Why Kim Kardashian Wishes "Truth" About Cheating Scandal Aired Sooner | E! News

Kim Kardashian wishes the truth about Jordan woods and Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal had aired sooner it's been four months since news about Tristan and Jordans cheating scandal broke on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans watched Chloe learn about the drama for the very first time Chloe had previously announced she wouldn't be tweeting during the episode Kim took to the social network to let her fans know how she really felt about seeing the scandal air the 38 year old wrote as uncomfortable as reliving the small and over again is we have been so open with everything in our lives from giving birth marriages divorces the good times and the bad and unfortunately this is the truth of what we went through and I wish it could have aired sooner as fans will recall both Tristan and ruin addressed reports about the scandal shortly after a broke the Cleveland Cavaliers player called the reports fake news and Jordan spoke about the cheating claims during an episode of red tape we'll talk during her sit-down interview with Jada pinkett-smith Jourdan admitted she was at a party with Tristan and that they had kissed however she had insisted there was no passion she also denied making out with the athlete and insisted she didn't give him a lap dance or sleep with him despite all the drama Chloe continues to co-parent her daughter true Thompson with Tristan in fact the two recently celebrated their daughter's first birthday together

  • The amount of n 1 g g e r semen the Kardashians have swallowed in their lifetimes could fill the pool in my backyard. 🤢🤮

  • Why do women hitch onto men like Tristan that has all the substance of a Cheerio? Men like that turn me off. Please Khloe RUN!

  • Even if it aired sooner..nothing changes Kim. Jordans truth is still truth…Tristan made the move to kiss a drunk girl..taking advantage..that's just who he is…it's not the other way round…so nothing changes….aren't u glad everyone has moved on…don't try to spoil it @Kim and Enews

  • The Truth been came out, like that was a horrible orchestration last night. So worried about their brand being destroyed that they are in fact destroying it themselves trying so desperately to destroy another because they can't let go. It's Over and clearly everyone has moved on so I'd say time for them to do the same.

  • Kim: We are open and honest about our lives…. Someone remind me if they've ever been open and honest up to all the men they've stolen from their 'friends'….

  • Kim likes to insert herself in everything. People say she is protective but she is just annoying. If Kanye cheated on her she wouldn't leave him. She's never been cheated on so she need to keep quiet stop attacking Jordyn and telling her family members what to do, or wear, or that should always follow her leads.

  • I know Jordyn is young but what she did to this family is such a betrayal after all they have done for you. Who are you to mess up
    someone's family's life when this family has been so giving to you. Yes Tristan is a dirt bag but guess what so are you for participating in this. Shame on you. Karma is a you know what. Shame on you.

  • I am sure that some of you at E! are serious journalist and have a college degree.  However you are sounding more like nanny's/baby sitters doing hard labor for the Karda clan.  Its time to put this nonsense of a set up story to rest and do some serious journalist work.

  • Why does anyone care what the Kardashians do in their life? They are attention whores who can't seem to get enough exposure so they post their entire life on social media, no one cares! Thanks O.J, if it wasn;t for your murder trial, none of us would of ever been exposed to these people….Thanks a lot O.J.

  • If Jordyn has the balls to “kiss” Khloe’s husband, why can she have those balls to own up to it !! Shame on you Jordyn 😠

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