this video is called while he wind up on his channel war of 2019 and the channel the wound up on this channel is the VAP team stream live four hours ago or on July 25th 2019 and it was entitled the VAP team episode 2 1 3 or 213 we want to show you something they want to show you something I certainly don't want to share any knowledge with you but they certainly want to show you something so anyway as you see up on the screen here Mike VAP States parents of kids are suing drool and he was wondering and in fact was like a direct statement he stated that parents of kids sued tobacco companies in other words he was basically saying that there's no problem with the parent suing drool in regards to their kids or even kids doing drool because there is class-action suits with teenagers but he was wondering as well as saying straight out that parents of kids did they ever sue tobacco companies or they never sued tobacco companies he's making it appear that way anyway so this is going through a little of this what he's talking about here so surely he doesn't know his history as a as a former combustible cigarette smaller so no low tobacco litigation history and recent developments says smokers their families and government entities have been following lawsuits against tobacco companies for more than half a century all right now families mm-hmm of kids the first of all suits against cigarette manufacturers on the first reports emerge linking cigarettes at true cancer emerged in the 1950s plaintiffs began suing cigarette manufacturers plaintiffs in Earl in these early cases usually smokers with lung cancer typically employed several illegal theories in their lawsuits negligent manufacturer product liability negligent advertising fraud and violation of state consumer product protections are a protection statutes all this think is exactly what Joule is being sued for all of this every single part of this is in all these lawsuits in regards to Joule a second way of a tobacco litigation addiction introduced in the 1980s a new wave of lawsuits emerged in the landmark case of that time and you see it at the plaintiff and her family alleged that cigarette manufacturers at new but did not warn consumers that smoking caused lung cancer and that cigarettes were addicted were addictive and they were awarded $400,000 appellate court reversed a decision and and then in the 1990s plaintiffs began to have limited success in tobacco lawsuits partly because some cigarette company documents were leaked showing the companies were aware of the addictive nature of tobacco and then another person sued Philip Morris and then of course the master settlement agreement I think we all know that it was mailing to do with kids tobacco companies agreed to refrain from engaging in certain advertising practices particularly ad campaigns that marketed cigarettes towards kids like they that drool did in 2015 marketed their particular product the jewel to kids and then you had individual lawsuits in Florida smokers and their families and then this ruling paved the way for over 8,000 smokers and their families to bring individual lawsuits against the tobacco companies and you had even a batch of lawsuits in regards to these light cigarettes then another one here – a widow of a former smoker it was twenty three billion dollars and they shrunk it down to seventeen million so parents husbands and wives have been suing tobacco companies for many years since the 1950s and I'm sure a lot of these lawsuits included like it says families so it included kids as well I could pull up more more of these lawsuits that feel like but I think I made my point and then Brian stated that a quote is talking about vaping brian stated quote healthier safer alternative unquote while Brian if this was the case then you should have absolutely no problem with taking your hundred thousand dollars that you made from all of your shit that you designed or whatever the hell it is it's gotta be between 50 to $100,000 and maybe put one of your fucking I don't know mods through a PMT a of course it's gonna cost you more than a hundred thousand but I think you get my point at least you could put fifty thousand dollars toward the millions of dollars to get one of your mods through a PM tas into a submission to the FDA and if our products are so healthier and so safer as an alternative then no one should sweat this pmta process because you know as a fact that it all just be approved by the FDA so it is worth millions of dollars to put all these illiquid hardware and software through pmta submit them to the FDA and there's no sweat to it it's worth spending millions of dollars because in the long run once the FDA approves of all these products that are on the market in regards to vaping then we'll be right back to square one again so I'll have all the vaping devices back on the market again it's so easy isn't it Brian because it's such a healthier safer alternative and you know the Food and Drug Administration's with all the testing done on the eliquids and hardware and software will prove to the FDA that it is a healthier safer alternative I don't know what why you guys are making a big deal out of the PM tas you go on and on about vaping being a healthier alternative or being a healthier safer alternative then you should not sweat a pmta and then on that point you guys have a good one Abhaya bone

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