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Western Movie Star Hotel, Sun Daggers, & Cactus Accident Route 66

good morning everybody from Gallup New
Mexico on old route 66 here we’re gonna start in the city before we move on we
got flavor savor sandwiches soups and salads over there we’ve got an awesome
train mural with prairie dogs and cactus running down this alley cool is that you
could not ask for better weather today here in New Mexico this is awesome and
all the times I’ve been in this state zero wind today there’s no wind
alright here’s an interesting one for you something I’ve never seen we all
know what a sundial is I’ve seen lots of Sun dials where the Sun comes down and
kind of shows you what time of day it is but these are called Sun diggers it’s
it’s similar basically on the ground out there you’ve got events and those little
circular things right and there’s my shadow there’s the glass so when the Sun
reflects down it’ll tell you when these events happened let’s go check it out
yeah Mother Teresa 1988 there’s Gallup New Mexico April
1881 established Indian ceremonial 1922 let’s see so here’s where the magnifying
glass is at right now so we’re getting close to her oh she somebody 1953 I
don’t know I think this is actually the official plaque yeah Sun daggers Gallup
Memorial Plaza the Sun daggers look north to Chaco Canyon where the Sun
determines the time and length of the growing season for Native Americans
definitely a different little display here and one of the more famous hotels
on route 66 El Rancho hotel lots of movie star stayed here including Lucy
Belle and John Wayne a lot of them stages a very famous motel a lot of
westerns were filmed in this area of New Mexico’s
so let’s go check it out and it’s not like any of those rundown motel as we’ve
seen in California Arizona this one they keep nice and they have lots of people
still visiting because it’s a special bonus
it’s a pet-friendly Hotel in the lobby – so Jax will get to come in no nunca
chicken objects I’m going to see if it meets your standards what are your
standards oh okay what do you think Jax I’m go inside yeah check it out
Oh smell the flowers no okay there’s a John Wayne cutout over there I just love that feeling here you think Jax yeah go upstairs what head
on upstairs good boy good job getting your exercise today huh yeah you are
they have a bunch of signed artwork here too yeah famous he’s like where’s our room dad where’s
our room dad I’d love to be able to see what one of the rooms look like here but
they won’t let me just peek in oh isn’t that something though you wouldn’t think
it from the outside feel like it’s like one of those old western bars I knew
you’re gonna do that we have all their friendly hotel huh don’t get to take
Jackson’s side too often and we get to go outside we don’t get to go inside
places you think all this history Jack’s Oh
want to walk around and smell everything okay so much exercise today are you doing yeah they have a guestbook
here and says El Rancho Hotel was constructed in 1936 on famous route 66
for mr. Ari Griffith brother a famous movie director DW Griffith sorry about
the light there there he is I wonder if we get a magnet in the gift
store that says el rancho yeah we can give it a shot oh there’s one they have
one don’t wait there’s one to know people just flip out when they see me
and Jack’s walking together he’s like a dog I mean he happens to be a cat but
he’s like my little cat dog yeah so they didn’t have the two magnets and I went
with the better of the two this is literally one of a kind you can see how
the sand and the route 66 shield move around inside the magnet okay I have
never gotten anything like that I’m so glad I stopped in today to get a El
Rancho custom magnet I love it but I’m gonna put it right there so I can enjoy
it for the rest of the day yeah you did really good walking around Jax I’m proud
of you you did really good you let everybody pet you and you didn’t have a
cattitude good boy we can do that more often where they’re friendly yeah okay
can I also point out I put in a good 15 minutes this morning completely cleaning
my windshield folks I mean a good solid 15 minutes and as you can see just 20
minutes later I’ve got 400 or so bugs so I just there’s nothing I can do about
it but at least want you to know I start every day with a very clean windshield
what is this wait wait waiting brothers not an old hotel damn month oh wait
there’s an old gas station we can check out okay I won’t explore any more
abandoned stuff in today’s video okay oh wait
well it was a gas station now it’s interlocked installers was what it last
was isn’t that that DUI breath thing that starts your car an interlock
installer okay well I mean I they they tried to try to bring you back to life
with something yeah it irritates me to have the windshield that dirty it’s like
there’s so many bugs on the road I don’t know how to combat it don’t bottom out
hit the curb there a little bit that’s alright well stop in here to the
Continental Divide souvenir store top of the world
elevation seven thousand two hundred and forty five feet look at this view of
those red and green mountains in the distance that’s pretty yeah I stopped in
on by is just a little route 66 convenience store they don’t have
anything unique but I can tell it’s mostly just the same old stuff but yeah
the old Continental Divide here in New Mexico forgot what it was I somewhere in
California and I came up on some plaque or something and I totally goofed up the
mean and everybody called me out on it and an hour later it magically that
little clip disappeared from YouTube I dunno what the Continental Divide
means though that means that this is the the top of where the rain decides to go
and that decides but it’s forced to go so the rain hits here if it hits over
there it goes to the Pacific Ocean if it hits on this side over here the
Continental Divide it goes to the Atlantic Ocean so it’s that that
midpoint in the USA which runs through a couple other states obviously but yeah
right at the halfway point of the Continental Divide here
yeah I think my next stop might be albuquerque albuquerque that’s how i say
it but uh yeah well just to see what happens blue raspberry cola cuz i need
the sugar oh you wouldn’t like it it’s delicious
hey by the way some people been asking me where that came from and why i say
that all the time about burgers or sugary drinks i don’t really know how it
morphed onto youtube i just i just kind of say whatever but it actually comes
from jackson i ever since jack she was a kitten eight nine years ago he would
always come up to me while I’m eating my human food and get into it try to lick
it trying to smell it trying to grab it out of my plate or something like that
so that’s always something I tell him I look at Jackson I say you wouldn’t like
it and then you know I often myself I say that’s delicious so I guess it just
kind of morphed into something that I share with y’all as a joke you know and
I’m eating something delicious you wouldn’t like it it’s just for fun relax
guys don’t get triggered by a dumb phrase I say nobody is delicious alright huh well change of plans again did I
mean I make like I make generic plans like area plans but I don’t I don’t
really hold myself to it you know here in Albuquerque New Mexico at the famous
beautiful route 66 Resort Hotel and Casino here with an awesome buffet
inside also it’s funny because like it’s just desert for nothing and then you got
this brand-new one and this is a great example of well a newer attraction on
route 66 you know very very new that’s an awesome golf cart I like that
that’s cool guys I stopped into the resort which is completely full actually
it’s the Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque they’ve been booked up all
summer but I got to get back in the RV because he said there may have been a
cancellation and I think this is worth it because there’s no overnight parking
here at the casino and so yeah I’m gonna go see if I can get a parking spot yeah
we did okay Skeletor we got a spot Nicolas saw me pull in and gave me one
of the last remaining cancelled spots here cuz they are booked and man this is
just one of my favorite casinos remember a couple years ago I got comped and I
won big at the casino and they got excellent food so I’m glad to see them
doing so well and selling out even in October that’s great
got my route 66 key card good for both the rec center up there and the lodge
and yeah the pool is finally open remember they they were still building
that pool when I was here before when this was brand brand-new it’s done now
we should just start with that well yeah let me show you though we got
big huge sites this is all my front yard here with my picnic table on the
backside this is all mine as well it’s full hookups 50 amp and a hundred amp
yes they have a hundred amp hookups here now and sewer water everything’s good to
go little helpful booklet here talking about all their great food and some
other attractions nearby got the motorcycles so we can go check out the
balloon festival got a whole booklet of Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta so I’m dead
serious let me throw my summon trunks I’m getting in that pool right yeah it
does say no food or drink beyond this point so there’s no exceptions this time
but oh well oh yeah I mean I usually pool and bud light at the same time but
I’m gonna respect the rules when they’re posted they did make a change
anybody else remember I showed this big structure here with a slide I’m guessing
there was a problem maybe an accident maybe almost they got sued or something
so they have just they just boarded up the old drop zone and there’s where the
slide was and here’s where you would have gone up you see that a lot on the
road something looks so awesome and so fun and then it just gets removed why we
may never know but I’ll bet you it was either a safety concern or somebody
threatened to sue it’s a really pretty pool area though they got the hot tub
Jets are going lots of outdoor seating they got a bar I don’t know when they
serve drinks here that would sure be cool though
but yeah nobody here right now 300 people stay in here not one person using
the pool area oh no I have more fun here that I do gambling so here we go Oh BRR
water is incredibly cold this is not a heated pool like I’m used to it all the
throughout Thousand Trails resorts the hot tub is 104 degrees but this
particular pool is just heated by solar I guess you’d call it yeah still feels
good I’ll get used to it yeah actually I changed my mind it is too cold
I came up to my knees here but uh it’s just not hot enough outside for it to be
in a cold pool so I’m gonna head over the hot tub yeah but now now I’m too hot
I don’t know if I had a hot tub I wouldn’t keep it at 140 degrees I keep
it like 95 to be perfect if I had a hot tub could I have a hot tub
what’s my weight capacity oh yeah that’s that’s I need a hot tub we’re gonna
we’re gonna do another remodel in the RV I’m gonna be adding my own personal hot
tub I still have editing and work to do got
a plan out find out where I can go to get a good look at the hot air balloons
tomorrow today we’re just gonna be hanging out at the reason the Sun is has
just about set over here it’s really really low to the ground we’re losing
daylight quick so I decided to call it a night but don’t worry cuz part of this
video I’m gonna wake up tomorrow morning and share a little bit more of New
Mexico with you and possibly this casino as well so Skeletor and I will take it
easy he’s really good at taking it easy as you can see so yeah cut back in later
guys well good morning to ya’ll honey cloudy
drizzly morning here in Alva quirky didn’t do well getting a star lapse last
night it’s just too bright around here I tried though you know I’m here anyway
so I want to take the bike out and explore what we can before it just
starts downpouring so I’ll bring a jacket and long pants just in case and
we’ll go explore what we can’t actually I was reading this pamphlet here and on
the FAQ the world famous half pound Laguna burger has served up fresh daily
at the 66 pitch shop Laguna burger was recently featured on The Cooking Channel
and has been the location for several motion picture films you telling me
there’s a famous burger you had me at burger but still the word yes yes please mmm you wouldn’t like it it’s very
delicious kidding me that burger was fantastic I I
know what you guys are thinking I always say I like the burgers I would tell you
I’ve told you a couple times when they were just net bland
that’s a fantastic flavorful burger there route 66 best one yet for sure and
before the rain kicks off we have a famous little bridge here originally
part of well original route 66 and now it’s just kind of preserved as a little
walking pedestrian bridge of history built in 1933 it’s 200 feet long and one
of the longest in New Mexico they decided not to fix it up in 1957 and now
it’s safe for pedestrians but not cars okay it doesn’t really look like
anything special but I mean you can see it hasn’t been maintained very well and
one of the longest it’s also kind of funny because right next door you have
this awesome one I think I’m bleeding I just put my foot
right into this cactus didn’t even see it okay no okay my foot stings I’m pretty
sure I’m bleeding in my sock ow oh my gosh okay that’s nasty
I made it back relatively dry I mean I need to look at my foot just make sure I
don’t get a tetanus shot or something I’ll be okay but yeah they officially
canceled the entire day of balloon festival so it’s not like but it’s not
going to reopen there’s no chance they just cancelled it because those
thunderstorms are rolling this way for sure so it’s gonna be a wet close to
this video I’m gonna go and close it out now we’ll get back on route 66 and head
towards Texas in my next video guys pretty exciting huh you guys take care
of Jackson I’ll see you soon you

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  • Actually there are portable hot tubs that you can carry in an RV. Trouble is you need to stay put for a while for them to get hot. They run about $500 so yes it is doable, but not real cheap. At least you didn't say bad words when you ran into the cactus, or if you did you edited it out. Keep the good stuff coming and given your chosen lifestyle please keep your tetanus shots up to date.

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  • Not sure if you're in Albuquerque yet, if you are, head to Church Street Cafe (think that's what it was called). It's in Old Town and do great Mexican food. We went on our trip last year (I hope you've looked at my Wedding Adventure / Route 66 videos).

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  • This note is probably too late to get to you, but there's an outstanding museum of the sport of soaring in Moriarity, NM. It's just across from the Lewis Antique Auto & Toy Museum, both on Rt 66. The Auto & Toy Museum is one that I think you went to before, and is very "quirky", but the Soaring Museum is a must for us who love flight.

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  • You can bring him in a lot of places here in Mississippi. Most grocery stores and restaurants wonโ€™t let pets in. But, I bring my dogs in all the home improvement stores and most other places without food. You could get him classified as a emotional support animal. Thatโ€™s considered a service animal. You can bring him anywhere.

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    Itโ€™s been said, that the first big water slide, is in our town. Here in our state. The thing is crazy unsafe. If you donโ€™t have excellent Balance, it will throw you every which way. Because once you lose control youโ€™re done. This would be California.

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