Worlds 2nd Most Used TH 12 Trophy Base Cracked | Legend League TH 12 Base | Clash of Clans

what's going on guys Joe here coming at you today from townhall 12 and today we're gonna crack another base up here in legends league so this base right here this is pretty similar to the base style that we posted a few weeks back but it's just shifted to the left and all the defense's all the heavy defenses you got Tesla's you got inferno towers you got clan castle you got both heroes on the left side of the base on the right side very weak side you got point defenses you got wizard towers and you have an eagle artillery so the idea is for you to try to come in from the left side and lose all of your army now we have transitioned our army from heckuva bat to the minor army and I wasn't finding a lot of success there so when we switched over to this hogrider army and this hogrider army is actually quite easily and we'll I'll show more replays of this army in the upcoming weeks as we continue to work with it I've had a couple of three stars with it but I wanted to crack this base first so we're gonna start out down here in the south side and we want to get rid of the enemy clan castle troops and the enemy queen first before we drop any hog riders on the map I will not be posting a link to this base this base you do not want it we're cracking it real quick for you anyway so we're gonna start with that Queen down here in the south side and work her up towards the enemy Queen so we're gonna start out with a balloon you know seeking air mines we're looking for those and then we're gonna drop the baby dragon to start taking out some buildings and help our queen direct her up towards the western corner she's gonna take out that season machine workshop step up into a gold mine and she's gonna be kind of distracted for a little while taking out an air defense that's actually kind of important and she's gonna work on the wizard tower and then she's gonna move up move over into the mortar and the barracks and all that stuff right there so we're kind of keeping an eye on her at this point and we're gonna hold you have that rage spell ready for the Queen we're gonna drop that rage spell and then once the cannon targets that Queen then we're gonna drop the wall wrecker the wall wrecker houses Valkyries I have changed it up since then we've switched it back to the Pekka ice golem and it's just mainly for the ice golem because of the free affect this clan castle has witches and archers in it so the poison spell comes in really handy we're gonna use the rage spell again on that Queen and allow her to take on Queen on Queen action now the Valkyries come out of that wall record they're gonna start that Town Hall it's gonna activate the town hall but they're not able to take it down completely now we're gonna start working on the hog so let's go ahead and stop real quick and I'm gonna show you what we got going on here I dropped that King over there in the far western side to start working on some buildings and basically block for our queen we want this Queen to go around the western side we know that she's gonna move be moving into hidden Tesla locations the hogs are gonna come in on the opposite side and we got to get rid of that Eagle artillery that Eagle artillery will destroy hogs they will destroy the Queen it's just a major nuisance that needs to go so we dropped four different groups of hogs and they're going to move into all of these defenses and you will notice that I'm gonna drop a heal spell in the Eagles location because it's a heavier defense it takes a little bit longer and most of the time there's giant bombs in that location we also freeze the eagle so that way it messes up the targeting mechanism and causes it to target in the previous location and then we're gonna drop the heal spell after the Hogs move through a few defenses and we are preparing for the Hogs to move down into the townhall so you are not using the grant Ward's ability just yet you're gonna hold on to his ability until they get to the townhall now you're gonna run into a situation where you're having to deal with giant bombs and the Hogs are gonna go around and you can use free spells to kind of freeze the defenses along the way or you could exchange them for heal spells I choose to bring freezes just just cause the defenses to retarget then I'm gonna use the grand wardens ability once the Hogs get in on the townhall and obviously we did a little bit more damage with the earthquake spell as well the only reason why we're bringing that earthquake spell is in the event that we are unable to get to 51% and trigger that townhall and the Hogs are in that location we can use the EQ to target the townhall raise the Giga bomb or get Giga Tesla and cause the hogs to target it that's the only reason why we have it I've had a few situations where I was bringing a jump for the Queen charge and wasn't getting enough percentage so that's just an idea on how you could crack this base there's multiple ways that you could destroy this base but that's just one method this is the army and that is going to wrap us up for today guys I just a little bit of a short video to show you how to beat this base because this place gets seen so much in legends league if you enjoy the content today smash that like button subscribe if you haven't done so already and thanks for watching guys just keep coming up with these hashtags anti team Joe


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