Why Should Rafael Nadal Win The Sportsmanship Award | Must Watch

  • "Enduring means accepting. Accepting things as they are and not as you wish them to be, and then looking ahead, not behind."

  • Ndala is easily by far the best and number one sportsman in Tennis across the world, even in pain he would try his to finish the match , and even when lose to tears at losing he would acknowledge the greatness of the winners and award him with great shot, thats hard when just lost the game. Bravo Nadal , good luck I hope my dream will come true to be able to afford to watch one game of yours in 2020

  • No doubt he deserves the reward but he is himself. Always a gentleman. Helping people in his country after the flood. He would never ask for anything in return. LENGEND! 🇪🇸

  • Wawrinka one of the most maybe is the #1 cunt in this sport . shameful that talent in this guy .. what a piece of shit .

  • Since the Melbourne finals. Rafa is the part of my life. I never liked tennis before. But NOW I LOVE IT. Nadal is my favourite player.

  • Let alone all other great things he has done, just for his gesture towards Fedrer after 2009 AO final at the award ceremony should give him the sportsmanship of….may be the century !! What champion and what pure heart..

  • I really really hope Rafa win AO19… he's had so much bad luck in Australia, so many retirements. He deserves more than just 1 Australian open title.

  • Literally the only reason I watch tennis. Amazing human and amazing spirit and a true winner. Vamos Rafa!

  • Ohh… I'm so proud and grateful to be a RAFAN !!! In loss or defeat, he has always revealed his best side. It will never matter if he ever won this award. Our love for him and what his fans think of him is all the award he has ever needed to keep going. Truly, he does not need anything tangible to prove he has the best sportsmanship spirit. We all know he is and will always be, even when he retires.

  • This makes me cry so hard each time I watch… could be extended now after what happened at the us open. Once Rafa told his opponent to callenge a point because he wasn’t sure if it was in or not… the other match he cleaned up all his stuff after the match, etc. It breaks my heart that another injury stopped him un a semi- final. He was part of the greatest matches all year long… he deserves so much better.

  • Well. I agree that Nadal deserves a lot. I have a lot of respect for the man. But he is not the only one to wait his opponent at the end of the match. I have to say that the one who deserves the most applauses is Stan, Muller, del potro recently for their behavior in these situations.
    I agree in saying that he is bold and courageous but retiring when injured is not a enough-good proof of sportsmanship. Not compared to the guys like Cilic, del potro, Murray, etc that had to carry the "i won because of Rafa's retire" thing if you understand what I mean ^_^
    Nadal is only a frequent injured athlete on this plan.

    But it takes nothing away from his overall sportsmanship, it's just not the good example 🙂

  • A champion for the ages..a role model who was taught first how to be a gentleman and then a tennis player, always respecting the opponent.. .I completely agree about him winning more sportsmanship awards. Thanks for posting this!

  • I am a tennis neutral. However, if I were to be given an opportunity to tell someone which tennis player that he/she should take after, it'd be Rafael Nadal without a doubt! Nope, not Roger Federer, not Novak Djokovic and definitely not Andy Murray. Why? Attitude! Attitude is above everything else. And this man's attitude is beyond comparison. It certainly far outweights even the likes of Roger Federer whom everyone claims to be an idol of theirs. I do not expect everyone to agree to this but by not conceeding to this fact, clearly y'all are being biased in someway! Rafael Nadal is the true G.O.A.T! Maybe not in terms of tennis anyway. Rather, he's the G.O.A.T when it comes to how an athlete conducts himself both on and off the court.

  • I'm personally a federer fan but I think their shouldn't even be a sportsmanship award for tennis. Nadal and federer both are incredibly great sportsmen and thats part of the reason why this game is such a clean and amazing sport

  • So many of the athletes show respects & COMPASSIONS Federer Agasi ……Rodick ….soccer/ football players…but Nadal definitely tops everybody ! He hasn't changed that at all for all those years after all & that is REMAKABLE!Besides his non human like atheleticisms & stamina & competitiveness &control , persistancy…focus power & patience!!! He is not just one of the greatest athletes in the history to witness but also a very lovable person that is easy for us to see !

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