White Rabbit Object Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide (WATCH DOGS)

they think I'm a man out of control but I've never had so much control hello my name is exon of it from square wing games I'm here to show you how to get an unlock called white rabbit object from watchdogs how to do this you have to escape 15 police scans now keep in mind that if you look in the bottom right hand side of the screen at your map the police scans are those yellow circles that show up so you're not actually in a police chase yet they're just scanning the area you see what I mean just in case you never played the game before so that's what you're trying to get away from is those yellow circles now that meter is going to be building up it's going to go from 0% to 100% that yellow meter obviously once it gets to 100% you're going to fail from the unlock so you got to make sure that it never gets to 100% and that you escape successfully in the unlock is yours now there are tons of way to do this the way that I decided to do it was just get out into the open highway there take out my gun kind of do it 360 and just kind of shoot at the ground I mean you don't necessarily have to kill any you know people or anything like that but just kind of shoot at the ground and stuff and eventually somebody's going to get on their phone and call the police you see what I mean then all you got to do is just get in your your vehicle or your motorcycle or whatever and then just pill out you know and try to get away now a great way to ensure that you're going to be to get away from these police scans is to use your jam coms at the beginning of act 2 I think it's the second mission it's called tools of the trade you're gonna have to go into a shop and buy some things just make sure that you buy a lot of crafting supplies and that you craft a lot of jam coms and then that's kind of what you're seeing me do right now is I'm at the beginning of act 2 you know shooting at the ground you know getting people to call the cops and then I'm just escaping you see what I mean and then all you have to do is just keep using your jam coms to get you know so that it doesn't go to 100% and you're able to escape really quick and you know without being detected now as soon as you escape right and you get credit for that one escape then just go ahead and reload your last autosave you'll be giving back all your jam coms and then you just want to keep rinsing and repeating that process right shoot at the ground a couple times get them to call the police and then use your jam coms to get away just keep repeating that you know 15 times and you're good to go it's going to happen very fast especially if you decide to farm it but keep in mind that you don't actually have to farm it you can actually just you know play through the game naturally just keep using your jam coms you're probably going to get it that way but if you're like me and you like to farm this kind of these kind of unlocks can get them you know taken care of this is a great way to do it so hopefully you guys have enjoyed I'll see you in the next one you guys be good


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