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Wiley calls Drake and Ed Sheeran Culture Vultures Entertainment News #ThisWeekOnTheInternet

what’s good its ya girl channette carleo
if you *beep* with me heavy hit the subscribe button you done know already another
episode of this week on the internet so my washi of the week has to go to Nicki
Minaj and her new boobs they went like this week and they won’t be the wow babe
why does man comment say and I went on his page and I was once a lemon no she
got up stop man hey come on this side bra why have you gonna play out I’m in
your pocket it’s just insta live like what you’re
gonna do you gonna bust tee shots for the phone like what are we doing energy
just a bit yes are they off happy to give my positive purse of the week to my
baby daddy to my husband to my home man meek Millz
who actually went back to use elementary school this week and gifted them with
backpacks and sneakers and left them with a few words of encouragement kitties are to the first grade I just
want to stop and show my love and appreciation to my neighborhood I want
to give a shout out to mobile to treat you to chase your dreams do what you do
if you follow my music if you like what I do the Baywatch award this week and a
huge congratulation has to go to the water and he’s fiance now so ma we got
engaged this week and I know anything about Nigerian
weddings this one it’s gonna be off the chain
I need my invite please quick and for somebody sending how many disappear box
that’s me real quick another huge congratulation and the post of the week
award goes to met an Italian who joined a rock nation family this week I like to
officially welcome Megan these dalliance Methodists and is just making moves
she finished Osama she’s gonna move us into one go winter with our jackets go
big up Medina celeea my G lead of the week has to go to the one and only Wiley
who called out Drake and Ed Sheeran at culture vultures in an explosive
interview with BBC One X just breakfast show host study he legacy lives be more
than her who’s a pagan rock Drake is a pagan Drake is a
cultural vulture ed Sheeran you are culture vulture
you know you said at the beginning you need me man I don’t need you so you said
but head the other day mate you had to use Graham to pick your song over the
edge they called you as the most influential urban artist of a decade or
whatever they was however it long it was when I read the thing I said you know
what it should have said the artist who sold the most because how can he be the
most influential urban artist people don’t know where the vibes come from
listen Ed Sheeran you are a culture vulture and I’m not listening to you
anymore now this week the slay of the week and also the end of the week goes
to none other than love islands and blah so the L of the week for amber was that
she was dumped by great something you said I think there was a bit of
miscommunication right but what are the hats you like it was nothing like that
and this is what he had to say first of all the age-old saying don’t believe
everything you read okay me a number have been shot in last couple of days
and over phone calls holding about a text is just
isn’t true people just want to sell stories so you didn’t text me but you
called her yeah it was over a long time it wasn’t just this one text look child
who do we believe do we believe Greg he said they spoke about it or do we
believe Amba he said she was dumped by text this box which is got screenshots
out here don’t piss me it respected I doubt amber will be in tears for too
long and she also takes the slave of the week award back in a 1 million pound
deal with the fashion line Miss paps video of the week has to go to my girls
in the hylia and LM a for the banging track what you did let’s serve it this is my this is my
chin this is my chin bring it back bringing me back to that
old school Maddie’s R&B soulful sounds we need more music like this please
bring more music like this that is all for this week on the Internet I hope you
guys enjoyed this video if you did please make sure you go ahead and give
this video a big thumbs up if you want to join the Fang in there’s a swag
button click the notification bow so you know that I mix have a video up and I’ll
see you guys in my next one mwah


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