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What Makes Tim Burton’s Movies So Unique? – Beetlejuice, Batman, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and More

(mysterious music) You look fine, just fine. Oh. I think what is so
appealing about Tim Burton is his incredible command
over the history of film. Whether it’s silent film, B movies, he knows how to distill
it all and make something very distinct and unique that
we all universally recognize but somehow wanna keep
coming back for more because it’s his own. I think some of the key
things to really remember about Tim Burton is that he
is a professionally trained animator. He was trained at Cal Arts in California, and his first job was
at Walt Disney Studios. He wanted to make his own shorts and these included 1982’s Vincent and 1984’s Frankenweenie. Lucky for his, the comedian
and actor Paul Ruben, saw Frankenweenie and Vincent, and decided to hire him unknown as a
director for his new film Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. Good morning, Pee-wee. Morning, Mr. Breakfast. (chuckles) I can’t imagine Pee-wee’s Big Adventure without Tim Burton. It’s absolutely impossible. What he imparted was
this incredible B movie style that worked so well,
which was both macabre but also very kitschy. I remembered the Alamo. (cheers) Pee-wee’s Big Adventure was a
huge hit for Warner Brothers and Burton became the director to watch. They rewarded him by providing him with an incredible project
and that would be Beetlejuice. And if Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure
was a great match in style Beetlejuice was the perfect
project for Tim Burton. Beetlejuice. (squeals) Michael Keaton bought
this incredible macabre and grotesquery to the performance that was both repulsive
and incredibly appealing at the same time. As well, this is the film
that Tim Burton discovered Winona Ryder, who of
course, he would work with on a number of his films. So if you wanna pick a film where Burton really was his most Burton and established those aesthetics and those themes as well as those relationships, it is Beetlejuice. What do you think of this? (screams) You like it? It is a huge sign of the trust that Warner Brothers had in Tim Burton even though he had only produced two films for them prior, that they
gave him their most lucrative asset, which was of
course, DC Comic’s Batman. Nice outfit. The studio did not want Michael Keaton and Tim Burton insisted. As important as casting Batman was of course casting his villain, which in this case was the Joker. And is there ever a
more villainous villain than Jack Nicholson embodying the Joker? It’s an incredible performance that is terrifying, hilarious, and really the key to Batman’s success. And as you can see, still not happier. At hear, Tim Burton is a storyteller, so even outside of the
gothic, macabre visuals it’s the story that
he’s most interested in. And I think he really
saw this with Big Fish. You don’t know me. My name is Edward Bloom, and I love you. It’s this film that has an
incredible, magical whimsy as every fairytale should. And I think it’s something
that’s incredibly relatable and something that viewers will relate to throughout their lives as
they keep coming back to it. – [Will] Dad. Let’s get out of here. Dad you’re in no condition. Get that wheelchair. I think we all in our minds have an idea of what a Tim Burton film is and what a Tim Burton film could be when we read stories where we encounter other tales or films or fables. There is definitely a Tim Burton stamp that can be put on something. And I’m not sure there’s
that many other directors you can say that about. He really is uniquely his own, and that’s why he’s so beloved.


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