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Why I Went To The Streamy Awards (Knowing I’d Lose)

I don’t know how some people can go on these long-ass,
12-hour flights, and just be okay the next day. You know those Instagram posts, that say:
“London on Monday, New York on Tuesday,
Tokyo on Wednesday. Let’s get this bread!!!” Like, that’s impossible! I just came off of a 10-hour flight, it’s been three days, since I got back as of recording this, and I’m still like “I don’t remember what being rested feels like”. “So like, how was your trip to Los Angeles?
You didn’t tell us anything about it.” We’ll get to that, god dayum!
Let me go get Wilfur first. Rise and shine, Wilfur, it’s time to shoot a video. Umm… this one will do, I guess? *clears thrOAT* So you may remember, we were nominated at the Streamy Awards in the “Animated” category, and also for “Creator of the Year”. Spoiler alert : w e d i d n t w i n But I mean, that’s not a shocker,
because I 100% called it. ?????????BABAGUAG B????????????H “I’m gonna enjoy being nominated for the remaining few days, until I inevitably lose to Shane Dawson.” l o s e t o s h a n e d a w s o n x 3 And, the Streamy goes to…
s h a n e  d a w s o n “So like, why did you even bother flying all the way out there, if you knew you were gonna lose?” I mean, I wasn’t gonna waste an opportunity to take Wilfur with me, and wear matching tuxes! And in this video, I wanna recap the whole thing,
because so much happened while I was out there. I live in Romania, I had never been to the United States. I had to apply for a visa, I got all my things, and after a long-ass flight, Wilfur and I landed in Los Angeles. Wilfur, we’re in LA! So, let’s talk about the Streamy’s.
There were two separate events. There was of course the big night,
that you may have seen on the livestream. But two days before that, there was a secret Streamy event, that was not broadcasted. They essentially gathered all the nominees in a small theater, and they announced the winners to some of the smaller categories, that would not fit the main event.
“Animated” being one of them. And that’s where I met my arch-nemesis: TheOdd1sOut. *gasp*>:O – Hey Andrei, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too, James. FriEnDsHIp!!11!!! James came with his boy Adam, aka SomethingElseYT,
and I brought mah boi, Jordan aka Pivots. And since all four of us are animators,
we stuck together the whole evening. Just four animator boys, casually hanging out at an awards show. As you do. “Wait, where was Wilfur during this thing?
Did you forget him at home?” I didn’t forget him, okay?
Wilfur is a fancy boy. He didn’t wanna come, unless the show was being live-streamed. So he skipped the first one,
and got in his beauty sleep hours, to make sure, he was looking good on the night of the main event. Meanwhile, we were seated in this theater,
and literally on the seat right behind me was Liza Koshy. My boy Jordan leans over, and says
“Dude! Liza Koshy is right behind us.” And I’m like “I know!”
And she was probably like: “I don’t know either of these guys,
but they’re creeping me oouuuut!” d o y o u t h i n k s h e k n o w s w e e x i s t And then, they announced the winner for the Animated category. James and I threw a good luck glance at each other,
and then we looked up at the stage. And the winner was… [drum roll]
Story Booth. 🙁 Yep, we both lost. There was an after-party,
we all had a nice chat, we had a great time, and then, we each went our separate ways. By the time I got back to my AirBnB, of course,
Wilfur had taken over the entire bed. [sigh] “God damn it”.
So I curled up on the floor, and I slept like a baby. Two days later, it was time for the main event:
October 22nd, the Streamy Awards. Everyone was going to be there, and Wilfur and I were prepared to make an entrance. Well, I mean at least one of us was. I got the tickets right here, we’re ready to go- What are you doing, Wilfur? Put your goddamn tux on, we’re going to the Streamy’s! There we go, much better. Now, don’t give me that look. If we’re gonna be late, it’s gonna be because of you, okay? So, let’s get right into the news.
[hehehehehe] But we still got there pretty early. We met up with Jordan again,
Ilyssa of illymations was also there. Here, you can see her almost tossing Wilfur over her shoulder. gawd damn, Ilyssa! Be gentle, he’s a tiny little boy. Because I was nominated, I was supposed to go on the red carpet. Now, let me explain the red carpet, for anybody (like myself), who had no idea how any of that stuff worked. All the “important” people line up with their publicists, waiting for their turn to be interviewed by a bunch of reporters, who are also lined up on the other side of the carpet. Starting with the most important ones,
like “The Hollywood Reporter”, all the way back to the least important ones, like… I don’t know, “Trendy Topics Now”
and “Reporting YouTube Today”. Your publicist is supposed to introduce you to the reporters. Otherwise, they’re not really gonna pay attention to you. So if you don’t have a publicist,
you’re in a pretty AWKWARD situation. Which, I learned the hard way. Okay, so it’s your turn to walk the carpet.
Uh… do you have a publicist? I mean, I- I have a goose…?
right……………. So, because I didn’t have a publicist, they kinda pushed
me to the back, with the “not-so-important” reporters. Who, even them, they were like “Listen, buddy.
Normally, I wouldn’t give you the time of day, But I mean, you’re holding a purple goose in a tux!
I gotta hear what this is all about.” And while I was waiting to give my interview,
freaking Poppy makes an appearance. I’m Poppy (x4) i m p o p p y And if you think I was standing out,
because I was holding Wilfur, Poppy came in with three sex slaves on a leash.
I mean, you can’t compete with that. Also, one of her slaves totally made out with my goose. God damn, Wilfur! I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff. [chuckles] Also on the red carpet, Tana Mongeau
was in front of me at one point. And she accidentally steps on my foot,
she turns around, super apologetic and nice, she sees Wilfur, and she’s like
“Oh my God, I love your duck!” And then, she was ushered away to an interview. And as she sprung away, I thought to myself: “She has no idea, that we made
an entire video making fun of her.” [Shane’s weird head pat] Then we were seated at the table, right next to the table, where Rhett and Link were sitting. And I’m such an unsocial idiot,
who doesn’t know how to act in society, that I went up to Link, as he was having a conversation with someone, and I put my hand on him, and I said H A I . And he kinda looked at me, like “Whaaat?
I’m having a conversation right now.” And I just walked away in shame, hoping,
they would forget about this interaction. I then met Ian from Smosh, and in a similar way, I went up to him, and the first thing I say,
is “Do you know who I am?” Like, it hurts my brain just thinking about it. What a stupid way to introduce yourself! James DeAngelis from Sugar Pine 7 was also right there. And he turns to me, and says: Dude. Don’t ever start
a conversation with “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” But then I told Ian, I’m the animator,
who did a bunch of stuff for Smosh, and he was like “Oh, hey Andrei!”,
and we talked for a little bit, and it was cool. I also got to talk to David Dobrik for a little bit – this time, I properly introduced myself. I told him we’re both nominated for Creator of the Year,
and I just wanted to wish him good luck. And he was super nice. I don’t really watch his content, but he seemed like a nice, genuine dude. And then, the show started – and in the blink of an eye, the show was over. The Try Guys gave me a nice, little shout-out on stage. “…Andrei TerBEYEAH, for flying himself here from Romania! And proving this year, that fresh voices can still rise to the top.” “Y E A H!” And then, they announced the winner. s h a n e d a w s o n #561 And immediately after, that the entire room burst into song and dance. [ ♩ ♫ music ♬ ♪] ~shalala And Wilfur and I kinda just looked at each other,
and we were like “Yep, this seems about right”. But really, the whole thing was an amazing experience. I got to meet Danny Casale in person, aka Coolman Coffeedan, whom I also went to Disneyland with, a few days later on his birthday. I also got to go to a few Halloween parties, while I was in town. I’ve never experienced Halloween,
because we don’t have that in Romania. So that was pretty cool. I met a buncha animators at one of these parties. I met JaidenAnimations, TimTom,
Billy But Better – a whole bunch of people. Ilyssa and Michael Reeves introduced me
to the absolute insanity, that is Tik Tok. And ever since then, all I’ve been thinking about is “I wanna be Tracer”. I'm already Tracer I visited The Valleyfolk office, I also got to visit the Smosh office, just days before Defy Media shut down. It was a real pleasure being invited,
and getting to meet all of these people. I got to be on YouTubers React™ while I was out there,
which was an absolute honor. I had really interesting conversations with
the Fine Bros. about the YouTube algorithm, and what it means to create content
on this platform, in today’s age. So many things happened, while I was in Los Angeles,
I barely had any time to process it all. But I feel, like my mind eXPANDEd just by coming
in contact with all of these other creators. Sitting in a room and animating 24/7 is one thing.
Of course, practice is important. But also – talking to other creators, and exchanging ideas, is an equally important part, in the process of growing as an artist. So at the end of the day, who cares,
that I didn’t win an award. Don’t get me wrong: I would have loved to win a Streamy. As an underdog from a country like Romania, as the first animator ever, nominated for Creator of the Year, it would have been a great moment, to bring that award home. But at the end of the day, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s the personal growth that I got from this experience, that’s gonna stick with me. And of course, it goes without saying,
all of you watching this video right now – you guys are the ones, that helped me get nominated in the first place. So thank you so much for this opportunity. [James] I hope the plane ride to the States is worth it. Cause it… cause, cause- [*smirks*] [Andrei] CAUSE WHAT, JAMES? Cause I didn’t
win the StrEaMy, is that what you’re implying? BETRAYAL. [James] Alright – wear your seatbelt. [Andrei] And with that, I’m gonna smoothly
transition into some sweet, self promo. Because, if you haven’t seen my last video, we made Wilfur plushies. Which is why I’m surrounded by so many Wilfur clones right now. [Wilfur clone #742] Shhh!
[Andrei] Oh! Sorry. This is a super limited release,
there’s only a 1000 of these on Earth. And I think, at this point there is like 700 left. We’re not gonna make any more after this.
They’re only available until the end of the month. So if you want one, you gotta be fast. By getting a plushie, you are directly sponsoring this channel, and helping me make more content,
without having to rely just on YouTube ads. And you get a cool Wilfur plushie in return, so it’s a win-win! So if you wanna help out the channel, and get a plushie, the link is in the description,
as well as in the pinned comment below. Thank you so much for your ongoing support,
and we’ll see you again very soon.


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