William McWhorter – Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

selfless service one of the Army's seven core values is described as putting the welfare of the nation the army and your subordinates before yourself there are few acts of selfless service and heroism greater than that of William a quarter on December 5th 1944 on that day just two days shy of his 26th birthday private McWhorter was engaged in combat against the Japanese on the Philippine island of Leyte during the Second World War as a machine gunner McWhorter fought in a defensive position with one assistant while the Japanese launched a heavy attack we heard later that when they would throw a grenade or something to you know at them that he would pick it up and throw it back and laugh at him because they had planned to kill him but when he this one came in it was I guess ready to explode and what we understood was that he picked it up and held it to his body and turned his back toward his friends so that they wouldn't be hurt but that was you know sort of him looking out for other people and not thinking about them for this incredible act of sacrifice and courage private first class William the quarter was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor on September 27th 1945 I got a letter from one of his buddies it was in the service with him and he was telling me there for them had been killed and that was before we were notified by the War Department well it was said and yet it was a happy time to know that he had tried to protect his tell of soldiers following the war the quarters remains were returned to his hometown of Liberty South Carolina where he was laid to rest in the West View Cemetery though his life and it's short mcquarters heroic act of selflessness lives on forever in our nation's history he upheld the highest tradition in military service

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