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Why James Corden Loves Creating Viral Moments | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-We are live on the red carpet at the Emmys. I´m here with none other than James Corden, everyone. -Hi. How are you?
-James, so nice to see you. -Lovely to see you.
-First of all, this caught my attention. -Really? Just a little slice of glamour.
That´s all. -Just a slice of glamour.
-That´s all it is. -Who are you wearing this evening?
-It´s Alexander McQueen. -Oh. I like to ask that once in a while.
-Yeah, I know. Me too. -This is very sharp.
-Yeah. I feel very confident in it. -You look very confident, and you should be very confident.
A lot of nominations. -Well, this year, yeah, yeah, yeah, we were very fortunate. Yeah, we´ve had a a lovely year so far in this whole sort of nonsense. So, yes, we´re having a lovely time. -What is your favorite part of what you do? Like, what is the one thing that gets you so excited
when you´re going to do it, when you know you´re about to do it?
-Um, I don´t know, really. I guess the most rewarding thing is
when you do something on the show and you know, the nature of the world that we´re living in
now is that you´re in a world where people will watch stuff on their phones or their tables, their computers,
and they´ll share stuff. And when you make something that you feel has crossed over, and lots of people are sort of finding it
over the week or the days subsequently after the show, that´s when it´s kind of thrilling, really.
That´s when it´s a nice time to do such a job. -And I´ve got something else amazing,
being a massive music fan that you are. You got to drive through Liverpool with a Beatle.
-Tell me about that. -Oh, look, it was like nothing I´ve ever experienced.
I think we felt, when we were doing it, that we may have captured something that was quite special. I don´t think we realized
that it would mean so much to so many people. That sort of going to Liverpool and driving down Penny Lane and all of those things is just a massive moment where you never thought you would be lucky enough
to do such a thing. I certainly never did, so it´s all just
a really lovely experience, yeah. -James, thank you so much for coming by.
-You´re very lovely. -Always so nice to see you.
-I will see you at that coffee shop. -Oh, yeah, I have seen him double-park at a coffee shop. -She said, “You´re always double-parked.”
I was like, “Yeah, ´cause I got to get in and out quick.” -“Got to get in and out quick.”
-Can´t valet for a coffee. -They do have good coffee.
-Sensational. Nice to see you. -Alright, nice to see you.
I´ll see you soon. Bye, James.


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