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Why apply for the WA Training Awards 2019?

Applications for the 2019
WA Training Awards are now open. I’m so thrilled. This has been such a dream for so long and I’m so excited to be able to make an impact in Australia and you know, help kids like me and teenagers realize that this is a very real pathway and
it’s a very promising pathway. So I’m really excited. It means so much to me
that I have been acknowledged for everything that I do with my students,
and everything my students do, and what this is going to allow me to be able to
do in the future and be able to inspire others to work and move forward in the
vocational education and training sector. When I came here to Australia to live I
didn’t have English so I couldn’t even speak to someone, I couldn’t understand
anyone and being here today, able to talk to you and also to win the award shows me how much I could improve in only one year and a half of being in Australia.
Being an advocate for women in trades any sort of hands-on practical role, I
want to be out there helping to help other people reach their dreams. Do it. It provides a great platform you to advocate on behalf of what you’ve studied.
It’s a very rewarding awards process and you get to meet some amazing individuals that have come from different training pathways and get to sharing their
stories and I think that was really a good part of it for me. I think if you’re
thinking about it you should definitely do it. It’s a very rewarding experience,
it sort of goes very well on your resume as well. Going forward it’s given me a
lot of skills that I’m going to put towards my future career and it’s um
yeah it’s a very good experience and I couldn’t speak more highly of it. Just do it you never know where it will bring you and like me, I didn’t think that I
was going to win and it really shows that you are capable and you are, you
know as deserving as the other people, so you never know until you try.
Applications are open now. Put yourself in a spotlight, apply today. Applications close Friday the 3rd of May 2019. Authorised by the state government Perth

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