WEIRDEST Oscar On YouTube Gets NEW Home!

what's up everybody tonight I'm out for a walk taking a little stroll maybe you're like me you use the night when it's quiet clear skies to just get out and kind of clear your head think a little bit that's exactly what I'm doing I'm thinking about things I'm thinking about fish thinking about YouTube thing about you guys when you know this kind of realization hit me this kind of called an epiphany no not an epiphany but I was just thinking and I realized that I have some super weird fish I mean first there's the 2 foot plus African lungfish down in this tank I mean then there's the absolutely massive gopher catfish then I keep walleye which who keeps walleye Bob Murphy then down in this tank here I have a buy sure that has a bend in his back so bad that he sits like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh none of those weird fish that I show you however compared to this guy so here's the backstory on this dwarf read Oscar named mush I'm gonna go inside cuz my camera is attracting the bugs and my neighbors but I think I'm weird I do YouTube let's go inside so let me tell you a little bit more about my main man mush mush here is a four year old read Oscar four years old meaning he's only this big he should be this big but again he's only this big Musha was actually a very well-loved family pet as the other fish in the tank continued to grow mush did not he stayed that size he started to get picked on the family that had him did the right responsible thing and they took him to the local fish store and said it's not a safe environment for him can you guys find him a better home the local fish store said absolutely why go wandering in one day and this is what I see the tank is written the name mush I asked about the name find out that two little girls went into the store saw him fell in love with him and gave him the name mush I figured there's no way I can change that name it's super fitting and to find out that two little girls gave him this name awesome I loved it well not long after my video where I showed you that I picked this fish up aired I got this comment so that family went back into the local fish store to pick this fish up found out that he was gone but was told about my video watched it and commented and to me that's really really cool so if you're watching this one thank you for the awesome name mush is doing fantastic well a few days after I put that video out I then received this comment so 92 the people who gave him his name comment on the video but the original owners went in asked about the fish found out about me watched the video and then felt the felt compelled to comment so I don't know about you guys but to me having this full circle and the people who were involved in this fish's life before I got him able to watch the video I think that's awesome I really think that just speaks to the the impact that YouTube can have yeah I think it's it's cool it's cool so mush has been in this tank for about a month he is well quarantined he has no diseases he is doing extremely well but he's been ready for a new tank for a little while well so I had originally set up this tank here which the water levels low cuz the efficient here like to jump but I had set up this tank as mushas tank and then was told about these little tiny FACA puffers at Petco and I needed a place to put him so these four little faux haka puffers stole moshus tank and he was forced to stay down in this quarantine tank for a little bit longer well today that is all about to change because you see I set up a new tank let me show you so let me give me the full ture here pretty simple piece of driftwood some fake plants because I don't have great luck with live plants black aquarium sand some rocks filter a heater and alight so really really simple nothing crazy I wanted to make sure that moosh had plenty of room to swim around but still had some spots he could kind of get behind if he needed some you know a little privacy so I'm really happy with it let me know down in the comments what you think of the scape again I know it's simple but it's kind of my thing but like I said we're only missing the fish so let's go ahead and grab him and move them on over okay so I went ahead and added a little bit of water into the container that he's in to start the acclamation process I want to cover just a couple quick things so stay with me here as far as tank size goes he's in a twenty gallon aquarium which I know seems super tiny for an Oscar that can get like 14 inches but mush is full-grown remember he's only 4 inches he's not gonna get any bigger than that so 20 gallon aquarium is actually perfect for this particular fish mosha also has some health problems he twitches obviously his face is deformed with his mouth that makes it difficult for him to eat he eats great but it takes him a while to get the food or get it down so having a smaller aquarium makes it easy for me to get to the food to him and he will also have this aquarium to himself so he doesn't have to compete with anything for food the last thing that I want to cover and this is something that I was actually kind of surprised to see so I post a picture of mush on my Instagram the picture blew up it also was featured on a couple other really popular fish pages and one of the things that I saw a lot of was fish like this should be killed we're cold whatever you want to say when they're born they have the deformities they should be taken out of circulation well I personally don't believe that at all I think every fish should be given the chance to live and survive as long as whatever is happening is not impeding their their diet or their growth or anything like that like that by sure I showed you he's great he just has a 90 degree bend ins back so there you can really see those difficulties with the feeding like I was talking about he saw the reflection of that frozen tilapia in the glass and then it took him quite a while to actually find the piece of fish so that's why I don't put him with any tank mates but I'm excited that he's in this new tank I think he's gonna do great in there and I'll be excited to show him more often to you guys now that his tank actually looks good but hopefully you guys enjoy it hopefully you guys enjoy this awesome fish mush has been a fantastic pet and I absolutely love him so hopefully you guys do too if you have not already give this video a thumbs up type of comment let me know what you thought and if you have not already subscribed please consider doing so I have one more fish that I'm picking up this week I will get him set up in his aquarium and then I will finally do that full tour of all my fish that I keep telling you that I'm gonna do so hopefully you're looking forward to that I also have a special announcement coming for something that I'm thinking about for when we hit 10,000 subscribers which is coming up so thank you for watching hopefully you enjoyed it and until the next video I will see you soon

  • I was supposed to be editing a video when I got the notification for this and I just had to see Mush.

  • That’s pretty neat that both of his previous owners were able to see the video and know that he’s doing just fine. Really like how his new tank looks even though it’s simple. Sometimes simple is better I believe. Great video once again, keep up the great work 👊🏻

  • Hey Zach. I got a question. why would you not keep the Sponge Filter that you had in the quarantine tank with Mush? Why is it better to go to a hang on back filter?

  • The pug of the fish world. He's so cute. You're doing great. What about the fishroom tour. I want to see how the catfish is healing. I love your videos.💕🐡💕

  • Mush is adorable!
    Providing they are not suffering, are never bred from and cared for properly I don't have an issue with 'funky' animals. All mine have little quirks. I'm starting to think it may be a prerequisite to live in my house…..🤣

  • If anything Mush could be your mascot for the channel and fish room! You ever hear that thing some ppl say…where pets begin to look like there owner?!?! Lul just playing…mush is was to cute. Lol 😂 jkjk.

  • I absolutely love the story but once you mentioned about the nice family with the girls who named mush and loved the fish and went in to go pick him up right after you did (which I’m sure the girls were devastated mush wasn’t there to buy) commented on the video you posted, I thought u were gonna do a awesome story on how you gave these small girls who named mush the Oscar! That would have been so adorable and awesome of you as a man and father of two girls. But I understand, mush is getting you some attention online on forums and is content for you. Idk I kept waiting for u to say u surprised those girls or something cuz u seem to be a nice guy that would do something like that. But either way I’m glad mush has a amazing home to live the rest of his life in.

  • What an awesome little fish.
    Always amazes me how quickly some people throw out the comments to get rid of animals that aren't " perfect".
    As long as they are not suffering & clearly that fish isn't then why can't he live?
    Special needs animals are awesome, my opinion anyway.
    Great job giving Mush a forever home.

  • I have a one eyed Cory that also has a slight kink in his spine. Store gave him to me. Couldn’t sell him. He lives happily with other Cory cats.

  • Mush is a great lil happy fish. Well done video with a great story and topic. keep it real bro you are doing fantastic

  • I just want to say that it's awesome to see how much you truly care about these fish. I love your videos, and look forward to seeing more!

  • I love Oscars I had one for 8 years but I went on holidays he got hole in the head and it was to late just be carful of shape stuff in the tanks. they can pock they eyes and hurt then, but I love him I was thinking about getting new one not ready yet.

  • How amazing everyone found that video on YT about him! That is awesome! I had no clue you had Mush or that bichir. So i have a request for a proper introduction to all your fish please! AKA: fishroom tour please!
    But i love this story about Mush. He is super cute! And i think his tank is awesome. I personally enjoy "simple". Thanks for sharing Mush with us!!

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