What the hell happened to Oscar? – Oh My Goal

he was supposed to be the new Kaka he was supposed to be Brazil's new playmaker but since 2017 he has been off the radar what happened to Oscar the former Chelsea's prodigy touch perfect passes Grace and vision Oscar had all it takes to become one of the best in 2012 and only 19 years old he joined Chelsea for 37 million dollars for his first start in Champions League Oscar scored an amazing double against Juventus most memorably his incredible strike into the top corner which stunned Gianluigi Buffon Oscar won the Europa League with Chelsea in 2013 during his first season in Europe fans predicted an incredible career for him but they were wrong his performances were inconsistent and despite positive stats Oscar did not become the talent the Blues were expecting with Brazil he encountered a number of disappointments he scored his team's only goal during their disastrous performance against Germany their seven to one defeat in the 2014 World Cup in 2017 after five years in England and two Premier League titles Oscar was sought after by a number of big teams who still believed in him Atletico Madrid Juventus Inter and AC Milan Oscar had incredible options but he made a shocking surprising decision at 25 years of age he decided to join the Chinese Super League a decision that he explained with complete honesty he simply wanted to provide for his family every football player or every person who works wants to earn money to help their families I came from a social background in Brazil that is very poor we didn't have anything Oscar grew up in poverty with no father who died in a car accident when he was 3 in going to China he put his family ahead of his career after a difficult start Oscar is currently the best player in the Chinese Super League he helped his team Shanghai s IPG to win its first league title in 2018 he was the top assist provider in the championship with 16 assists while scoring 12 goals and although he has not been recalled to the Brazil team since 2016 Oscar has not drawn a line under his European and international career I hope that when my contract here ends and I have helped the team to win titles I could go back to a big team in Europe because what I like most is to play at a high level it's all that you can wish for him that Oscar at 27 years old finally achieves the destiny that was predicted for him becoming the new Kaka and Brazil's inspired playmaker you


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