Winners of the inaugural Blockchain Australia Industry Awards 2019

oh hey guys we're here at the blockchain Australia industry Awards we're about to interview all the winners these guys and girls are incredible check it out alright here we were here with at great Awards with the digital currency exchange Award winners independent Reserve Adrian how're you feeling I'm ecstatic and I'm humbled Fred such a long journey it's been six years in the making we've just had our 6th birthday and to be recognized like this by the industry is incredible when the hard work that's gone into this and we've been slapped around the bank so many things have gone wrong awesome stuff and what kind of things helped you contribute to think of winning this year guys behind me just look at how could these the pretty beautiful car club group of guys look at these guys what's about the tell us about the team these are the smartest and the best guys I love every single one of them and this is why we won because we have the best team in the industry we have one of the best teams in the world what's coming up next year what's the little were we looking forward to with in event of reserve we have a lot of things up our sleeve we can't reveal quite all of them just yet but just recently we announced insurance and crypto assets which is which is an incredible thing in Australia we have the only exchange right now that offers insurance on our customers crypto assets and there will be announcements just like this and even bigger coming up next year Fred I can't wait awesome stuff guys congratulations two independent Reserve and a big cheer guys to blockchain Australia all right we're here we've got the winner of the startup scale-up of the year and the business blockchain of the year is well we could schastye he is the CEO of tool payments tell us some tell us about till so till primarily is a payments provider and we adopt a blockchain to help us with our revenue assurance offering and overload so we're doing work with a number of international merchants but also government organizations around the world awesome and how do you feel about winning these awards right fantastic a true testament to all the hard work from the team at till obviously the support from their community the blockchain community at car Austrade have all been sort of spiritual inspirational part of what we do and what do you think sort of contributed to you winning these awards this year look I think we do something it's a bit different to everybody else you know our application revenue assurance is you know really around sort of you know guaranteeing the source of funds and revenue from you know the sources of collection so whether it's a point of sale or whether it's a franchise group or something or a landlord we can pretty much assure that source of revenue on the blockchain and that's I think that's why we won this really again what's coming up next year so next year lots of international expansion a lot more people so we're opening offices in the US and also in the UAE lots of good things happening for us what an amazing success story and congratulations on winning your award Chetty that's the digital scale up and business of the Year right here there's the man alright we're back we've got the blockchain industry actually it's the blockchain government industry award of the year we've got ever ledger and the LGA here with Glenn and we've got the Wiis here as well tell us about how does it feel to win this award I think it's pretty exciting for us we did some great work with a visionary partner in LGA q and it's great to have government partners like that who are willing to do the best thing for their members local councils and and we underpinned a a procurement system with blockchain so that we could we could evidence compliance look this is great and certainly our thanks to ever LED you have been a great technical partner for us through this project Queensland's a big state home to five million Queenslanders and this project has potential to help our biggest councils and our smallest councils do what they need to do to support their local communities helping them with local procurement helping them meet their audit and compliance obligations helping them just do the things right that they need to be done right and the blockchain application gives us the ability to bacon governance into our daily procurement activities which is an amazing achievement and great credit to these guys over here I've just done some amazing work for us and we're looking forward to the next stage where this project might take us incredible now Louise Queenslander there it is and Louise what's coming up next year well we're doing further work with LG iq we are known for the work we're doing in diamonds and the provenance of high-value assets so we'll continue on that work and ensure a fair and sustainable supply chain for our partners our clients some stuff congratulations guys it's an incredible award and enjoy your night as well congratulations well done alright guys we're back here we've got the winner of the female blockchain Award winner of the year and the overall Business Award winner Anya who's a crypto economist at Powell ledger how are you feeling about your win tonight well it's very exciting a little bit unexpected I'm glad I decided that wasn't given right away so then to get both at the same time it's a bit of like having two bookends really stuff and what do they help contribute this year for you to win this well I think I'm with power legend Paulo Joe has been kicking lots of goals so we are one of those companies that has been delivering on our roadmap and have on-boarded quite a few customers this year so we've seen lots of scale and we've seen lots of scale in difficult markets as well such as the United States so it's exciting that they are choosing to work with a Australian technology company and we've recently made some announcements in Europe as well so I think it's just the overall traction that we've had and really enough Anya what's coming up next year for you guys what do you what are you so focused on well we are basically launching our carbon product that is using utilizing the base layer that we have already developed around certificates of origin reading data from smart meters but then using that to create digitized versions of carbon certificates and then enabling creation trading and retirement of those certificate so that's really a massive market and the one that's ripe for innovation and tokenization so it's just going full steam ahead in that brilliant stuff Anya do enjoy tonight and congratulations on your win we're here with the man himself mr. Barco bachina the policy and influencer of the year the man himself how are you feeling tonight about the win are pretty fantastic so grateful to have a great team around me let's help make this happen what do you think sort of helped contribute to this win this year for yourself I think I'm standing on their shoulders of giants so many in the community are helping push things forward and the more we can try and coordinate Marshall that the more we can have an influence in driving things to a greater future now you talked about some interesting things with your speech as well I had a great speech tell us you know what sort of the one message you want to really get out there right now about policy I think it's about everyone in the community because a lot of people are disillusioned with government but really government wants to listen to people and the more lobbying that happens at the grassroots level and the more influencing that everyone out there in the blockchain community can do themselves the greater impact we're going to have on government faster we're gonna have better regulation that's going to help bring blockchain tech particularly in the financial services sector into the mainstream and into a safe regulated pathway awesome stuff now Mike tell us what's coming up for the next year what are you focused on well as a lawyer I have all kinds of confidentiality so I'm focused on some really exciting projects there's a huge number of industries that have yet to see real tangible blockchain progress and I suppose I can hint that there's a few projects were involved in that are going to help change some of those spaces so it'll be a watch this space brilliant stuff congratulations on your win and really appreciate your help in everything you're doing thanks much mr. Bokka Poochyena the policy and influencer of the year or right here look at the man himself it's just a guy we've got bark here the community leader of the year congratulations you on your win tell us about how you feeling tonight wonderful it's a wonderful community what it's sort of grown out to be it's growing in lots of different spaces I've got to make myself myself scarce so that they fall into place continue it brilliant stuff now how are you feeling in terms of what do you think sort of helped and has driven the community growth this year so it's been a long-term process I got involved in the etherium blockchain community before during and after the dalvik and it was very pleasurable to just work on things you like to do and you get donations and that's what I brought to the Australian community to bring that spirit off let's just build cool because we can do it and just lots of giving economy happening that's part of how the community grew and one of my aims was to join Australia to the global etherium community and it's been beautiful brilliant Suffolk what's coming up for next year what what sort of what what's new these guys these guys are part of the community come on bring em in here it is bring the community in we've got workshops it's like thirty thirty yeah – 145 we've been doing this every week sometimes twice a week once we've done it four times in a week and we teach people etherium and how to learn and everything about blockchain well howdy it's got a great team here I wish you guys the best of luck congratulations and winning community leader of the year well done thanks very much but Ron Tucker here he's a lifetime fellow of the blockchain Australia you've won the award tonight as if we don't expect – tell me how do you feel about it ah like a hundred Bitcoin right now no it was it wasn't expected we started the work because it needed to be done it was a matter of innovator die good friend of mine down Canberra way a long time ago said you guys are regulator be regulated disrupt or be disrupted so when we were faced with a great challenge six years ago around the GST issue which stood to essentially send Bitcoin Australian Bitcoin overseas or underground we did what we do best as an industry and we innovated so we pulled together the community so starting with three little Bitcoin companies and we went to government we said look here's what blockchain and Bitcoin is here's what it isn't and let us give you a road map forward we'll work with you consultative ly we want to do things the right way so it was well received we fast forward a few years later and today we were what a hundred and ten members strong and the GST issue is fixed and here we are so I did not I honestly did not expect this it's it's nice to be recognized brilliant run what some what are the challenges do you see right now regard what are the things are you facing you're seeing is it as a challenge coming up what do you started working on you know well just as we were faced with that great existential crisis five six years ago now today globally we've been presented with one of the last great challenges and it's a bit of a double-edged sword so on the one side we have we had the g20 finance ministers last year give a directive to the Financial Action Task Force they're one of the five standard setting bodies globally under the g20 so that's a Basel which regulates prudential banking the Accounting Standards Board the insurance board they basically tell all of these groups what to do and how to do it so the Financial Action Task Force is the Financial Crimes regulator our AWS track or mas and Singapore or Vinson in the US they said clean up crypto all right and they threw the book at us but the double-edged sword is one we needed to work with them and regulate and build a new technology solution similar to Swift what it does for the banks or there was a second part to that but yeah that's right that's right so and build a technology solution called similar to Swift for our industry so we've done what we needed to do and at the g20 this year when those rules were adopted we're ended up the 20 biggest crypto exchanges in the world put them in a room on a in Osaka and spent two days going through the policy implications and then a road map cord about how we work together to build this new technology solution which we did and to bring these 20 companies cross-border borderless as big as they are all together into a room and work together as a community we were able to get to the other side and we now have a way forward that will help ensure our industry continues to survive and thrive in hopefully many decades to come brilliant stuff run congratulations on your award and really appreciate everything you've done for this industry we have got the blockchain innovator of the year kane warwick from synthetics founder over there how are you feeling tonight about the wind yeah yeah it's it's pretty exciting I mean you know we're doing some interesting stuff with decentralized exchanges so you know I think it's pretty innovative from a tech perspective so yeah it's exciting one person now in terms of your award what sort of things particularly we focused on and really helped you you win this I mean you know as a as a crypto exchange we're kind of pushing the envelope of what's possible so you know we've had to pivot a couple times with the model to kind of get it right but we've started to get some traction so I think that you know that's been represented with the win tonight awesome stuff what's coming up next year for synthetics and I know you're part of blue shift as well which is another great business what's coming up next year we've got a whole bunch of stuff so we've got some architectural changes that we're doing with layer 2 scaling we've got oracle improvements with chain-link I think we've talked about before so there's a bunch of cool stuff that will work on all sums of congratulations cane on the wind tonight a great member of the blockchain community all right all right we've got the blockchain industry corporate project of the year the winner here's Sophie from Project Bondi tell us how you're feeling about the wind tonight very excited for myself but most importantly for my team and our collaborators it's a real honor to receive this award everything's up now what sort of things helped you contribute I think to win this award this year I think it comes back to the team spirit we've got a small but powerful team that builds on the and with the benefit of some really committed collaborators so the world bank group as the key collaborator on this contributed in terms of their blood sweat and tears to get this transaction over the line it was a world first there was a lot of uncertainty they dealt with it in a really really positive manner and we got it over the line so delighted to have won this award for it awesome stuff now what's coming up so next year you know you've done this bond what's next what's what's happening yeah we're continuing to build on it so since we launched the bond we've also launched secondary trading so there is now activity between investors on the platform and in the next couple of weeks watch this space that we further announcements we are continuing to roll out the platform to new jurisdictions with new strategic partners and adding new products to the platform brilliant stuff so he congratulations on the win awesome stuff thanks very much Sophie there for the big win with the corporate it's the Commonwealth Bank come back awesome alright we've got the blockchain industry award government project of the year it's a big win I be Australia and how are you feeling tonight about the win we're really honored to have won this and being recognized by the blockchain community for the success of our particular project IP Australia is one of the first fully digital Commonwealth government departments and we're really passionate about helping Australian innovators and small business by delivering smart tools we deliberately undertook a really great process of working with both Civic ledger and agile digital to actually pop out some really great capability that we think will help Australian evaders and Australian business in the future brilliant Suffolk now tell us about agile agile digital that's correct so we build software often for the government and in this case we worked on with IPA on a really exciting innovation which is a smart trademark to help Australian exporters protect themselves against counterfeiting in foreign markets which is a huge problem but Penfolds why in this case for sure estate wineries work with us and PL ago estate in Australia on export trials with our friends at IPs Joey are very successful a great example of where blockchain can make a huge difference please show you an economy looking forward awesome stuff and with civic ledger tell us about what we do involvement then how you know what what sort of what do things that help to could win win the award this year working with IP Australia IP Australia went out to Tendo into the DTO marketplace and we were very able to compete on a level playing field because we actually could actually present you real use cases of our work with watch and technology which gave us an advantage so we were able to compete as a start-up with the big accounting firms and secure this contract with IP Australia and we delivered two sprints one of the first Sprint's we delivered was quite exciting because we actually pushed about fifty thousand records through the ether scan in about less than 40 minutes and showing that we could actually push transactions through the theory and the public blockchain to verify that IP Australia had issued these patents to the rightful owner and be able to query that the next stage we were able to build a protocol and the reason why we were able to do that is because we could co-create with IP Australia IP Australia gave us an open platform to say how are we going to solve this problem so instead of building applications which is fine they allowed us go down to the protocol level and why is that different is because protocol levels allow you to set the data rules or the standards for globalization so jurisdictions don't have to lose this when we look at the movement of IP data across the world and this was an Australian first notice because we were able to work with IP Australia and they didn't put limits on us so Civic ledger agile IP share congratulations of the wind this year well done awesome stuff didn't see that coming didn't see that coming I appreciate the thanks so Fred congratulations on winning the Entrepreneur of the Year from watch an Australian industry Awards tell us your story what you know how is it that you've built up 5x and find out in the crypto space you know I think well firstly there's a great industry here and I think we've applied similar things to what finder already does in comparing and then I thought that was an underserved market in not over-the-counter and I think everyone was getting deep banked so I went and helped influence Gold Fields to Bank everyone so they could get bank accounts which was kind of a kind of a big deal and I just thought that might help spur on the industry that it's just coming about and I just try things new kind of try things well hey that's one of the exciting things about this whole community is people just step up and try new ideas and they push things and even some ones are challenged you know they always but it's great look at the buzz he is amazing so tell us about some of the other that you know the award winners and the feel that you've got talking to them tonight you know we've been talking with these guys I think they're great good look at the you Nick let's put let's be honest you're the one who's brought us together University big thanks to yourself you know awesome guys check this job blockchain Australia incredible stuff he's the man himself you know I think this is a different community because people support each other other communities they're fighting each other this one you're actually trying to build something because we're all in it together that's a unique thing I think it was like that a little bit in the internet days early but after a while it sort of lost that a bit although other industries I think they're trying to eat each other this one we're trying to help each other and I've always look at this I always look at this industry you're trying to grow the whole thing I try to take a let's grow the thing I don't really take necessary sides yeah just to look at the whole thing and try and improve it that's what that's where I found focusing it's great we had this meeting with Senator Hume today's the new financial technology minister among other things the first time Australia's had a minister with direct responsibility for financial technology shield exciting and one of things was really interesting was a number of the companies in the room will probably be competitive with one another if we get this blockchain space going but as you say they were there together saying hey we've got this common vision of how the world could be different and we really want to you know get you to believe in that and come with us on that journey and for you your leadership Nick bringing us all together as well and I appreciate it so much thanks Fred and thank you entrepreneur of the year you know one of the big leaders in making stuff happen in this space so thanks a lot Fred really appreciate it thank you yes all right guys that was the winners there from a blockchain astray the industry awards check out all of those guys they're incredible stuff guys and girls here do subscribe do you follow us and check us out on crypto Fano guys I'm out of here we got to check out

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