Whisky Master Class @ Whisky Brother Bar-Joburgtv Entertainment- 21 June 2019

hi I'm Daniel Dyer you're watching chopper TV yes why is this important it's important because I want people to know and learn and enjoy grants whiskey this triple word process is quite unique I highlight there's there's too many highlights like this stuff gives you highlights all the time and but you know general highlight is it's meeting people I have got to me some of the most interest and amazing and beautiful people and on my travels and it doesn't leave my out of your cities really play see if you get crap people it's a crap place to be and I'm not gonna name any names but um South Africa was fun South America has been a lot of fun you're very like Scottish people you know you wear your heart on your sleeve but yeah I think the highlight to me as the people that get to me yeah Grand Rapids I can't see anything else really Akana and not like Gran's trapper was my favorite of the whole range you've got quite a range of West Keys both grants and I just it's just easy drinking and it's a good whiskey a great price and I love cocktails and it's so versatile and cocktails as well so yeah we thought it would be the grandest rapper would definitely jeez we'll be in that it changes every time it's not like a set formula because today five years from now and five years of all that whiskey has to stay the same so that's when we have our Master Blender Brian Ken's Minh but has job he smells hundreds of whiskey's each and every day he has to recreate grads to be the same now sounds alright but the problem is some distilleries died some of them closed down some of them don't get us rescue so he has to chop and change the West Keys he uses each and every time to recreate backgrounds hi my name is Karen Tito and we are Chia and I'm Sanjay get the whiskey brothers chillin with grants today so we're having a master class with one of the brand ambassadors and so a lot of fun I liked what I think it's a refill bourbon I liked it because it had that that's we tasted because anything too hot or too bitter does not work for the girls so if it's seat you know you got it and I'm actually happy with the fact that it's a mixture of all the flavors and I definitely recommend it to my friends although they drink more than I do so they're most likely to recommend to me but I feel like I'm a plaid today cuz I'm the one taking it out there for them

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