 Wow so he was already a prisoner of war and outlawed by 63 so this could be World War two's data it really well could be well Sheriff oh it gives me it gives me chills it really early thinking about it this one's apparently National Guard that might have been something he did after he came out of the floors he joined the National maybe this is a really respectful they are respectable man I should say yes that's crazy well he thinks in the woodbox looks like a little treasure chest what do you think come on dollars Wow well if there's a lot of metals in there yeah there's another one right there you can tell the person really served and did a lot in the military like these are how you recognize your honors when you're in there oh yeah Philippine Independence ribbon Wow here's another one here this one's a American Defence Force service during the limited emergency proclaimed by the president September 1939 these are World War two medals this isn't me right before World War two that one says 39 yes yes they should be served in World War two in there right before it because of 1939 was the emergency right before where to start in 40 things like this right here they all represent something there's a certain level of stars there's a white line that goes through like that and the same with this little metal one see how there's three little dots and white that means something like I don't know exactly what level of service or what you did to achieve that but a lot of people out there watch these videos know much about this and just sort of shake the sake of us understanding if you know what's pretty instance two white strikes going down and three stars are the level of achievement the military comment below and let us know it helped us understand this type of stuff we've got another one here this one's 1941 to 1945 so you know World War 2 right there mm-hmm I see at I see attic Pacific campaign this is like this is chilling there really is he's literally was this was all World War two yeah this one is in 1941 – all World War two so for American defense for service during the limited emergency proclaimed by this president on September 8 1939 a day after my birthday but I'm not exactly 1939 but ordering the unlimited emergency proclaimed by the President on May 27 1941 that's why look at this that's okay establish I thought that said it was from 1911 l Otto it says Unit Citation badge well here's the confirmation you needed stem World War two says we're all works here right on the metal you know I get the biggest chills like just touching when you think about what we're what it was yeah it says United States of America freedom from fear and want freedom of speech and religion is exactly what why we have the freedom we do right here to do or do it on YouTube the free speech and I'll see what's in this box – Liberty for the liberation of the Philippines I don't know what year the Philippine war was about looking at the top of my head but or there was a feeling what I do remember something about it but that's like I've never seen this this medal I found a lot of metal that yet to see that a medal this one's also has World War two right on the front of it this is what I'm sure Chile it really is like I get a order when I touch him it's just crazy when you think about what this man fellow saw prisoner of war during World War two these are all that want to show them a close-up of those yeah these are all little more if you anybody out there knows anything about these that's one almost look like is gold there actually are rare military metals that could be goalie and set a lot of them are silver that's crazy look at these bars mean something every one of these is that a tank so the painting is exactly what it looks like to me you see you're on the side this is gonna you're not able to zoom in on this one on the side of this box it says right here metal said world war ii victory regular size on the side of the box it's really a very very small text but that's had to be over one of those medals came from well there's one in here there was a few in there or them sure that was the right one for this man this medals see the quality this medal compare the other ones you got some more that's like slightly older yeah but doesn't have a date that I can see if it has his name in it on it still there's another one of those white stripes with three stars in the back so what efficiency honor fidelity that one went in that box this is the oil he actually use it as a key shop that's cool so here's another one who wants to fill out this ones efficiency honor fidelity again for good conduct it also looks like the same hair as the rest of them so we definitely have to have a world war to look at this better look at this this is a Letterman sweater it really says Letterman sweater so those are what those would have went on oh and that is a spider ladies and gentlemen that is a spider come in go away be away get up no I just wanted to I'm gonna free him go on is wrong look at this old wallet nothing in it but that was probably his wallet yeah for sure crazy when you think about what somebody could somebody see this is like military shorts are they this is the disabled american veterans cap right there so he had to walk another one there to see what that one open it up I feel bad opening up sometimes well how many want to touch it I get like you said just like you give you chills this time you almost feel the energy of what was looking to America next prisoners of war right there then this one's uh I'm not even gonna attempt to pronounce it somewhat for not too very wrong but bata and origin or Salinas California disabled american veterans there's something to be too newspaper articles in youtube this one I hear is crazy I've never found one of these ones I felt so much military stuff it's just crazy this is a newspaper that has a blocking like photos on it I don't know if this is like article printed later on that he was included enough with it as shown in the picture maybe with a personal stake in World War two Salinas emerged from its cocoon as a full-fledged City surviving members of the company see 194th Tank Battalion probably him who posed for a photo of 1946 I always like to read the newspapers at these are up in etc just to see like what was going on in the news that day right do you think this is military belt Santa Clara on it look at the age on that it's definitely old but if you look at it look at the size of it looks like a children's yeah yeah probably right very collectible some of the stuff you're just gonna wonder like the store that look at this it's just nobody's went through it what do you think this could be like a piece of wood it's only a won't even know about what you call it he's a cloth on a piece of wood it well this is like somebody's complete memory this is something like when used to collect stuff back in the day like this was everything that made something that could have been like from the first girl he dated or yeah the first day he met his wife Elizabeth and she would go man I would love to just know the story behind this stuff in here there looks like the rest of it's a lot of newspapers tell you wanna go to them you want the biggest personal photos calendar more yeah I think we'll keep the personal photos oh that looks like an old newspaper article right there though the definitely told it's his thing see ba ba Tong reunion World War two Bataan survivors of Company C so basically these are all the things that were came to what he did yeah and service that's pretty crazy there's also a lot of personal photos in here that we're not gonna show how to respect for his family so see we have anything else over here real quick look at this dress believe it or not that is a few dollars this thing is probably made in the 40s itself you see by the quality the zipper look at that it looks like all the pictures you see it like the roaring 20s and the women and the dresses of the exact whoppers if you ever want to help date something you take a black light right and this type of material will glow a certain white whereas new shirts don't have that ability in a black light no just no clothes ooh we have one more battle here another medal another medal that was awesome he was he was awesome what he basically did was he was for lack of better words I can't even say that once a bad but a true hero yeah he was a true hero who Japan isn't that one of the people he was at war with almost oh then what year is it this says Japan Army of Occupation 1945 and not correct if we were at war with them but I know this wasn't real correctly well then they draw they dropped out of though I mean you guys correct me if I'm wrong I'm pretty sure Japan dropped out of the war before guaranteed it after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki I'm pretty sure they dropped out really that was in 1945 what do we got for a short they started with finish yeah they start wagging our name what up we'll start a Pearl Harbor we finished it in Hiroshima and Iceland yep well what is this thing like I said like almost like it's not for fishing set a whip a little mini whip I don't want a pretty good I said I got a wish there's no way like though this isn't working behind some of their random objects in this channel look at that that is super cool this is a little league oh wow baseball but this is what you probably wore when you play baseball back in the day Little League baseball I've never seen that either I bet you that actually has something maybe you guys know what is something like that value if we were to actually sell this stuff if he served in World War two he had to be literally like in the 20s and 30s oh that's really old this is the Boy Scout belt what is this like as somebody's first baby outfit look at that this isn't like the first shirt somebody came home from in the hospital or something I don't know cool well all these items could have a sentimental value to the person this whole trunk is it this is everything in this trunk of my eyes meant something like this might have been his mom's favorite towel or something this is somebody's everything that meant something to him look we got a card a little said son no one else can fill your boots happy birthday with love mom that's great I was one of the coolest trunks I've ever opened Oh without a doubt I think that uh definitely since we like to give stuff back it's more important that we locate this guy's family and this stays in their family cuz there is you could actually sell this stuff but if you were to go out on the you know do your flea market stuff things like this you see the sold on eBay all the time a Purple Heart sell for like 100 hundred twenty-five dollars you can easily sell all this stuff this is like several hundred dollar trunk if you took this assembly but I think it's far more important that we find this person and return this to his family well I want to do it especially when it comes into the military cause like you said we wasn't able to do any of this if the military didn't do what they were able to do so we definitely gotta try to get it back to them alright guys so that's gonna be it for this one just know early part of the way through this unit we have a lot more to go through there's definitely a second part if you want to see even more the unit we're not gonna go through it all here you don't have to head over to the storage occupy X channel to because usually going through a lot of awesome stuff and trust me there is some epic things we've only just got started with this military truck since we didn't find it shout out to all the veterans out there thank you guys so much you're all the reason we're able to do this stuff and we're gonna do everything in our power to make sure we get the trunk back to that family so thank you so much for watching if you did enjoy it make sure you leave it a big fat thumbs up if you're not already hit that subscribe one for awesome treasure hunting videos all the time if you want to follow us on our social media links is gonna be on screen click the links down description below make sure you follow us on whatever you have thank you so much for watching until next time peace out you

  • We have contacted a few people trying to get this stuff back to them, but no response yet. We will update you when we get ahold of someone!

  • I wouldn't want for you to have witness such Honor, with anyone else, other than Mike. That time you two shared, is so Precious, no one can ever take that away from any of you. God Bless all of you.

  • I am so thankful you found this unit. No one would shown the degree of respect you & Mike have for him, & his family.
    Mama Jebus, you should be very proud of your Son's. As a Mother, this video makes my heart full of love, happiness & tears falling down my cheeks, at such a fine job you have done in raising your children. Thank you! ❤

  • If u cant trace the owners the chest aught 2 go 2 a museum. Brave mens lives should be kept 2gether. Great vid.

  • I'm so glad your giving that trunk back to his family. Thank you for your service Wag !!👏

  • The guy will the sunglasses on his head is a wearing a smile more shirt and I watch Roman Atwood channel on here that owns and runs the smile more company

  • Yeah that guy was a badass no doubt. i would have done the same and try to find any relatives. i don't morally, i could sell that stuff. It just wouldn't feel right. if you can't find the family, is there a place where you can donate his medals to at least have him be honored? Very cool find.

  • You have your History backwards!!
    Germany surrendered to the Allies FIRST!!
    Japan finally surrendered to the US LATER in 1945, AFTER the second “A Bomb” was delivered/dropped on Nagasaki…..
    The first Adam bomb was dropped on Hiroshima followed by a second because they refused to surrender at that point on Nagasaki!!!!

  • The Purple Heart is not coveted by the person who earned it because it is for being wounded in battle and when it has a gold leaf cluster it means 2 injuries and so on also every metal has a cooresponding ribbon

  • Most of the stuff in that unit was made in the USA. I hope the medals people get now are still made in the US.

  • Japan surrendered in 1945 after Germany. Dropping the 2 bombs saved millions of soldiers. Japan was training women and children to fight with whatever they had to the last Japanese alive.

  • Its the Bataan Corridor, pronounced Baton, its a section of the Philippines!! Don't ever get caught EVER selling a Purple Heart as its illegal. I think, all military medals are protected from being sold!!!

  • This man was one of the greatest generation. General mcarthur was ran out of the Philippines in 1939 I believe so this man was in the Pacific theater. He was probably captured after mcarthur fled. He did say he would return and he did. I think it was in 1944. This man was probably a POW from 1939 till 1944. You might want to check my dates. One more thing the purple heart medal is given to any service man wounded in war.

  • Japan attacked the Philippines in ww2. We liberated them later in the war. Japan attacked dozens of countries. It was all out war. WWI and WWII about 100 million people perished. Hopefully you can find family and return awards.

  • Great video, listen to Pirate, he has a wealth of experience and you can learn heaps from him, I have seen you throw heaps of valuable things around like they are junk but that only because of you age and lack of knowledge of such things…. good luck 👍

  • Hello Jebus & Amber & Pirate! Awesome video! Hope you find the Family! Have a great evening! Be safe! God bless!

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