WVA 2018 Animal Welfare Awards – Brazil Winner

we are involved in a national project in Brazil to promote sheep and goat production small ruminants are really important in developing countries and our main focus in the past was to study human animal interaction and what we found out was that if you're nice to goats during pregnancy the offspring has a much much better start and overall than in Brazil we are now engaged into a large project to promote this change particularly to improve their welfare I am moved it's been you swim in stage I was really nervous because these spin 30 years working in animal welfare and what the world that our association and Siva did with his award was an incredible incredibly ward to this type of work and of course as I indicated to you that is an award to everybody that worked with me in my career [Laughter] we are working towards the goal of mitigating laymen's in dairy cows lameness is the most serious problem for the welfare of dairy cows across the globe and incidence of lameness above 30 percent it's common across North America South America in Europe and in this study we're testing the impact of a rubber floor on the structure of the hoof figs are very complex animals and here looking to ways of enriching environment if you enrich their environment you get them to develop more sociable animals one welfare one health I mean that's basically how I define best my program here at the University of San Paolo we're focused on the concept of one welfare you

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