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oh my gosh that is not real that’s Ariana grande in a wig ahh good day everyone and welcome to today’s video which is actually a pretty crazy video because I’m going to something called the dog awards Uh, Wolf, Wolfie! You’re nominated! Come here! Wolf come! do you know that you’re nominated he’s like a kid he can’t even concentrate your
nominated for celebrity selfie he’s just so excited he doesn’t know how
to handle it so we’re headed to Santa Monica to the dog awards ermm yeah well this nomination part award so
let’s see if you win good luck buddy oh yeah over pull their group boom room
nervous or excited or auto typer really but it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a fun
all night ok alrighty so we have made it to the
dog words and the same with the right there’s an actual ticket is a green card
in a way department now you have to see her she’s gorgeous she’s gorgeous home God wait you think here with the dogs
and i will hold back LOL this isn’t everything there is an actual Oh piggy singleton Mickey oh my god this is
everything that is so we’re keeping the dogs in the back of the car for now still we can start the green carpet this
is chris they’re going to go absolutely wild like I’m a little nervous I feel
like they’re going to be out of hand hopefully the show is not too long and
their nails on the ground ok oh who is a beautiful boy from camera
shy I’m a little notice my nerves are shot
I’m feeling my Oh storms like this my nomination everything now therefore
you’re weird oh my gorgeous by I dogs there by okay
I’m gonna come to you they are will be to you was like give me anything laughs male dogs smell paid a small
fortune looks like your little in a tangle and
chest decide to go with a little tight low trying to bite the loser this is honestly the worst idea I think
I’ll ever get so many of my decisions right now walking that green carpet was
literal hell wolf they’re not sit still for you on a
second yeah because we were holding him oh my gosh well I told you I would whole
Wolf get back here wants that into the winner over there want to go to a wing negative we need
here’s what you can do is just putting up the other all tried to attack what I
was a people with that was a bit more girl oh my god – hey let’s just you know the
people didn’t win tonight he performing having quite a bit that performance by
pit wall oh my god so we just ran into Justine
and Maddie right over there josh’ll media format do gym anymore oh my god no bull get over here big
little code Oh give me any here Bob boys are getting a little pre show
giant came prepared oh well my dad was up so this is the stage the shows about to
start really soon body and I think they’re like an airport
hangar some young work it’s a gorgeous I have three sure has
nearly half a billion views on YouTube mostly from her parents but it’s still
impressive please welcome iJustine with her dog mat oh my god yeah you alright so i am presenting the popular
award for the biggest four-legged social media star and i’m here with my new dog
Maddie and he’s actually a DJ so hopefully next year he could be
nominated for something like I don’t know best dog album of the year so
hopefully we can work on that category now I honestly think that I fall more
animal accounts than humans and i fangirled so hard when I saw some of
tonight’s nominees out in the audience so these guys are absolutely helping the
game on the internet so let’s have it for the nominees for the most popular oh my god they are not a Grenadier known
a French look at she died don’t tell me that the dog is gonna it’s gonna ride
that bike is why now get not where do you find the dog
that can ride a bike you have to train and they don’t come
like that no one’s gonna want that I’m chain or you know the heart ok right mom know how my oh my gosh this
is everything No come on you know come on little
encouragement well oh my god at all yeah ariana grande in a wave yeah Fred work yeah Paul is mobile that show the document works where is it
oh my god – everything is back hilarious look at this ones that come
over this bitch is come out of here we are stopped there to be here tonight
to present the award for best celebrity dog selfie it goes to adopt the famous
owner who actually agreed to share the spotlight with someone read all the
letters all great but we all know the dogs are the rules oh yeah that’s right if we had before it
filled with the biggest names in Hollywood and their owners here are the nominees for Best levy dogs celebrity dog selfie I’ll just announce the winner of the
gold hydrate for the best celebrity dogs out the end he goes to Joey yeah joy dressed africa at work yes I think he prefers to be carrying
this arm well thank you so much everyone who
voted for us what do you have anything you want to say oh I just want to say
thank you everyone boo that’s what order to be 0 thinking
of my feelings and oh that’s it score one for me on instagram at strong
the hospital who’s my winning boy oh yes he’s a very good point you won
first place in the beauty contest oh but why just him oh well he won he won so proud
of him it was half so stressful i was literally
taking a dog to an award show is Wow taking them to a dog award show is on a
whole new life hey Walter dark water he has ADHD to the extreme maximum he
just wants to say hello to everyone but in the end he won which was so great anyways we are headed to machines a new
place and we’re going to hang out there so go already so I didn’t end up
blocking at all at Shane’s house but it was a really fun night we laughed a lot
and we tried playing board games didn’t really work I don’t think the very board game like
we were all tired to be honest we didn’t really didn’t want to sit around a table
moving around and we are hand for all just like laying on the couch leg this but anyways just watching how to
get away with married there one of the moon episode of Four it’s everything that all isn’t
everything everything everything I watched the golden did she now did you know I can’t go to
my Twitter fine huh oh I’m angry that t is green is angry
they leave now I mean I’m being honest honesty honesty literal i want to show
you go so I’m on is not shade there’s a difference yeah no no same shade no not you who got
me even sue oh hello puppy toes my award-winning dog
over here you should have been building close he
is can’t wait to get the fire hydrant so I
was thinking of doing the pie phase challenge it looked fun so I want to try it out I
got this actually when I was at stream con they’re giving them up her friends
let’s make for a good video idea so if you think that would be a good
very idea i give this video a thumbs up our if it gets fifteen thousand i will
do it Daniel what Daniel what are you going to
do the pie challenge with him with who with who with who where you
wanted to the challenge with me yeah you pay with some sriracha sauce
and staff yes I know it’s paris beauty 69 by the way they need to make an
appearance soon it’s been too long so anyways that’s all
for today’s video i love you all so very much I’ll change well I wouldn’t mind so with all my gosh that’s everything all just team that is so warm I’m going the whole for not being chased no yeah haha I wouldn’t let’s just keep going
somewhere ok yeah then do it I got five


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