Why Old Roblox Event Items Have Been Replaced with Trophies (Explained)

hello robloxians and welcome back to Block C news your number of levels for the latest and the greatest roblox news now in today's video I'll be going over a change roblox has recently made to past event items so as you guys know most roblox events before they are sadly removed of course all had sponsors that helped run the events and the virtual items that typically came at these sponsored events were somewhat related to the sponsor for example when nerf sponsored Halloween events you were able to win nerf themed items to wear in your avatar but just today roblox is updated and replaced a few of those sponsored event items on-screen now you'll see a bunch of gold and trophies the majority of which looks very similar that is because these items used to be different things related to a brand but have now been updated into trophies to show you participated in whatever that sponsored event was the only real way to tell what event it was for is to look at the actual trophy itself because the descriptions mentioned nothing about the sponsor for example this item up on screen called a trophy of participation 2016 used to be a fruity pebbles and Flintstones related item now you can tell because the trophy is a bowl of cereal which is related to fruity pebbles and the description mentions an old-school Stone Age item and the Flintstones are based in the Stone Age so yes the description does somewhat try to explain my dad and used to be as best as it can without mentioning the sponsors name also if you in any of the football helmets robox released earlier this year with their partnership with the NFL they have all been turned into the same golden helmet but the description still states what state the helmet previously was and lastly there was an event dedicated to hot wheels where you were able to win different Hot Wheels cars as gear but they have since been updated and replaced with the trophy of wheeled participation which has a literal Hot Wheel as the trophy now you are probably wondering why roblox has done this and it's pretty simple they most likely lost the rights to have the brand names on these items causing them to have to replace and relate that was something that doesn't mention anything about the brand it was previously related to but with that being said I hope this video clear up a lot of confusion you guys don't might have been having if you did do I enjoy this video and it helps make sure to give it a like and if you'd like to see more news videos make sure to subscribe listen uh vacations on to never miss out on the latest and greatest for blocks news if you have any other news stories that I could potentially make a video on make sure to send them over my way to my Twitter which is at Block C underscore news or my discord server which can be found in the description below thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video goodbye robloxians


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