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“WHTM ☾ WEEKLY” e04 → News, live e Q&A!

*laughs* MORSE: Hi everyone and welcome to the fourth episode of the We Have The Moon’s vlog! What are we talking about in this vlog? First, let’s say something’s up. What’s up, Makku? MAK: Well, for now we have some great news about our return live in Bologna on this Sunday March 19th, at Circolo Iqbal Who will we be opening to? Amber Town, a band from Modena, touring in this weekend with Let Them Fall Who are Let Them Fall? A metalcore band from Grosseto with a killer female singer really cool refrains you should really have a listen! Let Them Fall – “Fenrir” *feels* MAK: So we will be live on March 19th with Let Them Fall, Amber Town and The Greatest Distance from Modena too… or maybe from Reggio Emilia? I don’t know, so we will cut this part! GED: Modena! MAK: And what’s the funny thing? GED: Funny thing is that we already wanted to organize an event here in Bologna and call Let Them Fall as guests MAK: To know them GED: To know them and play with them and to see how much they rock even live! However, there has been proposed this show as opener for them so we could also be able to get this satisfaction. MAK: Who organized this event? GED: The guys from Hero Booking whom we thank and say hi to! MAK: In addition to our live stuff what else are we doing today? MORSE: We suck AKI: AND answer to your questions! …I can’t find the questions… I had them! *let’s speed it up…* *just keep waiting…* *almost there!* AKI: I found them! MAK: OOOOOH!! AKI: YEAH! AKI: Let’s start with Crooked Young who first of all tells us “How much are you adorable” GED: A lot AKI: Great! From 1 to 10? GED: 11 MAK/AKI: 2 AKI: My question is: “This clean break will be defined by a new album/EP? Or will it be a process through many singles? Flower emoticon, rainbow emoticon” GED: So, first of all we’ll come out soon with the Killer Party’s videoclip and will most likely come out with a second single we have yet to determine whether a videoclip or a lyric video and that will mainly have a promotional purpose. AKI: Second question is from Nord who asks: “How did you get the idea of changing genre? Especially, were you helped by tortellini making this decision?” […] AKI: What a question! What a question! MAK: Do we really need to answer? GED/MAK: I wouldn’t answer… WHTM: OF COURSE!!!!! MORSE: … Well… MORSE: Anyway… If you have some time… comment below with your question! Any curiosity… See you on Sunday at Circolo Iqbal along with Let Them Fall, Amber Town and The Greatest Distance! Bye!


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