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What is low-risk entertainment?

[Intro music] Hey everybody, hey! It’s Brenda Ster,
here in the Suite. Welcome to Sassy Suite, #EmpowerSocial. I’m the founder of Sassy Suite and
the Socialite Suite here on Facebook, and the Elite Suite, our membership group. So we talk all about social
marketing for direct sellers. And our goal is to help direct
sellers not be spammy online, by having a better content
strategy — content plans, y’all — that drive engagement and create
community. That is our entire goal. So the whole month of July we have been
talking about the three p’s of social content, personality,
purposeful and promotional, and the different types of examples of
what content might look like in each of those categories. So today we’re going to come back around
and do another personality example. And today we’re going to talk about
low risk entertainment content. Low risk entertainment content,
and why it works. So first of all, low risk personality content… When we’re thinking about the
reasons people come to social media, it’s primarily for three
reasons, and three reasons only, and none of them involve selling. None
of them involve consuming commercials. People come to social media for
entertainment, relationships, and utility, they have a need. This is where all
of our purposeful category falls. So when we’re talking
about personality content, we’re talking largely about
relationships in entertainment. We want to create value because people
are online for entertainment and relationships for community. So when we think about low risk
engagement and entertainment content, we’re serving those key values. So here’s what we’re going
to take a look at. Well, let me share some examples
over on our page. Okay. So here’s an example over on
Sassy Suite, #EmpowerSocial. What is your favorite travel
destination? That’s all it is. Just a conversation starter, there’s
no other implied risk behind it. I’m not asking you to book a party. There is, ‘No come join my
team’, or ‘come join my group’, or anything like that. Purely
social content, purely social. Here’s another example. If you had a
theme song for your direct sales business, what would it be? You guys? That is purely social, purely
social, pure entertainment, pure chatting and socializing.
Here’s another example. Over on my Brenda Ster page, one
of the things that I provide to um, people on– who follow this page is I
provide a lot of product centric memes. So if you are selling in a
particular category: candles shape-wear, makeup– I provide a lot of means that people
might be able to use in your own content. So this is actually purposeful, but it’s also low risk
personality content, because it’s entertaining
and it makes people smile. So when we’re thinking about the types
of content, it’s going to be valuable, We want to look for things that are not
necessarily going to require them to have any additional action with us. We want them just to smile.
If we can make somebody smile, they’re more likely to give
us a like that’s our goal. So when we’re thinking about entertainment
content, things that are funny, that’s your challenge. Go look for
memes, go look for engagement posts, socializing games that
are purely for community. That is where personality, entertainment
and low risk content fits in. When we put this into our content mix, personality content tends
to have higher engagement, organically higher engagement
because it’s social and entertaining. It tends to have higher engagement. And then our goal is to use that
engagement to pull people to the next subsequent post, which might
have a higher level of ask to it. So that is our personality goal for today, talking about entertainment and
humor. So, hey, drop me a quote– drop me a screenshot
,or a link down below, and show me an example of one of your
recent low risk entertainment posts. Show me an example. Let’s give some
ideas. Let’s start a conversation. Let’s talk all about it and see if we
can spark some ideas from each other. All right guys, I’ll see you next time right back here
on the page and I’ll see you on the Suite.

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