Welcome to training camp: Dillian Whyte prepares for Oscar Rivas with brutal session.

[Applause] so what is the purpose of this session so we've got a three minute bike where we're looking at his average once and then we've gone on the ski for 400 so it's conditioning session and we're looking at shouldn't in the blood really hello body foods upper body so we'll go three minute three minute grind yeah on the bike and then a minute to get off the bike get on the ski and for me so it should be around about 120 for that so should be holding over 350 watts on the three minutes and then on the ski we're in for around about a minute 20 on there how has he been looking this training camp for you yeah good good the grass is really had us it's you earlier like every week we hit Phoebe's regardless regardless of the stage of cam pushes on every Campbell's on the last one so if we look through these measures we've seen improvements of 25 to 35 percent also the strength ledge is still so if we take something like a frown road for example I think January 2018 is one RM was around 70 70 to 75 kg there are the exact bigger on that and now he's lifting the 90k dumbbells three reps strength ledges when we thought is already a very strong man even for we still seen improvements in that it sounded really a testament to the way it lies themselves so work and then even conditioning as well we're looking at the services of its life self-selected wrestler as soon as conditioning that he's produced in his rest periods of course with campfire the scent and his out fire outputs going up as well at the same time yeah so we're seeing him again in he Phoebe so repeats prints on the wall fight with who keeps prints on the rowing machine and his times every time just getting faster and faster and faster so in terms of how that translate to the fight game for those that don't understand who you're talking about and so more punches yeah so we're showing more high intensity efforts with less recovery between those and this and that's essentially what working because we're not seen so here's the here's the flipside you could say you're gonna do her to me or at first honor our gonna do 15 minutes recovery this recovery could be probably a bit too long for the first two or three might be just right for the next two or three there's nowhere near long enough for the rest these session so quality session of drops the intensity produced drops so it's kind of one of those things that if grinding undefeated diesel engine is disabled a truck on and just keep throwing but not doing particularly high amounts of power or excessiveness so this way around we say actually you rest of logs you need to rest to in order to produce a massive power again repeater let's say that you're so against a little a little bit about the feeling that you've got and what you can produce see if you've got the rest sure and you go you blow up you just struggle for the last little bit you go feeling I need a bit longer yeah another times you think I'm not ready to go already go I'll try a context as well you got it [Applause] by [Applause] you'll turn down even going up here you going keep going push their posts go don't let that drop here we go building here we go all the way Frank keep working the way grind until keep grinding keep grinding let's go let's go let's go work work work work bigger they're bigger to pick a few let's go work work work let's go grind grind grind grind grind grains keep going keep going more power more power more power there we go there we go push phosphorus work your work work work work work

  • Love the fact that you have the old ducks and ordinary gym goers on the other machines whilst Dillian smashes it!!

  • Dillian y'all should come visit us in Lake Placid this winter! Snowboarding and skiing Whiteface and Mount Van Hovenberg, all Olympic sights. We'll tear it up! I own a ski shop, your gear is set! I got you Champ!!! Also one of the guys at the shop L.J. is from Jamaica!! Go get em Champ!

  • Dillian's physique is FINALLY starting to look elite. These past years of updating his training regimen and going with a more scientific approach have paid off. Hard work pays off, but these things take time. Good job Dillian, looking good!

  • Dillian, the fans know you have been the realest heavyweight, trying to earn it. I do think u should have fought ortiz though, your rep was already high. Taking that fight would have shot it up even higher. Sure u probably feel why should i, but it would be a fans fight. Good that u were willing to fight Fury. Anyway keep improving. When u finally become champ u may dominate for years like klitschko but more exciting. Thats why even though u r made to wait as long as u keep improving its only going to make when u become champ u will be hard to dislodge. One difference between u and ruiz, is ruiz used lots of head movement. Work more on upper body movement.

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