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WoW Battle for Azeroth: The Movie (All BfA Cinematics in Chronological Order)[Part 1/2]

Zin-Azshari: ~10,000 years ago (The Sundering) Save us! Help! My queen, save us! Let go… Let go… No! I am queen This… is the empire I built! It is over… (You betrayed us) (You destroyed everything) No… my people (Save us my queen) (This is your fault) (You betrayed us) This is my fault? No! No! No! This… This was not the deal I made! Deal. I like deals Who are you? Show yourself. At once! For a thousand years, bound beneath these waves, I have watched you I have tasted your essence You! It won’t be long now Your death is near Only I can sustain you Let go Serve me You? You are nothing Nothing? 𝕀 𝔸𝕄 𝔸 𝔾𝕆𝔻 𝔹𝔼𝔽𝕆ℝ𝔼 𝕐𝕆𝕌 𝕎𝔸𝕃𝕂𝔼𝔻 𝕋ℍ𝕀𝕊 𝕃𝔸ℕ𝔻, 𝕀 ℝ𝕌𝕃𝔼𝔻 Magnificent! 𝕊𝔼ℝ𝕍𝔼 𝕄𝔼 𝔸ℕ𝔻 𝕎𝔼 𝕎𝕀𝕃𝕃 ℝ𝔼𝔹𝕌𝕀𝕃𝔻 𝕄𝕐 𝔼𝕄ℙ𝕀ℝ𝔼 No ℕ𝕆? 𝕐𝕆𝕌 𝔻𝔸ℝ𝔼… 𝕐𝕆𝕌 𝕎𝕀𝕃𝕃 𝔻𝕀𝔼 A queen! Not a slave You’ve watched me for a thousand years So you know what I want Take my people With them, I will raise an army Conquer your enemies Build an empire As queen… Or… Let me die and you will remain here A prisoner The god… Of nothing 𝔸ℝ𝕀𝕊𝔼 𝔸ℤ𝕊ℍ𝔸ℝ𝔸 𝔸ℝ𝕀𝕊𝔼 𝕄𝕐 ℚ𝕌𝔼𝔼ℕ Magnificent! Northern Kalimdor: Present day… The Horde has established a foothold beyond the borders of Ashenvale Rally the Druids who watch over the forest The Banshee Queen seeks to capture the World Tree King Anduin will send his soldiers to aid us We must hold our ground until they arrive The World Tree is ours for the taking We shall finish this once and for all You will come no further Banshee Queen! Sylvanas! Your foul deeds desecrate this sacred place! Andu-falah-dor! Malfurion. How gracious of you to join us…. Who would have guessed that you would come to protect your precious trees? Begone, witch! Argh! My eyes! It burns! Where did you fly away to, little bird? Secure the beach Prepare to invade the tree Why? Why? You’ve already won Only innocents remain in the tree This is war… No This… is hatred, rage Windrunner, you were… defender of your people Do you not remember? I remember… A fool Quel’Thalas: ~10 years ago Take her! Run! Life is pain Hope fails Now you understand Ah, don’t grieve You’ll soon join your loved ones I grieve for you You’ve made life your enemy And that is a war you’ll never win You can kill us… But you cannot kill hope Can’t I? Burn it Burn it! The Alliance will retaliate. They will come for us For me, for you We shall not afford them the luxury of a peaceful night’s rest We advance as the fires continue to burn This is war My father once told me… That peace was like a dream… Beautiful… Ephemeral… Unattainable I didn’t listen No one listened Kalimdor, Ruins of Theramore “Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea.” “Beware,” I heard him cry. His words carried upon the ocean breeze, As he sank beneath the tide. Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor, Where sailors fought and died. The Admiral fell at Theramore, because she left his side. Why this? Why this, oh Daughter of the Sea? Why this? Did you forget your seaside days? Always the pride of our nation’s eyes, How could she go astray? When she did flee across the ocean deep, The Admiral followed west. What else but sail to save a daughter’s life, And pray she still drew breath? But there he found upon those distant shores, Enemies ‘pon the rise! But when he faced those savage foes His daughter stood aside. And buried deep beneath the waves, Betrayed by family. To his nation, with his last breath, cried, “Beware the Daughter of the Sea.” I’m listening now… Father I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea, The old voice warning me, “Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea”, “Beware, beware…” …of me. Eastern Kingdoms, Lordaeron Keep Ah, Lord Saurfang How many do you think? Too many There is no honor in this! They will come for us now All of them! My father, Hekazi, he fought with you in the Third War He told me stories How you could cut down ten enemies with a single blow This be my first battle What should I do? Don’t die Yes, of course, but… If I do fall, may it be with honor in glorious combat! There will be no glory today Only pain Northrend, Icecrown: ~6 years ago You have earned your warriors death My son Yet once again I am denied it What are you doing? Claiming what is mine Go back I said, go back! Live another day Go back to your father I can’t He’s dead The Horde, it’s all we have So you know me, is that it? What I’ve seen? What I’ve done? Oh give up boy Like you? Live another day Without armor? Ours is a cycle of hatred Alliances forged and broken We have paid the price for sharing this world And we have forgotten what makes us strong Close ranks! Advance as one! Lordaeron will be ours! My king, we have her cornered Keep firing! For the Horde! Push forward! Anduin! Stand as one! For the Alliance! Prepare the blight! Let it rain down upon their armies! There must be another way, Warchief This is no time for sentiment High Overlord War demands that we take a more direct approach It’s killing her own troops Destroy them! The blight has broken our ranks! Our assault has been for nothing What now? Jaina! Alliance, forward! Jaina, the wall! We end this, now Baine, pull them back! Retreat! No, they must not escape Alliance, hold! No. I demand an honorable death My father once said that Varok Saurfang embodied the honor of the Horde He admired you for that and so do I Listen to me There is no honor in this That is not for an Alliance king to decide At this moment it is Take him to the Stockades! When I return we will speak of honor and how it may yet be reclaimed If you return… You abandoned Saurfang to die out there It is the death he wanted If that troubles you, you’re free to join him Or you can tend to the living The choice is yours For the Horde… You know what must be done Go, my champion Look at you, the boy’s playing soldier Our king just routed your army! Muzzle your dog, your majesty Sylvanas Windrunner, you have led the Horde to a place without honor Lordaeron is ours It’s over Your father would be so proud Is that his? You’ve gotten it all bloody Only one of us wanted this war You call for peace when it suits you little lion but you’re quick enough to kill I should have killed you when last we met How rude sister. You’re a guest in my home Your home? You desecrate that throne with your filth! Enough! You put the torch to Teldrassil… But I failed those who burned I will not make that mistake again Surrender… Or die You’ve won… Nothing! Hold on! Kalimdor, Silithus: The Wound Azeroth calls to you champion Azeroth calls to you champion She offers a gift One born of her own essence The very Heart of Azeroth Infuse this amulet with power. It might be the only way to save her Kalimdor, Orgrimmar: Grommash Hold I require the services of one whom I can trust. Completely To win this war the Horde needs allies The boy King has something that does not belong to him I want it back You are to infiltrate Stormwind and liberate a political prisoner One who could change the course of the war in our favor Are you up to the task? We will not fail you my queen Oh, I know you won’t Eastern Kingdoms, Stormwind: The Stockades Do not be so hasty now You can try to subdue us and likely succeed But do you have time to waste No, it can’t be Seems a mage of your skill could be very useful right now, hmm? This isn’t over! Ahoy, ahoy, sweet Daughter of the Seas. Ahoy this child be mine. The Admiral’s girl, his whole entire world, for as long as stars do shine. Promise you’ll come back I’ll weather every storm if I know you are waiting for me Time to go Jaina I love you papa Come topside sweetheart Your loving mother will never forgive you… Murderer! Lady Jaina, we’ve arrived Thank you, captain Halt! State your intentions! I am Jaina Proudmoore, I have come for an audience with Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore My mother We’re taking you to Katherine all right You will answer to her for your crimes against Kul Tiras As you wish Cleared the way! Dangerous prisoners coming through! I see the city guard is as disciplined as ever. My father was so proud of them And now they see me as a criminal Mommy, who’s that lady? Come on we’re going home. Now! I suppose I have earned this Get those civilians back! Form a perimeter! It’s the Daughter of the Sea Lady Jaina! Is that really her? She’s come back to finish us Murderer! Traitor! I will suffer what I must For the Alliance So, my wayward daughter returns to the kingdom she betrayed Why? I have come to ask Kul Tiras for aid on behalf of the Alliance The Alliance? Ha! Where were they when we begged for their help? When our husbands and sons and brothers were slaughtered at Theramore? Do not blame the Alliance for my actions So you admit it You admit that you were responsible for the deaths of our men I was But I will do anything in my power to ease the suffering of Kul Tiras Katherine Enforce our laws The punishment for treason… Is death Do you accept the judgment of your homeland? I accept your judgment Mother You are no daughter of mine Do what you will She is nothing to me Riot boys! Give ’em hell! Stand down! Don’t you know that is? But sir, Lady Ashvane ordered… Lady Ashvane? Do you serve Lady Ashvane? Is that Lady Ashvane’s crest upon your shield? No sir No! You serve Kul Tiras You wear the crest of Proudmoore and you take your orders from me Now stand down and let them pass We shall parley in my office Aye sir! Let them through! Kul Tiras is made up of several major houses. They were unified under Daelin Proudmoore’s leadership But that gradually changed after his defeat at Theramore Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore now rules in his place Commanding both the military and the guard Despite our efforts to maintain order, Kul Tiras has seen an increase in crime, corruption and piracy People are losing faith in the Proudmoore Admiralty To the west lies Drustvar, a mountainous region providing most of the kingdom’s ore And some of our toughest warriors House Waycrest has been a loyal supporter of Proudmoore’s rule for centuries But their recent absence from council meetings has given rise to troubling rumors In Stormsong Valley, to the north The tidesages of house Stormsong craft and bless the ships of our legendary fleet But nobody’s heard from the fleet in months The tidesages have withdrawn into their cloisters and seem uninterested in finding our missing ships We must unite the houses beneath the Proudmoore banner and locate the missing fleet Otherwise Kul Tiras could fall apart before these war even begins Oh no, I think my barrel has pee in it Nope, never mind! It’s ale, we’re good The clients want their stuff right now! We’re shoving off! Steady as she goes, helmsman Wait, do you hear that? Preeeeetty Helmsman, steer us away No, you idiot! The other away! Freehold is a free people’s port. Unlike Boralus, it has no rules or regulations about what vessels are allowed to dock Privateers, mercenaries, even pirates are welcome Naturally it’s a… colorful town I’ve never seen in it this busy before Something big must be going down I bet my boots we’ll find more Ashvane weapons at the docks We need to learn who’s buying them We did it, we actually did it! Still, they could be back and if they bring those guns to bear on Boralus… The rumors are true Daelin’s Gate has fallen A pirate fleet struck the gate with overwhelming force Pirates? The Proudmoores can’t even protect us from pirates even more! For shame! Katherine Proudmoore has spent her life doing what’s best for Kul Tiras But it has not been enough My dear friend, Priscilla, and I have discussed this I believe that what is best for Kul Tiras is that I stepped down as Lord Admiral I will shoulder this heavy burden. I can only hope I will be a worthy successor Lady Ashvane has been my rock since those first dark days when we both lost our husbands Now she will be the kingdom’s rock Now she is… A liar! So, this was your play all along. Despicable What is the meaning of this, girl? Lady Priscilla Ashvane, you are under arrest for trafficking, conspiring with pirates and high treason against the Admiralty of Kul Tiras And we have evidence Your company made the weapons that destroyed Daelin’s Gate using this It’s called Azerite and the Alliance and Horde are already at war over it You hired the pirate fleet, armed them to the teeth and set them upon your own countrymen And I almost… Priscilla How could you betray the kingdom? How
could you betray me? You’re too weak to rule Katherine Your family has always been too weak The Proudmoore legacy of failure… Dies with you! You’ve done it again, my friend! Well done! Outriggers! Open fire! Brothers and sisters, behold our glorious destiny It’s over Stormsong! Look around you You’re surrounded! All I see are lost souls crying for release Stormsong! Sam! No! You brought your end with you, Pike I must deliver the fleet to our glorious savior… Azshara How tenacious! Feel honor in your accomplishment of living long enough to face my pride That’s far enough Mother? Is that… you? I’m so glad you could join us my dear. Your father has missed you so What… What have you done to him?! Be appreciative, girl! Not only is your father alive and well, but he will soon be lord of all Kul Tiras! Come join us, child… Keep away from her, you heartless witch! Why Marshal, that’s no way to talk to a Lady. I should teach you some manners Now, Marshal, be a dear and bring Lucille to my quarters, after you dispose of these pests… Come, Arthur As you wish, Mother I don’t know what to do, Daelin. I don’t know what to believe in… who to trust Priscilla, the greatest friend of my heart… has stabbed me in it I have nothing… no one… left… You have Jaina Jaina betrayed the kingdom Jaina did nothing but follow her heart. And she’s suffered for that … she’s suffering even more now. Isn’t she? … I see her… in my dreams Genn… She’s burning Katherine, she’s calling out to you… You must go to her It’s too late for that If you can hear her… then it’s not too late I would give anything to hold my boy again You’ve been given one more chance Take it. Bring her home There you are… I did everything wrong We’re too late This entire city must be purged Jaina? I’m sorry Arthas I can’t watch you do this (We should have stopped him) (He never would’ve turned) (He’d still be alive) You have always been naive, my daughter Daelin? I won’t let you do it, father! (I should have tried harder) You don’t understand! I understand more than you suspect, my dear (I wasn’t strong enough) Perhaps in time, you will too Seize them all! (I should have made him listen) Father, no! (Forgive me) You couldn’t save him… from himself Do you really think you can cast aside your guilt so easily? No Father… why wouldn’t you listen Katherine… enforce our laws The punishment for treason… is death Do you accept the judgment of your homeland? I accept your judgment… mother My daughter Forgive me Forgive your father And… forgive yourself (Come topside, sweetheart) Our harbor defenses… won’t be enough Father’s pendant For generations, the heart of the Kul Tiran fleet I thought that hope had returned with this seal That perhaps I could call the fleet home, as your father did I was wrong It was never meant… for me There you are We’re home, Tandred! Captain, pirates in our harbor! All hands! Let’s show them what Kul Tirans are made of Lady Ashvane! Your orders! Lady Ashvane! It’s just… good business It seems, hope has returned… with you, Lord Admiral As the Alliance returns to forgotten kingdoms, the Horde seeks the might of an ancient empire It appears the Alliance dogs have lost
our scent Good, good Our journey is almost over I hope the Warchief’s faith is well-placed She seems very powerful, certain, in control… It is an honor to serve my queen My princess is also strong-willed and sure of herself Our king has always found her to be… challenging O Mighty Rezan, as always, you come when I asked your aid Speak, and I will listen I have sought the aid of the Horde but my father may not agree with my actions Advise me! You are the Loa of kings and queens! My eyes see much They see your boldness, your power and enemies who fear both And those who seek your demise… are here We need cover! Head for that fog bank! The sails are dead. We’ve got no wind! We’re taking on water! For your consideration, the Jericho We are home My king, the Horde has only come to steal our navy for their undead warchief This champion defied the might of Stormwind to save Zul and me Such bravery merits an audience, Father Enough I will decide what to do with this outsider Jakra’zet speaks true… you seek our fleet’s might against the Alliance but But my daughter is right as well Rescuing her showed great courage… a trait I admire Talanji worries that I do not see our true enemies Know that I am not as blind as she fears Let us see if the Horde can prove its worth to Zandalar Let them stay in the Great Seal as my guests… for now Only the Zandalari may walk those sacred halls! The law states– The law is what I say it is, for so long as I am king The eyes of the kingdom rest upon you, champion This day, I name you Speaker of the Horde Time is short, so I will be brief I plan to lead an expedition into the swamps of Nazmir to deal with the threat to our northern border However, if you want our navy, you need the support of my father here in Zuldazar His advisors plot against you And then there are the schemes of Jakra’zet in the deserts of Vol’dun I have no doubt he is as big a threat to the Horde as he is to my people We cannot be in all places at once I leave it to you to choose your priority Review your maps and decide which plan you will see to first I knew the blood trolls were threat, but I never imagined… this… If that monstrosity is freed, it will mean the end of Zuldazar! Now you see! Now you understand! G’huun gonna claim you all! We are getting out of here! Data recovered Corruption originates from Old God contained within Nazmir Designation: G’huun Three devices were created to seal the corruption Scans indicate Nazmir and Vol’dun devices currently inoperable Last functioning seal: Zuldazar An Old God?! This is why the blood trolls assault my city… If the last seal is destroyed, that monster will be unleashed upon Azeroth! That’s right, Princess! Your fight be hopeless… G’huun gonna be free! Once Zandalar lies in ruins, the empire of the Old Gods be rising rising again! No You will cause no more harm to my people Your madness ends now! Out of the way! Bringing in the big guns! Time to earn our pay Fire at will! Fools! G’huun not gonna fail! Your power be useless! The shield! It had begun to fade! You heard the princess! Let her rip! No! Habutu! Traitor! Sieze her! You should have listened to Talanji You have grown stagnant, old friend You let our kingdom rot and decay But I have foreseen the troll empire rising again No more treaties with outsiders… No more bargains with Loa Blood is our path now… The path of G’huun! Should we go after them? No In time, they will come to us Your visions had best be right about this Heretic! You trespass upon sacred ground Ah, he arrives The loa of… hmm… What do we call you now? Mind your tongue, traitor Rezan, Rezan… Do not understand? I am not your subject, and you have no place among kings The time of the loa is done The hour of blood approaches So many lost… I know I miss Rezan too Oh, Tze’na… what do we do now? The dust of bones… for the loa of death Well… this is a surprise You’re looking pretty good, Your Majesty So, why have you come to see me? I need your aid I see… You want to make a deal with me Go on, go on Become my loa Grant me the power to recover my kingdom and I will elevate you above all loa! Yes, yes, so you get your kingdom back, all very nice But soon you’ll tire of old Bwonsamdi You’ll go back to the living loa, the ones who bring the rain Makes the crops grow… not wither and die No, no, no I need more than just your word If you do this for me… I will bind my bloodline to you All who succeed you will keep this bargain? To serve me in life and in death? Forever… We got a deal! Father… I felt something a moment ago Has something happened? Do not worry, my daughter I have taken care of everything… We need to speed things up The King has noisy visitors… that could pose a problem You do your part, General, and I will do
mine Trespassers! You will die in these dunes! Everyone, break ranks! Make your way to safety! Get as far from these snakes as you can! Jakra’zet is a traitor, but the king won’t act without proof Please, Rakera! Don’t do this! You’ll get yourself killed! You know I must, Kaja Duty before all else This key belongs to the first Keeper His name was Sulthis, and he died at the hands of Korthek Long ago, Mythrax the Unravel descended upon our lands He slaughtered all in his path, troll and sethrak alike Our loa sacrificed herself to save us from that monstrosity She struck the C’Thrax down, but not before it was able to destroy the disc at the heart of Atul’Aman After witnessing his destruction firsthand, we knew that something must be done to prevent anyone from raising Mythrax again Although immensely powerful, Sulthis could not create the barrier alone Korthek and I lent him our aid, and together, we sealed Mythrax within the great pyramid As the sands continued to spread, Korthek grew hungry for war He plotted to unearth the C’Thrax and use him as a weapon to conquer the continent A weapon… this must be what Jakra’zet is after! A C’Thrax… We need to warn the princess Korthek raised an army of like-minded sethrak, and they began to slaughter those who opposed them… Sulthis was the first to fall, but not before safeguarding his key Those have are still loyal to Sethraliss were forced out of our home and into hiding We have been fighting the Faithless ever since You face the might of Korthek, the Eternal Emperor This ends here, General The plots The lies The murders You will not escape your crimes any longer This ends now Give him a clean death We have seen enough suffering for one day Suffering? You have not seen true suffering Not yet… But you will! No… It cannot be! He was the final sacrifice We have failed Now… shatter the final seal Come, Mythrax Come, Unravel The final seal must be broken You are too late, Rastakhan Rise… Rise, Mythrax Rise! Bwonsamdi! We had a deal! Grant me your power! Mythrax, do it now! Destroy the seal! Fool Long may you reign… over your empire of ash Look at this! Congratulations, Your Majesty! The kingdom is ours…


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