• 🇺🇸🏅🇺🇸🏅🇺🇸🏅🇺🇸🏅 Thank you for the freedoms that all of us take for granted everyday !

  • I know my opinion doesn't mean crap.
    I believe the Brass at the top failed You and the Four Brave Marines that die that day.* From what I've heard about this mission. You tried to save them when those at the top wouldn't!
    This sounds alot like Benghazi. Politics Before Marines.
    Prayers and Best Wishes to You and Your Beautiful Family From Fredericksburg Texas.

  • Loving your videos. Thanks for all the hard work. Listened to you on jocko and it moved me. I know you have a hard time with the success and attention that medal has given you but God chose you for it and you are using it for the better good. God doesn’t make mistakes. All the way

  • Dakota you are the most authentic person that puts themselves out there, and thank you for that. Your insta's and your guest spots on other podcasts are proof of that. Thank you for serving and continuing to serve by sharing your humanity. You might not be fancy, but your girls are – love those little angels and enjoy every day you've been given with them.

  • Thank you for your service you are a top notch honorable marine and wonderful father I'm proud of you. Keep on keeping on. Proud to be a American. You deserve more than you get, very humble guy I have watched some of the video about this great man. It's brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Dakota!!!

  • Mr. Meyer, you are looking great and I HOPE you read this. I hope to hell that you have found peace and comfort to live your life gracefully. You are a shining beacon of the cost of what it means for people to live freely. Saying a mere “thank you” is a disgrace. You deserve far, far more. I have 1 year left of my bachelors of science in nursing degree and after will be joining to military to hopefully become a special operations officer as a critical care nurse. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about every soldiers story I’ve seen or heard about and I hope and pray to God that I can be half as valiant, brave, altruistic as every soldier before me. And I hope as an officer I can encourage and lead all soldiers valiantly in combat. If you read this, thank you, thank you sergeant for my freedom.

  • I know what your saying but don't carry that guilt you did your best and you know you can't bring everyone home.

  • The more I watch your videos the more I respect you. Thanks for your service and thanks for the life lessons.

  • I have shed tears watching Mr Guinta, Mr Romesha, and Mr Myers. As I watched them talk about the hell they went through. ANd today, just hearing Dakota talk there for a few minutes it happened again, it brings back the names of his men and I don't know just a loss for words. You are not a failure man, just ask the pilots who chocked up telling what they watched you do. Your higher ups who screwed you. Its there to show how when a good person knows what is right, he defies orders regardless of what he is told and does what is right! And that is you, you didnt fail that day, you and a few other men did everything you could sacrificing not only your life but everything you worked for, you are not a failure, and no one else sees you as one, I wait for the day, when you say, I wasnt the failure, I mean you are not a failure cause you didnt die too. This world is a much better place with you guys in it.

  • Hey I’m from Columbia Kentucky, me and your grandpa and grandma were pretty close. Thank you for your service, your very appreciated!

  • What would be real cool is if all four of you visited the pentagon wearing your medals it would be fun to see all those generals and admirals standing at attention and saluting you

  • I agree with you on the action taken to give Knives the first class seat..
    Knives from me to you, Never question or ask why, when things happen. True leaders all over history have acted in this time Enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Thats integrity all the way, im so sorry for ur fallen brothers. I wonder sumtimes how can Americans be so far apart from what this countries freedoms mean to the people? I agree w/you on so many levels and when ever i hear sumone stepping on our freedoms i tell them its like ur spitting on the graves of these men and women that died for this country.. its disrespectful on so many levels it makes me so mad people dont actually think before they speak anymore, or are so ignorant of their own freedoms they have or know the history and that it can repeat itself! Thank you for ur service and for our freedom🇺🇸 god bless you sir.

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