and happy birthday I hope everybody is feeling great no I didn't even realize that the MBA oh what'd you say oh oh oh sure oh you see oh oh oh be sure it's oh yeah these are uh these are one of the best these are these a lot of people really like whenever I showed these to they really I don't want to do too much talking but whoever I show these to yeah they're really um they really seem to like these these are yeah these are all these are made in Los Angeles these are not like champion or this is not like any brand these are my shit these are 8.5 ounces so they have some weight to them they got a little dick print for the fellas anyway so if I drop these on the UH the channel earlier today I also dropped the shirt too you guys have seen me wear this shirt before you see me wear this well this this too I upgraded the shirt a little bit I went to someone else I got a higher quality print better print you can sort of see like the first one doesn't look as good as the second one like the second one just looks better yeah anyways um same shirt but I just changed the print style just to make it come out a little bit better um the last design was more of like a youtube related design which I definitely have a few of those but this is more like street wear than YouTube you know I mean this is not YouTube relate at all the cross heart design was something that I created myself I mean all of it is but like I've been really proud of that concept let's hop into the awards I didn't even realize that this was today I knew that I wanted to do a video on it so I could tell you who I think wins everything but I didn't even realize that it was today I planned on doing the video today and I woke up and sitter was today too and I'm like alright cool we're on the same page so anyways I'm gonna just go through this is not any a long video we're not to spend too much time on I'm gonna just tell you who I think is gonna win each award you guys can tell me what you think and then we'll see how close I get when the awards come out later today so good let's do it alright where do we want to start here um I don't even know who Robin Roberts is oh okay cool yeah nicely actually yeah okay learn something new every day lifetime achievement um hmm I don't know who deserves that more so I don't really know who should win that sportsmanship award right now they still it's happened – okay sportsmanship I'm gonna go I think Mike Conley will be a favor for that I think my colleague would be a favorite for that award I don't know if he's wondering before but Mike Conley would be a pretty good pretty bit yeah I see that Kemba Walker not bad either – mate of the year I think that has to be a good dollar no has to be a good dollar doesn't it they got Connie on all these awards AHA I think I would give that to you a dollar you know I mean we can't give him 6 man but 80-minute a year but he did I mean they didn't win no but like this was before that even got to that point so yeah I would say that community assist again I don't know who deserves that I don't I don't know so I won't even comment on that one coach of the year coach of the year hmm hmm hmm hmm i'ma probably go I think I'm gonna go with the Denver coach Mike Malone even though I don't know I didn't ever really I never would have seen I never would have predicted Mike Malone if he wasn't in the top three but mmm I feel like we can't give it I just I don't think we could give it to Doc Rivers Budenholzer I feel like that was more giannis than anything else I might give it to Mike Malone because they were in like first place second place third place the majority of the year yeah I give it to him Most Improved that's a tough one that's between the Angelo and Pasco North fence the air but I think that's between them I probably give it to Pascal but this was before the season ended right before the season ended you might have wanted to give that to Russell you know I mean tough tough tough I mistake with Pascal but it might go to Russell Defensive Player of the Year that's tough I want to give it to PG but I'm a Thunder fan I know he leads the league in steals that's why I want to give it to him and he does that almost every year he's Paul George's defense is underrated that's why I want to give it to him but I could see them giving it to go there yeah I just could win that – interesting I don't think they gave that to Yanis hmm maybe what maybe let's come back to that six man of the year I think that has to be Lou right even before the years over I think that has to be Lou yeah the attribute from the same team one day how does that work out does that ever happen before regular year yeah I think it has to be a little bit Trey Young had a really good rookie year and I know Troy young I don't know Luka never talked to him so the the bro and the Phantom II wants to give it to Trey ugh but if I'm being unbiased if I'm being unbiased I think blook had the best year I think is between them two I don't even think I'm biased in saying I think it's between them – I don't think Hayden has a chance of winning there's no offense I think it's between them – I think has to be Lucca I think he's been a favorite a majority of the year I feel like and he just maintained so yeah i'ma go Lucca and then Most Valuable Player all right well this is Paul George didn't win I would love to be able to be like yeah Paul George he did it he's dessert nah he didn't he had he had if he got injured and right after he got injured he lost it he was remember that he was 40 a game for like two weeks if he got injured right before all-star break I think and then after all-star break he was good but he wasn't 40 a game he wasn't he wasn't doing that so that's why he fell out of it Yanis and harden did it every all year this is so tough oh man I honestly don't know are they gonna give it to harden again they might give it to harden again Harden's year was insane 30 on every team he averaged like what 36 wait I got to look up the numbers I had to look up the numbers I got to see the numbers I need the numbers okay James Harden this year averaged 31 points 900 average 25 field goals percentage 41 3.35 49:32 is not bad considering he doesn't even shoot threes that's not bad effort 6 rebounds 1 offensive for about 7 Yanis 9 or 10 and 212 5 assists 3 turnovers a steal and 2 blocks he averaged two blocks a game hard an average to block a game damn that's pretty good hard an average 2 steals a game – wow that's pretty that's pretty good turnovers forward – Yanis history right yeah so that's close this is close is really close goddamn it's close – shit Yanis team finished with the best record or the Betty reckon out of those two oh man um I don't know 2,000 years later I think I will give it to Yanis and here's why both of these guys are insane the stats are so close there's so much for both of their teams but if we talk about what the most valuable player really is who is the most valuable I just I feel like maybe Yanis is more valuable than James Harden this year just because I think he honest is making more people on his team better he's making he's giving I think he's encouraging them through his hard work to play better to train better and I think actually in a basketball game he is helping his teammates more not only as he's getting the points I think he's helping his teammates more his tough man is tough I could see them giving it to Harding I don't know I don't know guys I think maybe Yanis is valuable like I think Yanis is valuable because he's making he's making his team on just a little bit better just all-around just a little bit better than Harding is even though Harden is scoring more oh I just think Yanis is more valuable I would pick up if if I if I had a chance to pick up one of the other I would pick up the honest put it like that who would you take if you were GM and you didn't have anyone on your squad if you needed one of them who would you take I'm taking Yanis that's why he's gonna be pea I'm out of here drops mic alright anyways that's gonna do it that's gonna do it for this video like I said that's what I think you guys can let me know what you think and I'll try and get this video out as fast as possible because I know the draft comes on later tonight anyways like I said I dropped this off my clothing brand channel I mean Instagram page or whatever today I read through all of the comments and like the first hour I saw nothing but good comments the only like constructive criticism I would say that I saw is one person or a few people actually said we're saying like they think it's better than the last design the keke design and this is a clothing brand not merged it's not me making merch so a lot of the pieces moving forward in the future will be following this same concept of where it's not related to YouTube it's obviously not gonna be this same shit I'm not gonna continue to make this but like it's not gonna be related to YouTube but because I am a youtuber and my subscribers and fans are the ones that are help making my dream of making a clothing brand possible I want to incorporate a few youtuber related pieces in the first season I just feel like that's the right thing to do from just like a moral standpoint from a business standpoint like it just like the people that it makes sense to make stuff that I think bit fans and stuff will like so I have I have more shit like the Kiki where it's YouTube related more so than clothing brand related but then I also have other stuff like this that you guys will see that is cool more clothing brand and not YouTube you know what I mean so I wanted to I definitely wanted to do both but in the future it'll definitely be more clothing brand than YouTube but yeah so I don't know if one is better than the other cuz I like that Kiki shit I got that fucking shirt right over there like I like this I don't think that this is uh I don't think that this is like this this this to hit a lot of like creativity and design and should added me to make this and I think it came out really good you know to me but again it's a YouTube piece so if you're not the type of person that really wants to buy a youtube type of thing which I get I get that but you gotta understand it's different strokes for different folks you know what I'm saying so I don't really think one is I think it's all but that's just me anyways and then one and then the other comment I see him if somebody said that they were they said like this stuff is kind of basic that was one that was probably like the worst comment I say unless one person said this stuff was kind of basic any other thing I would say to that is all the stuff that you're saying that I made right here keep in mind I designed all of this last year it just takes a long time to make clothes and also when you're learning how to make a clothing brand from scratch with no help other than you just doing it trial and error like I've showed you with the shirts with you're just doing a trial and error when you just literally force teaching yourself you have to start off a little basic if you look at Virchow spyrix brand or any clothes really any clothing brand if you look at their first season of stuff it's usually pretty basic you have to learn you know what I mean you have to get better so when I said this shit is fire I think this is very very fire very fire for a first collection but at the same time it's also a first collection so keep that in mind so I'm still there's still a whole lot of shit that I'm learning right now as we speak to make the clothing brand better so again there's a lot of stuff I have to learn before I'm a dad and I don't have anyone teaching me other than me just teaching myself so so keep that in mind but yeah anyways that's gonna do it for this video I will be dropping the whole collection on YouTube with a video on Instagram with a post on my Instagram with a post and on the website sometime this week so be on the lookout all at the same time same day and by that I mean you will be able to see every design that I made with different pictures of each design I would drop the whole first collection lookbook sometime this week and when I drop that I will drop the release date which will most likely be a week following the the the drop of the collection so be on the lookout for that stuff I appreciate you guys all the support you guys have been showing me and yeah man that's really all I wanted to say I'm super motivated super in such a great mood right now guys I did like eight or nine photo shoots ten photo shoots like a ridiculous amount of photo shoots I've looked through thousands of photos and I finally have like the best 300 or so 200 100 I'm trying to narrow it down but yeah I'm excited everything's coming together I put a lot of work in a lot of hours in the line doing all of this shit so I'm happy that like the first collection is almost here and ready so yeah that's gonna do it I hope you guys are going out there to achieve in your dreams and stay motivated you know what I mean and yeah take it easy man yeah I think I'm gonna watch another die


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