With 5 gold medals in a month, Hima Das is unstoppable; inspiration for youth athletes

Indian sporting sensation Hema das has continued her stunning performance as she clenched her fifth cold this month alone at a 400 meters race in Czech Republic I am here at the sector 7 Sports Complex and will be speaking to budding women athletes about what they think of the sporting sensation Kohi madoski Barry Minkow left ahead and what do you think of our achievements coffee atcha hey Keith now it's up to calculate with my girls it's not a achieve corporate no sneaky ahem aerobic name low background say with no / high level mega odds are – I am look beatnik oh sheesh karaoke hemlock vinegary present curry we think harm local Amy because s a MATLAB low background suit Nam what possible Nia's condition but still he bought the chalak page of castle name attacking him others Nicola cheetah hair will be in yellow represent Kiwi fourth or fifth gold Elvis car took off eh ahem hum la fiesta he's watching Akihabara making him look Bousquet Jessie did not snatch even scary of Azad achieved curry Kimura Bernini Hammurabi now my he madoski jaga what do you think has been a very important element in Hamada struggle for you personally I think when she went and got the medal for our country she had her exams going on and this year I have my boards so I have to juggle a lot and she inspires me because it's a tough job to get marks for yourself and get a medal for your state or country so I think that she's done a great job in managing herself very it's interesting to note that he mother's chaotic last 12 examinations only earlier this year and she's been juggling her studies with a passion for sports okay circular tacky sports me accrual module Kahuna 0df a crude model common exports no buzzers earlier because a close Marilla grab ke saamne to oppose Coppola Goethe and when you follow some when you go straight when if you doesn't follow somewhere you go here and there and there are so many people who miss guide you in anyway so be make a role model and in future be a role model so he Amanda's a killing as a role model first of all she won five gold medals for the India is just such a huge job that she's done after leaving this she is reducing her time day by day day by day and she was making her time that much perfect that no when one day she will meet such a making a nice recorded no aapko case inspire kiya he modestly my motivation minister morning even in practice canonically motivation will snuggle book it's not checkers at there me opening up new improvement and they said amiably am kombucha sit there AB coke asana Gajapathi own K medals Jeet nebari me botticella much about cushy fee my sushi kaki Voyageur Kia or let Keo get nacho Korea days Kaname Tosen career hooker take tin Hamish levels at punching at only 19 he modest is already inspiring sports women in the country this is Kavita Kohli and you're watching tribune videos do follow us on social media we are on twitter facebook instagram and youtube you


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