Wendy Williams Producing Her Very Own Lifetime Movie! | E! News

Wendy Williams so she signed on to executive produce an upcoming lifetime biopic highlight detailing the highs and lows of her life and career so the film begins production this fall scheduled to debut in 2020 the biopic will also be coupled with a documentary on Wendy's life so a few weeks ago she was shop in a sit-down interview but had concerns about the angle so do we think that this will be an objective project or subject [Laughter] how she would oh right no it's not going to be objective but I'm kind of interested it is fascinating that they're going to do this lifetime actually announced some really good show very interesting I'm heading in an interesting direction really interesting so surviving Jeffrey Epstein announced yesterday as well I'll follow up to survivor Kelly ah Kelly and they're doing a movie on the College Admission scandal yeah but this is the best part so obviously it's about Lori Loughlin the writer of it worked with her on Summerland first show with Zac Efron back in the day Roback I hope there are some fans who will chat with me later in the comments about some real and you can't you soon I just like that that kind of capturing the zeitgeist with these TV shows that they're doing and she's somebody who has definitely her appeal has gone up means you've had issues and she's been so open and candid about it and we talked a couple of weeks ago a month ago maybe about whether she was gonna do a big teller interview with the morning show maybe this is their you know maybe this is her way of getting her full story out there and doing it like being able to control the narrative and yeah I'm kind of looking forward seeing this I was gonna say do and my kind of a jerk if I ask if people care enough to tune and shoot like like there are Lifetime movies about a lot of people that don't end up doing well and they are very high-profile people so I'm just curious if like what by the time this movie comes out if they're still as much next year yeah like and like I'm just actually genuinely curious to see how this does especially with her so involved in it I don't know you only don't know the answer to that I mean when we first started talking about Wendy I knew that she was a big deal but when we first started talking about Wendy I was surprised at how many people were as diehard fans and who were and so I wouldn't be surprised if it they put it on and it does and it actually does get some eyeballs onto it because I think I just miss underestimate I think I underestimate her her audience but I don't know if I don't necessarily know that that audience is looking for an objective like grainy look at Wendy's life I think they're looking for you know the wendy version of of her story oh they want a gritty look at her life and doesn't have all the answers I mean what I mean gritty I mean like I mean objective I mean like a third party person coming in and really looking that's what I mean I won't play her gonna be like an open casting call that she's gonna hate away they're not gonna play herself I mean maybe later like I can see her being very meta and playing like an interviewer interviewing herself but I genuinely am like Harris who she's gonna get to play her yeah will she go with like an unknown or does she want a star I don't know I mean but then again you're working within the confines of lifetime right like that's not what they do is hire big stars like they keep their business model you got to keep it you got to keep it in check right it's got to make sense yeah but I also could see Wendy trying to like get someone


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