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Where do you keep your STAR AWARDS trophies?

Don’t ask me, my mum keeps them for me My mum displays it in the living room. She moved the vases away and puts the trophies It’s usually placed at the most eye catching area each and every trophy means a lot to me So… I’ll definitely keep them well I hope i can collect more of them So at my living room, there’s a uhm.. book shelf and at the bottom, there are my trophies To let everyone see, touch and enjoy it for the experience Storeroom? (Awkward laughter) To be honest, some of them are in the storeroom the recent ones are placed outside Where i keep my trophies? They are in the cabinet I didn’t display them outside Because i’m afraid that when my niece and nephews come and run about, they might knock over one of the trophies So i think keeping them in a safe place would be better I keep them all in my mum’s and my place because when i first got the award, i have not gotten married so i left it at mum’s and she’s reluctant of me taking it away Where do i keep them? Of course i’ll keep them in… the cabinet (awkward laughter) because you won’t want it to be placed at a dangerous spot, but of course i’ll keep it well Also, once in a while, maybe when i’m in a bad mood, i’ll take them out and to hug for a bit, and console myself “You can do better” “You’ve even won an award,” “what’s there to be afraid of?” you know In the past, i used to keep them in the storeroom because the trophy is Very Very heavy Recently, after i renovated my place, i placed them at the most eye catching spot, which is right in front of the door “I am going to open this door” (opens) (claps) (claps) Right now i’ve kept my awards, on top of a little cabinet at home so i can look at it everyday, and it inspires me to do even better so I can get even more!! Actually it is all in the cabinet at my place If there’s a chance, you can come over to my place to film it I’ll show you The first batch of top 10’s trophy and from Star Seach, in year 1988, the star trophy i received When i watch the tv and look right and left, i’ll see the awards Actually recently, i just found out that two of my awards are missing and the rest are all on my piano when i play the piano and see it, i feel good Then, i realize that the two old gold trophies is at my house in Malaysia, in the reading room I thought it went missing and for one of it, the star has already dropped out it’s too old I keep them all in my cabinet I even have the box The other day, because toggle came to interview me, I brought out all the 10 trophies i have and took a photo of all of it Some of them asked me “You still have all 10 of them?” I replied, “why won’t I have them?” they said many other artist’s trophies are either cracked or spoilt Why would something like that happen.. When they move house, they bring it everywhere and it breaks Omg I pray that these won’t happen to me That’s why I don’t dare, you know I don’t dare to put it outside Well, my house isn’t that big either, I don’t have much space to keep them And I don’t just have 10 of them, I have A LOT of them okay, Not enough space to keep them So i store them well in the cabinet The first time I received my award, and it’s also my only trophy, is the one I received last year for top 10 It is located beside my TV Because everyday when I walk in and out of the room, I’ll Definitely see it and it gives me a sense of motivation and the strength to carry on It also reminds me to work harder everyday The awards I received in the past are all placed on my TV console, because the feng shui master told me to put it there so i put it there uhm…. It’s in the living room at my place Is it a whole stretch of them lined up together? y-yea.. hahahah t- more than ten trophies right? More than ten.. we have quite a lot of them and in the past, it is made out of metal right, the gold one, but because the wind in our house is quite strong, so it has became a little rusty.. Oh.. House tour, house tour, house tour, Nope! (Laughs) If you want to know more about Star Awards 2019, the newest, fastest, and hottest the most exclusive, the most interesting events, You should keep a look out for TCA! TCA Follow TCA


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