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WOODS – Award Winning Short Horror Film

Do you like puppet shows? John? DARK STRINGS
JOHN STRAMEN Hey John, everything alright? Hey. Did you see who did this? Looks like some nasty business. No, I didn’t see anything. Come on Baako. You have a good day now. Refill? Jesus. I didn’t mean to scare you there. That’s your job. Everything alright? Yes…yeah. Actually, no. What’s the matter? Well for starters I haven’t been getting much sleep lately… Writing your next novel? Well, that’s the thing… I haven’t written anything yet. And a bunch of assholes… smearing my windows with eggs these past few nights… hasn’t been helping with things either. Well… I’m sure you’ll find inspiration soon. Your new book will be just as terrifying as the last one. Alright, I’ll… I’ll let you be. You tell me if you need anything else OK? Stay here. DARK STRINGS
BY ANGELA STRAMEN What’s the matter? Don’t you like puppets? I will consume you for what you have done… John. Angela? Hey John.
Everything alright? Yeah… You look a bit worn out. Rough night. You want to talk about it? Can I ask you something? Sure. Have you ever done something that you… truly regret? And have it come back to…haunt you. If I got a penny for everytime I did something I regret… I wouldn’t be working here.
I tell you. I mean…seriously. I made a terrible mistake and now I’m paying for it. What did you do? I betrayed someone… Someone very, very close to me. And… I took something from this person… and I used it for myself. Well… Did the person it belong to find out? She can’t. She’s dead. I’m sorry. Happier topic. Did you find inspiration for your novel? I have to go. John… I’m always here for you. Stay here, Baako. Come back you fucking cowards! Come back! Norbert. Norbert, come and help me. Norbert! Norbert! What’s so funny? What the fuck are you laughing at? Hey John.
Everything alright? You did it. Didn’t you? What? I said you did it. Didn’t you? What? You set my car on fire you son of a bitch. Didn’t you? I don’t know what… You did it you son of a bitch. You set my car on fire.
– John. Stop. Are you with them too? With them? We’re not the bad guys, John. Go home. Get some rest. You stay the fuck away from me… or I’ll kill you. Hey there John.
Is everything alright? What? What? Well, I see that your car took quite a beating there last night. So why didn’t you help me last night? I wasn’t awake to see it.
I’m a deep sleeper you know. I saw you watching from right there. I’m afraid you’re mistaken John.
I was in a coma all night. Listen Norbert.
If I find out you had anything to do with my car being set on fire… or any of this other fucking crazy shit that’s been going on…
you’ll pay! Do you hear me? There’s no need for threats, John. You stay the fuck away from me! Baako? Baako? No, no, no, no, no, no… Baako. 911. What is your emergency?
– Yes, hello. Hello?
– 911. What is your emergency? Someone killed my dog. – Excuse me?
– Someone killed my dog. – John? Go on, John. Finish what you started. John… do you like our show? Isn’t this inspiring, John? John? What did you do, John? Beth? It was a joke. He’s dead. You’ve killed him. John? What the… You killed my dog. Baako is with me.
It was fake. We were trying to help you John. Trying to help? Yeah…you know…
Inspire you for your next novel. Are you insane? What have you done? – Yes, John… What have you done?
– What have you done? What have you done.
What have you done?
– What have you done? What have you done. Leave me alone! DARK STRINGS 2
BY JOHN STRAMEN – What are you doing, John? The show is not over. Your terror… has only just… begun.

  • Thank you all for the massive support. It's truly humbling to see all the kind comments and story theories. In the end any filmmaker makes their movies for one purpose: to entertain you, the viewer.

    If you want to see another short film I did, my latest 5-minute one is up on the channel here:

  • This is stupid if people came around in crazy ass masks around my home I think I’d kill them too just not with an ax a gun be better! This short made no sense! Sorry it’s a thumbs down 👎🏼 for me!

  • Absolutely beautifully shot film. I loved the eerie crackling sound of branches breaking when the 3 evil entities appear before the main character, John. The location of filming really helped solidify his lonely surroundings. I loved this film! Great job in catching the horror of his situation!

  • The hard part of acceptance within was disillusioning oneself at the times most needed to run away from secretive chambers the mind held.

  • They could have at least taught the guy how to use an axe! I am not talking about getting all 'method acting' and him working for years as a lumberjack BUT ffs he should have at least spent 2 hrs learning how to swing the thing. Aside from that, JOB WELL DONE!!! Lol.

  • We want part 2 please!!!!
    They must pay for What they did to him!!!!!
    This shows one more time that there not exist real friendship that at one point they will betrayed us……….

  • Most of know how these stories end, but those people should have thought twice about playing a joke on him the way they did, knowing he was on the edge.

  • This was so good. You made a terrific film. The actor David Clark was excellent with an intense, layered performance and handsome. John's paying for his crimes. I assume he killed his fiancee and stole her story. And he's still writing the sequel from the insane asylum.

  • Did anyone notice when he was leaving the pub that there was nothing on the table? But a few seconds before that, there was a bowl and a bread basket?

  • WOW, This is one of the best movies in youtube I have seen so far! Mind blowing, the sound, acting, and all the little details makes this movie sooooo good! A MUST WATCH people!!

  • Fuck, with "friends" like those, who needs evil entities. (See what I did there? WinkWink. NudgeNudge. LOL.)

  • This is a well made film, but there are many issues like, why is he always cutting the tree with a medieval axe ( and a short one at that ) is he a wood cutter ? no mention of it in the film , in fact he's said to be a writer. his car is modern day which suggests the story takes place in the modern day so why doesn't he buy a chainsaw like any man with a brain would do ?
    every scene is shot in the dark, am I the only one to notice that ? night is dark, day is dark everything is dark !
    Oh well, you gotta start somewhere and your first few films will be loaded with mistakes, mistakes that you learn from !
    So better luck with the next one !

  • 😲WOW! I'm impressed! in 29:07 min you have great acting (that includes the dog) a great storyline and an astounding psychological thriller! 😞with friends like that who needs enemies huh? smh😔 they should've been locked in a padded room😠 so sad about the dog😟… This is an excellent upload thanks👍👌👏👏👏

  • Terrific horror short – the atmosphere and setting were great! Will definitely be looking for more horror from you!

  • This is the second movie of yours I've watched… and dammit I'm hooked! Please keep up the amazing job and please keep scaring the he'll out of me! Loveitloveitloveit!

  • Really loved this one! Forgot I was watching a short great acting!! The man playing John did such a great job great quality 👌 thanks for sharing! Can't wait to watch more!!

  • Inspire by fake killing his Dog???????
    If someone would kill my Dog or one of my Cats i would kill him too but on a very very slow and painfull way :/

  • Well acted but over board retribution for stealing a persons creepy book.
    No one "helps inspire you" by pushing you to the point of violence and then goes oops.
    There's talent here but an unsatisfying story.
    A sleep away camp for tree choppers with no chainsaws?
    Don't want to be overly negative because there's talent here. 🙁

  • He should beat the murder rap but talking to shit that ain't there is what got him caught up.

    Sidenote: when someone is apparently stressed the hell out like he was and they say, Stay the fuck away from me or I'll kill you……just stay away

  • The city people are a-holes … they could clearly see he was losing his mind…fantastic short!! Wowsa they keep getting better and better👏🏻❤️🇨🇦

  • This was SO good. I love it so much. The lighting for it is amazing and gives it that creepy chilling vibe. I love things based around the woods and mountains and such. The actors were AMAZING. As a big fan of David Clarke I’m glad I found this through him. The editing and story line are so amazing and interesting and I’ve never seen anything so serious based around something so simple, you always think it’s going to be a horrible thing or monster in the end and yet they were just inspiring him, then to know that he’s actually going through things similar is what sets him off. And I’m glad the dog actually made it out of the movie lmao. Anyways, I’m watching it again right away, amazing to see people being able to fit that much of a story into twenty nine minutes. A second would be amazing but even if it didn’t happen it was perfect how it ended. Poor John though 🙁 and tbh I would have killed him too in that moment, can’t really blame someone who’s been tormented that long.

  • Stop using that axe weird there’s a jumbo jack pointing! at a tree dude guy man person fag..aaaand ur drawing a vagina great😒I don’t wanna be ur fuckin dog no more! U never have lights on!!! I’m scared MF!! I Love you ?

  • I liked this, it felt very Stephen King.
    I couldn't work out, with the blend of accents & names, if this was meant to be in America or some Scandinavian country…until the credits rolled & all the names involved resolved the question in favour of the latter.
    This was really good, sir. Extremely atmospheric, & {SPOILER} the last-minute maybe-maybe.not-but.heavily.implied switch-out of the most obvious source of the terror for something a little more private was exceedingly well done.
    Definitely one of the best up on YouTube.

    You've got yourself a new Subscriber.

  • This is good and creepy, but the plot element where those 3 idiots are "trying to inspire" him is so ridiculous that it ruins the story. When he says "Are you insane?" I thought the exact same thing. Nobody in their right mind would fuck with the author like that.

  • So what was the secret? The betrayal? Did his girlfriend actually write the first horror story and he stole it as his own? Then the girlfriend died? That would be a twist.

  • Check it out, at 9:50 John looks thru a book, the book is actually Stephen Kings The Shining. and I like how he is always grabbing the ax just like Jack.
    Oh yeah and he has writers block and seeing and hearing apparitions.
    Very spooky…

  • You make a man think you killed his dog and expect not to get killed? Have they never heard of John Wick?

  • I can't believe you made this fabulous psychological thriller in film school.
    Hell Martin Scorsese made WHOS THAT KNOCKING for his film school graduation piece and it was not very good.

  • Well-crafted, shot & acted. I didn’t get the significance of the tree-chopping. The pranksters thoroughly got what they deserved. Why is “It’s a joke!” or “it’s just a prank” supposed to be an excuse? When it comes to pranking I’ve absolutely no sensayuma….. 👍

  • What if his hallucination is just an excuse to avoid writing the novel. Like when i have homework. the 3 trees = computer, console and comics.

  • This is some 3rd rate acting. The fakeness of it ruined the movie. I couldn't finish it. Is this Canadian?

  • such a beautiful area this was filmed in, good actors, beautiful film work. i never say this about short film but this should be a full length production i would really love to see more about how the puppet master operates and how his girlfriend died

    also if someone tried to inspire me like that i would’ve stabbed them too lmao

  • I. Am sure you worked hard on this bit sorry to say the story was lame………. But the acting is First notch awesome actors and filming very well made very professional

  • This guy really went over the deep end..and his friends only made it worse for him. Interesting movie. thanks.

  • He's obviously a writer and weird things are happening but were made to assume a lot. Does he own the cottage and all that land? Rent it? You might expect it if he's a successful writer then it would be confirmed orally by a friend/acqaintance. Who is John is he a neighbour a worker (his staff?) Who were the other lumberjacks? They disappeared for no reason where are they in his head. Is he clearing part of (his) land in the forest (for what function?) Or simply collecting firewood? Why does he never actually finish chopping a tree? In fact he never completes anything. Never completes a full nights sleep a jog a meal a relationship. He obviously likes her. In the cafe (is this cafe his or on his land, is it in the Town? We didn't see him ride the car anywhere he suddenly appears in Town then at home. Did he walk today (no car?) He obviously has a history with the (waitress) or is she the owner? Why is she psycho-analysing him in front of strangers who may be his tormentors giving them knowledge that they are, of course, succeeding in their goal. If they're not his tormentors why aren't they offering to help him? Why hasn't he got CCTV living in such a secluded area? And why choose that area if you're so paranoid and especially since he's in a sensitive condition after losing his wife? its obvious people are persecuting him and why? Are they insensitive? Don't they respect writers in that area? Those men at the next table seem quite respectable. They're (eating their meal) unsure why they're there, but they are doing it peacably and quietly obviously non-drinkers certainly not the stereotypical rowdy trouble making type. And the (guard) dog what function does it have – it never hears strangers arriving on (his land?) Enough to warn him so he can get a gun (is it America) or a stick (if its Canada her accent) to scare them away.🤔

  • I think l've got it! This movie is cleverly written and directed so you slightly go insane yourself not knowing what's reality or in his head so you share an affinity with the main character🤔

  • It sounds like he feels guilt because a female he was seeing killed herself. He blamed himself and allowed his guilt and anger to implode within himself. Female characters are usually written stronger because they are portrayed as resilient, easily able to get over the death of a spouse or beau even if she directly caused the guy's death or not. Dudes go all schizo. Why do screenwriters continue these types of cliche characters, or are they just copying real life?

  • Really great horror movie! Your “demons “ are straight out of the deepest evil recesses of one’s mind!

  • Wow how am I just now seeing this? I've watched 100+ horror shorts and just came across this today. Beautifully done.. Perfectly balanced. Amazing film!

  • He may have swung the ax, but the pranksters should be responsible for the killing. This was a tough watch. Dark psychological thriller.

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