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what happened right before the mtv awards…

good morning guys I should probably do an intro hey guys it’s Madeleine welcome to my channel you’re new here I put videos out every single Wednesday today is the MTV movie and TV Awards I am so excited we are nominated for like three and we are presenting if you guys want to see how my got ready and who I got ready with and all of the above then keep on watching [Music] protests do not pop your pimples if you’ve got long nails because you will actually bruise the skin and you’ll end up with a red area around it [Music] my favorite little air [Music] it’s your turn Travis what’s up hey YouTube hi it’s been a while you know I remember me that’s okay my name’s Travis before we go any further I need you to do two things first ones like the video hang things subsist second thing is subscribe and watch every time I it’s she hates it too it has the most likes and her subscribers go this little shameless plug you know I’ll do it I’ll be the one to do it blam Marez you can either ASMR already [Music] [Music] [Music] all right guys I’m gonna try to film at the MTV Movie and TV Awards but if I can’t I just want to say goodbye and let you all so much thank you for hanging out with me don’t forget subscribe for new videos [Music]


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