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Why is this Shot from Bird Box the Director’s Favorite? | NowThis Entertainment

Hi, I’m here with Susanne Bier,
director of ‘Bird Box,’ and I’m going to talk to her about her favorite
shot in her new film. This is ‘I Have a Question.’ What do you feel is the most
important shot in ‘Bird Box?’ – Woo, the shot?
– The shot, one. The shot in the beginning
where Malorie talks to the kids. It’s not like the most striking visually
but in terms of themes and in terms of Sandra Bullock’s
outrageous performance. ‘You have to do every single thing I say
or we will not make it, understand?’ It’s that like slow pull out that starts
on the extreme close-up on her face and ultimately ends on the behind
the shoulder shot of the children. that Malorie, who Sandra Bullock plays, gives. ‘Under no circumstance are you
allowed to take off your blindfold.’ ‘If I find that you have, I will hurt you.
Do you understand?’ And then you pull out and you see that
she’s actually talking to two small kids and ‘You never, ever take off your blindfold.
If you look, you will die.’ ‘Do you understand?’ It’s actually one of the things which have
kind of stayed in different versions of the script. That scene has stayed pretty much the same
because it was so strong. Was that like one of the shot ideas you had when you were presented the script? Like how did you conceive that shot
of this just beautiful slow pull out? Yeah. For me the most exciting shot
is always the close-up. You know, I want to know. I want to
understand what’s going on in those eyes. I want to cultivate it. I want to play with it. And, and then you go into it editing and
you kind of go ‘hey let’s–– let’s try cutting it up.’ And then it becomes, just like pretty ordinary. Once you cut away from something, you become
more aware of the fact that you’re sitting in at a movie. As opposed to like the slow creep of the dolly track. If you’re so focused on the close-up, that’s going
to sell any emotional beat or tone in a scene–– Yeah, but you can’t not––
you can’t just have the close-up, I mean, the close-up only works in the context. I’m not a fan of movies which are only just close-ups
because I think it kind of also gets claustrophobic. But if you kind of talk about And that fascination–– I mean every time I do a movie
that fascination just gets bigger and bigger. ‘Every single decision I have made
has been for them. Every. Single. One.’


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