Who Just Bought Caesars Entertainment for $18 Billion?

hey everybody welcome back to Lady Luck 8/2 now this is your first time here normally I record myself playing slots and I share it on YouTube for the world to see today's video is one of our real real vlog series where I'm gonna take you through casinos slots and gambling and what we're going to focus on today is the Eldorado purchasing Caesars Entertainment for about 18 billion dollars let's get started so Caesars Entertainment has had some financial woes over the years now this is the Caesars Entertainment not just Caesars Palace in Las Vegas the entire enterprise across the entire United States they've gone through bankruptcy they are being purchased by El Dorado Resorts they're be purchased for roughly eighteen billion dollars by El Dorado Resorts now Carl Icahn who sits on the board of Caesars has been pushing for this type of sale merger purchase for some time now if you want to read up on Carl a little link here I don't know maybe here on him but he's been one of the Caesars main investors kind of pushing towards this acquisition so for those of you that don't know what the El Dorado resorts are they are a group of hotel and casinos in the United States based out of Reno Nevada they have roughly 26 franchises across either 12 or 13 States they are a Entertainment Group here in the US that is the group that is purchasing Caesars so the properties that you guys are probably most familiar with are the El Dorado casino and Nevada they also have several casinos named Lady Luck in the Colorado region so Caesars Entertainment has some of the most iconic hotels on the strip such as Caesar Palace the Flamingo Caesars Palace has got a mean where we were seven star members we would come in late at Friday night we would enjoy the property we loved that all but say you'd go there for brunch and for dinner I would get the crab legs it's such a world-renowned Resort and this merger purchase is really gonna change the landscape if you really think about it if this does go down which is supposed to go down come Monday but think about it these two murders could really create some big-time competition for like MGM Sands corporation and even the Wynn it's kind of crazy to think about this so what does this mean for us what does this mean for the players that are actually total or words members going to these hotels whether that's in Vegas to the regional casinos well things are definitely gonna change how they're gonna set change that exactly 100 percent sure I doubt that the Eldorado is gonna change the name on Caesars or flamingo or any one of the iconic hotels but things that are probably gonna change are things within their total rewards program how they award the players how the cops work obviously Caesars went through the whole bankruptcy a few years back so they'll probably change thoughts some things that made them just a tad bit bloated but just a heads up things will definitely change for you guys so I just wanted to share this with everybody so you are all in the know of this major merger that's happening extremely soon

  • I've been a seven star since 2013 and this will be the first year I'm not making my status. They have tightened the machines to a payback percentage of 80.191% in tunica. (I know a guy and he physically showed me.) We used to get a suite every weekend with $150 per day room charge, sandwich tray, fruit tray, 2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of liquor and were basically treated like royalty. Now when we show up we get a deluxe room if we are lucky and they comp our room charges based on play. No point in being a seven star except for resort fees and one annual trip. What were they thinking???

  • Not surprised 😮 am sure it will be a game changer, hated I missed Celine Dion show on the strip. She is a talent legend with the 💰 sometimes change is for the better.

  • I work for Eldorado in Colorado, I don't think it matters much what they do. It will make some people mad and others it won't bother. Either way this is HUGE purchase and I for one am very excited to be part of it.

  • I think 18 billion is clear proof that the casinos do not pay out the legally required amounts that they advertise about.

  • Hmmm interesting. Curious how this plays out. As I mentioned before VICI properties is a division of Caesars Entertainment. VICI properties bought the property Greektown Casino Detroit is on. But Penn Gaming (owns Hollywood Casinos) be handling the gaming part of Greektown. Also curious what effect this will have on Caesars Windsor across the border.

  • Thanks for the info Lady Luck. Maybe that’s why I saw a few people winning Jackpot on slot here in our local casino here in San Diego because of Caesar Entertainment file bankruptcy. Anyway I like your Dimple too anyway ☺️

  • Lucky dragon was a Asian casino in Vegas that flopped … it sold few months ago for like 35million did you ever go there ?


  • thy can not touch the Pink Flamingo in 1946, mobster boss Benjamin “”Bugsy”” Siegel opened the Pink Flamingo Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip On 26 December 1946, the Flamingo Hotel & Casino opened with fanfare.he was the won that started Vegas every Casino gives his family money every month as he was the won that started the Hole thing

  • HUM I'm planning a trip with all my friends next April to Caesar's for my 65th B Day since we always liked the pool their. Hope it will be the same. Hope to see you there.

  • Wow.. I'm a big Caesars player in Atlantic City.. now you made me look up the deal. Haha. Thanks for the notification!

  • Just wondering, been watching your videos for a while but what’s the highest handpay you have ever won ?

  • Caesers sucks. But a classy gurl like yourself knows this…. even though you only have 1 cartier braclet

  • I have been a Seven Stars member for years, and the past few years, the program benefits have been watered down. CET just kept trimming back on the perks. Even their free slot play program is mediocre, at best. Hopefully, with this new ownership on the horizon, Eldorado Corp. will have a more lucrative rewards program. Waiting…….

  • First of all Lady Luck I love your Vegas Knights shirt… Hopefully with the El Dorado merging with all of those casinos including Harrahs maybe getting comps will be a little easier. It seems like only way you can get comps in Harrahs, Caesars etc is if you are high rollers which I am not.. In Reno I cannot get any decent comps anywhere except Cal Neva. Reason I play Pai Gow and slots more there. I have noticed El Dorado has gotten away from $5 Pai Gow poker hopefully it will return.

  • Not a fan of this idea…since Eldorado has taken over Isle of Capri in Lake Charles, LA the slots have been a lot tighter…and the comps are far and few in between…idk about this one

  • I'm a diamond member with Caesar's Rewards and their comps are ooookay at best. Honestly, I miss the oldschool vegas when you were treated well regardless of what your "status" was. When the gangsters ruled vegas, it was more fun, and they treated the players a hell of a lot better.

  • Not surprised. ElDorado just sold Isle Casino in Cape Girardeau, Mo and Lady Luck Casino in Caruthersville, Mo which I used to play at. It will be interesting to see what changes they make to all the properties.

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