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Why is Disney relying on remakes instead of producing original movies?

I’m worried about Disney. You see
Disney’s always been held up as being an example of one of the most creative
companies out there and they’ve in the history produced some of the best
artistic work across the film genre I don’t think anyone can disagree with
that just based on their track record of how consistently they’ve produced
high-quality work but I’m worried that it might be coming to a close soon
you see yesterday we went to the cinema to watch the new Mary Poppins film and I
did that with my fiancee because we both had such beautiful memories of the
original Mary Poppins film for many many many decades ago that we both watched
when we were children but what I noticed is there is a theme that’s become more and
more prevalent in the cinema industry but specifically with Disney in the last
couple of years Disney seems to just be taking its
original ideas from many decades ago that that they know of worked and
they’re just producing new versions of it they’re producing live-action remakes
or high-quality CGI remakes of some of their most beloved animated movies from
many years ago and Mary Poppins is one example of this many of you know
the Julie Andrews version I think it was from the 1960s which is still a
beautiful classic movie nowadays especially at the time when it fused
live-action performance with animation but the one that I watched yesterday
just seemed to fall quite flat. Not only that it seemed to more or less imitate
the original film by having a new version of more or less every feature
from the original film, from the dancing lamplighters compared to the the the
Chimney Sweeps, the chore songs in the house the sad song followed by the more
upbeat song, even the same nanny dealing with essentially the same set of
children and worst of all a dance number where the same animated Penguins from
the original film danced with the new Mary Poppins in the new film thisisn’t the only example of this in the last couple of years
Disney has already made remakes of The Jungle Book, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and also recently what list of movies they’ve
got coming up as live-action remakes some of you may have already seen the
adverts for Dumbo which which were playing as previews during the Mary
Poppins film but they’ve also got Aladdin (one of my favorite movies of all
time) they’ve got a new digital version of The Lion King, they’ve got the Little
Mermaid, they’ve got even lady in the Tramp (an animated film about dogs
that they’re gonna redo as a new high quality CG movie with live-action) and
the question I ask myself is why are they doing this? why is the company
that’s synonymous with originality and creativity relying on the ability to
just retake its previous ideas and more or less reproduce them, not quite
word-for-word but following the same story beats? and the answer is it’s
always a lot safer to just go off what’s previously worked than to try something
risky by being original and Disney has produced some remakes
recently and the numbers actually back up that this is a sound financial
decision for them I’ve got the the list of the the recently released movies here
I mean The Jungle Book that they released a couple years ago made nearly
a billion dollars, it made nine hundred and sixty six million dollars in the
worldwide box-office Cinderella that they released in 2015
made five hundred and forty three million dollars, Maleficent with Angelina
Jolie made seven hundred and fifty eight million dollars and then there’s Alice
in Wonderland which made over a billion dollars, and Beauty and the Beast which
recently made more than 1.2 billion dollars. these are numbers that up until a couple of years ago when the real franchise franchise system
really started coming into Hollywood were just unheard of and so Disney is
looking at these numbers and it kind of serves as evidence that people are
willing to go and watch the same story retold in a different way especially
people who are nostalgic and remember fondly the original animated movies from
their childhood like I did myself. now it doesn’t always
work they’ve also had two movies which were not quite as successful Pete’s
dragon which was a remake of the original animated Pete’s dragon which
only made 143 million dollars which is still a huge amount of money and then
Christopher Robin which came out yes last year sorry the remake of Winnie the
Pooh which only made 197 million dollars which is still nearly two hundred
million dollars but it just shows that from a business standpoint Disney has
made a calculated decision that people are willing to pay for nostalgia and
there seems to be this wave of nostalgia that comes in a generational format
I have many Disney movies from my childhood that I remember very fondly
and people who grew up before me also have Disney movies that they remember
very fondly and as our generations grow up and new movies come out that we
remember fondly from our childhoods we probably want to take our own children
to go and watch those last last night in the cinema there were a couple of
families there with young children the parents of film probably remembered
Mary Poppins very fondly now whether or not the movie is as good as the original
one is up for debate. personally I didn’t like the new Mary Poppins as much as the original one but is it okay for Disney to retake these old ideas just for a
financial gain rather than actually investing in producing new original
ideas which might be more risky but have the potential of inspiring a whole new
generation of children and adults and creators themselves? so let me know down in the comments below whether or not you think it’s okay to just rehash old ideas
or whether or not you think it’s important to actually invest in new
creative ideas even though there’s a high risk that they might not work. so
once again thank you for listening it’s been Nick Skillicorn here from idea to
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