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Hey Guys! This is my makeup for the final challenge
of the NYX Face Awards, the theme of which was
‘Wonderland After Dark’. Since my entry video
was a Mad Hatter look I wanted to approach the theme
from a different direction. I used different colours,
and the whole vibe is different too. On my chest there are
two characters from the movie These are: the caterpillar and the rabbit. I wanted to create
a ‘twisted Alice’ makeup on my face, whose face looks pale and deadly. I thought that would suit
the theme really well. For the base colours
I used various liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are really effective for this purposes because they dry down well,
they don’t smudge and they keep their
vibrant colours after drying. When I was done with the base I intensified everything with eyeshadows. My plan was to create a night sky with moonlight
for the background. I wanted it to look like there’s a hole
on my chest and we can see through it to Wonderland where it’s night time at the moment. For the bright lights
I used the white liquid liner. I contoured the edges with it. This way I could achieve the moonlit effect. I painted on some fireflies. Their green colour adds
a little interesting sight in this blueness. I could easily do this with patting on green eyeliners. I was careful not to cover the area too much. This way it looks like it’s glowing. I used this green colour on the surroundings too to look like it’s lighting those things. I painted my neck black. Later I painted my shoulders too. On my arm and shoulders I created a gradient with different shades of body paints. I wanted it to be dark with a touch of colour. In this case with red. To add some colour
to the makeup other than blues. On my shoulders I’ve planned big butterfly wings. To reflect on the fact
that caterpillars become butterflies. And I think it suits the theme really well. Suffering with the contact lenses, just the usual. I didn’t record the victorious moment
but I’ve succeeded with putting them in. I did my other shoulder off camera. Next I did the face. First I glued down my eyebrows as usual. Then I used a very light foundation. I sketched the eyebrows on with eyeshadow this way I could correct it easily
if something goes where it shouldn’t. I drew them a little different
to emphasise the cartoon vibe. I drew my eyes which are really circular. I was trying to follow my
natural bone structure with this. For the eyeshadow I used blue colours to refer Alice’s dress which is blue in the movie
and in the Disney movie too. For my face design
I was really inspired by Tim Burton’s style. Mostly the Corpse Bride and I know it sounds strange but
Edward Scissorhands as well. And a movie which isn’t his but the style is similar, Coraline. From that the evil mom inspired my face shape. These characters combined
make up my own fictional Alice. I put some blue highlights on the bottom of the face. On my lips I used a very dark purple liquid lipstick and on top of that I put on a glitter liquid lipstick which gave me a beautiful effect. For last I added a ribbon to my hair to resemble Alice. And this is the final result. I hope you like it and you enjoyed this video! This was my final video since it’s the finale. After this the voting’s going to start. Then we will finally know
who wins the Face Awards CZSKHU. I really need your votes! If you liked my makeup,
please vote on the link below. Thank you for tuning in! Thank you for being here for me! Bye!


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