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What’s Your Unpopular Marvel Opinion? | Marvel LIVE @ NYCC!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Justin Warner
here for And today, we’re looking
for unpopular opinions. It’s time to beat
feet, cause I’m the Marvel Man on the Street. I don’t think it should be
an unpopular opinion, but Miles Morales is the best Spider-Man. You don’t think Spider-Ham is? Spider-Ham has a lot
of great qualities. No one can debate that. You know, the use of cartoons. But at the end the day,
Miles is from Brooklyn. Represents New
York I think better than any other Spider-Man. Spider-man is my
favorite Avenger. I feel like that’s a hot take. I mean, I feel
scalded right now. But you know Spider-Man just
has a nice innocence about him. He always fights
for what’s right. I remember when I
was a kid, playing the Spider-Man game on
the original Playstation with my dad. So Spider-Man has a really
special place in my heart. Oh, wow. I love that. And I’m not going to argue
with your heart, you know? I would be a terrible person. Well, so a lot of
people think that Captain America is the greatest
Super Hero of all time. And obviously I like
him a whole lot. But I have to be
honest with you, I’m going to go with Deadpool. I feel like you’re
like hail Hydra. I mean, you’re disguised
as a Captain America fan, but you’re actually
more of a Deadpool fan. Oh much more of
a Deadpool fan. You know, the way he’s always
addressing the audience. He’s always communicating
directly with you and it’s super hilarious. Now would be the perfect
time to break the fourth wall and look directly at the
camera, if there ever was one. Thank you guys for all
your love and attention. I appreciate it all. What do you got? Unpopular opinion. Spider-Gwen is the
best Spider-Man. I think that Loki is
definitely better than Thor, all around as a character. What you mean all around? Loki has so many
different dynamics, and he’s so mischievous. But what if there was
a super villain nail? What’s Loki going to do? Where’s his hammer? I don’t know. Got her there. We don’t know. My favorite Super
Hero is Bucky. Wait. Bucky Barnes? Yes. [LAUGHS] Bucky Barnes. So like, Captain America. Bucky Barnes. I like to be different. So everybody else is like,
Captain America, Iron Man. I like Bucky. You like metal arms? Yeah. [LAUGHS] Gentlemen, what is
your unpopular opinion? This is the greatest
meme of all time. I can’t argue with that. All right,
honestly, I think Luke Cage can lift Thor’s hammer. I think he’s worthy
enough, and I definitely think he could do it. I think that if ever you saw him
grab it, he’s going to be like, this is it? This is all you all got? Because he’s Power Man. He’s got the power to do it. Quite a diverse mix
of unpopular opinions here at Comic Con. My unpopular opinion, you ask? Well, that would be no
running at Comic Con. Marvel Man on the
Street, signing out. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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