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Weirdest Disney Christmas Movies (GAME)

– Disney the season. – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning. – Today we’re joined by
the incredibly talented and incredibly good at
making me and Rhett feel old and irrelevant, it’s Rowan Blanchard. – Woo!
– Woo! – Woo, I like that.
– Welcome to the show. – Wow, thanks, guys. – I like a good woo! At the top of a show.
– Woo woo woo woo! – Good morning!
– That’s right. – You’re telling me. Hey! – Now today we’re gonna play a game about Disney Channel original movies or DCOMs for those of us in the know, and we happen to know that
you’ve got a little experience. You were in a DCOM yourself–
– I was. – Called Invisible
Sister, which if I recall, was about you accidentally
eating a twin sister in the womb and having her
ghost haunt you at school and dates and stuff, right? – It wasn’t about that. I did write a pilot about that last month. – Oh.
– Oh. – What a coincidence. – You should collab on that. – I don’t know why I got that impression. Maybe we’re just on the
same wavelength, okay, we’re gonna see if you’re really an expert that you should be in
a game of real or fake bizarre Disney Channel Christmas movies. It’s time for Were These Christmas Movies On the Disney Channel or Made
Up by Some Guy in Flannel? Okay here’s what we’re gonna do, I’m gonna read you a synopsis
of a movie and a title and then you’re going to
guess whether it’s real with your paddles, that would be Mickey, or if I made it up, and
that would be Tricky. – Okay.
– Now you’re competing of course to see who can get more correct, because that’s how competitive
games usually work. – That’s right! – And whoever wins gets–
– Are you competitive? – Yeah, I’m competitive. I was on the Disney Channel. (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, you had to eat other children just to get that position.
– Yeah. – And whoever wins gets a
selfie with Rowan Blanchard. – Woo! – Woo! (Rowan chuckles) Let’s play, man, do it. I’m ready.
– Here’s the question. Little Jessica’s mom
died when she was a kid. Fortunately, Jessica just won a free wish from a magic stranger at the mall. She wishes for a mom for
Christmas which of course leads to a department store
mannequin coming to life and showing up to Jessica’s house. Jessica loves her new Mommy
but she has to turn back into a mannequin on Christmas Eve because who cares why, it’s a movie. – Tricky. – Hey, I’m not even done yet! – You got more? – So while step-mom mannequin
is busy seducing her dad, Jessica tries to break
the curse and keep her from becoming an inanimate object again. See all this heart-wrenching mannequin mother-daughter drama
in A Mom for Christmas. – A Mom for Christmas.
– Mickey or Tricky? – Tricky. – Sticking with your first instinct. Going with my first instinct, going with my knowledge of Disney. – Oh.
– Okay. – Going with it, what are you saying? – I think this sounds very intriguing. (crew laughing) And I’m hoping it’s real. Mickey. – Okay, A Mom for Christmas is Mickey, it is real! This 1990 piece of art
featured Olivia Newton-John as the mannequin mother,
let’s check out a clip. – What? – Honey, it’s just a mannequin. – Take her hand, Daddy, please. We can’t lose her too. We can’t lose her too. (sniffling) (tender music) (dramatic orchestral music) – Do you really want me? (Rhett laughs) (dramatic orchestral music) (crew laughing)
– Yeah, wow. – I don’t understand–
– I mean I don’t know how I missed that. (Rhett laughs) – Why didn’t the mannequin
turn into the mom? – I don’t know. – She was in a different place. – Seemed like a opportunity
they missed there. – But the dad was like, I’m still sleeping with the mannequin. (Rhett and crew laugh) – So you’re supposed to
wait for the mannequin to magically come to life
before you make out with it. That’s news to me. – Okay.
– All right here we go. – I’m taking the early lead.
– 16 year old Nick and Nicky–
– Oh. – May share most of their DNA. They’re twins after all. But that’s not the only
thing they know how to share. Oh no, that is the only
thing they know how to share. They hate each other. Adding insult to injury, it
just so happens their birthday is on Christmas Day which
means less attention and more importantly, less presents. Nick is especially angsty about all this, and one fateful Christmas
Eve, Nick devises a plan to pelt his twin sister with snowballs from high atop his small town’s big, weirdly magical oak tree. But one wrong step sends
him and Nicky plummeting to the ground and through time! Can Nick and Nicky find their way back to the year 2002 and
also find the true spirit of Christmas along the way? Does Disney have a
satisfying grasp on bending the fabric of space and time? Find out in Christmas
Presents, Past and Future. – Good gosh.
– Wow! – Man.
– Woo! – That’s longer than the movie. Hopefully. – Mickey or Tricky. I want to say Mickey but
then I think about it and I feel like it’s Tricky. Just talking through my thoughts. – (chuckles) No that’s good,
that’s a great strategy. – I will say the synopsis
itself was very tricky. Like I have no clue_-
– What he just said, yeah. – I knew you didn’t follow that. That’s my intention.
– I’m gonna go with Tricky. – And I was already on Tricky. – Congratulations, you’re
both right, it is Tricky. But if it were real, this
is what the movie poster would look like. – [Link] Oh. (Rowan chuckling) It would be me and my twin
sister traveling through time. – Based on this movie
poster, Link, if you find out that you have a twin sister on 23andMe, do not contact her.
– Oh my goodness. Ugh. – Teen girls Sam and Allie
are wandering around the woods like teenage girls do when
they come upon an old shack with a weather controlling
machine inside it. So again, much like teenage girls do, they steal it and make
it snow in Los Angeles! But little do they know
that the weather machine actually belongs to Santa. Soon Santa is hot on
the trail of the girls trying to get his weather machine back while the snowstorm in LA
has gotten out of control. Will Santa find the
girls and help them turn the weather machine off simply
by changing the batteries? Find out if that’s exactly what happens in The Ultimate Christmas Present. Mickey or Tricky. – This is real. – Oh. – I know this because I remember this one. (Rhett chuckles) I remember the whole– – Now this could be great gameplay, it could be strategy.
– Are you messing with me or are you giving me an advantage ’cause I haven’t seen this of course. – I’m not messing. I really do remember this one. I remember the Santa coming in. – Are you double messing with me? (Rhett and crew laugh) – I think you do you, if I were you, I would go with your first
gut instinct which was Tricky. – Oh, okay, or are you
now messing with me? No, I think you were too
enthusiastic about this. – Yeah honestly I gave myself away. – So I’m saying Mickey too.
– You’re right, it’s Mickey, this 2000 release, one year before your birth, Rowan, featured Brenda Song multiple
years before her on again off again relationship with Miley Cyrus’s most tattooed brother. There he is. – [Link] Good gracious, it’s
like he’s covered in seashells. – Here’s the promo. – [Narrator] Allie and
Samantha had the perfect plan for Christmas. – The weather machine is missing. – [Narrator] Until it
snowballed out of control. – [Weather Man] The Los Angeles
area is experiencing snow. – [Narrator] Tonight– – The important thing right
now is to stop this storm. – [Narrator] Disney Channel unwraps The Ultimate Christmas Present. – This is so out of control. – [Narrator] A Disney
channel original movie. – Send in the elves.
– Elves? – Do you have a problem with that? – [Narrator] The Ultimate
Christmas Present. – This is so out of control. – So how was it, do you remember that one? – Well as you said it was
a year prior to my birth, but I do remember hearing about it. – Oh you just heard about it.
– And seeing it. – So Santa’s got a weather maker. – Yeah also looks like Kenny Rogers. (crew laughs) Little 13 year old Molly
Fletcher doesn’t know her real parents, she was
raised by a nice barren couple who found her on their
doorstep 12 years ago, the day after Christmas. But Molly’s always wondered whose womb she actually emerged from.
– Aw. – Now as she begins puberty,
she notices some changes that are definitely unlike the usual ones, an insatiable craving for
sweets, bring pink rosy cheeks at all times and suddenly,
shockingly, white hair. Is she the long-lost daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus or is she just the most
unfortunate teenage girl in the world with a rare genetic disorder? Join this traumatized
teen girl on her quest to find out in Holly Molly Christmas. – For a second as you
were going through that, I forgot you were describing
a potential movie, and I just thought this was real life and I got really excited. It’s like, Santa’s got a child. – Mm-hm.
– It’s me. (Rhett and Rowan chuckle) – Go with that, Link.
– That’s why I’m here. – But you don’t have white hair. – Well, I do underneath this. – That’s right, she’s covered it up. – I don’t either.
– Covered it up. – Hm. Now, yeah, I’ll keep letting you go first. (Rhett and Link laugh) – I feel like it’s Tricky. – Sh. – Great story.
– I mean would Disney do something about the
womb and puberty, like– – I think so, I think it’s
high time they did that. (crew chuckling) – Yeah, I think they’ve got it in ’em. – I feel like this is fake. – Mickey. – It’s Tricky! – Ah.
– But if it were real, this is what the movie
poster would look like. There she is. – [Link] Okay, yeah. – [Rowan] Oh, ooh hoo hoo. – And I have a suggested
self title with this one. Santa Forgot to Wrap. (crew and Link laugh) – Okay, okay. – You guys are tied at three. Nothing says Christmas–
– We’re tied up. – Like 1890s Australian Outback. And conveniently, that’s when and where this movie takes place. Ned O’Day as a young boy from a sheep farm with an active imagination, so active, he comes to believe a fat,
bearded homeless transient is Santa Claus. He’s not of course, he’s
actually a horse thief on the run from the law. But can young Ned and
this grizzled gun-toting Australian horse maniac
still teach each other the spirit of Christmas
while simultaneously saving some soon-to-be
dead sheep? (chuckles) Find out the answer is
yes in Miracle Down Under. – Ho ho ho ho, that title. – Mickey or Tricky? (chuckles) This is for all the marbles. – Thanks for spoiling all
these for us, by the way. – Sorry.
– Yeah I feel like now I can’t enjoy my holiday season. – There’s a lot more
where these came from. – Man, so a transient mistaken as Santa. – Australia. (chuckles) – Every part of this. – Yep, yep, yep, yep. – You know what?
– There’s no way. – Mickey. – Ooh. – I’m just gonna say,
this sounds crazy enough that it happened in real life. – In real life.
– Yes! – This is a documentary. – It’s actually Disney
Channel’s first documentary. – All right no, no, there’s no way, man. This, just, no. – It’s Mickey! (Rowan laughs)
Yes, this movie aired originally on December 5th, 1987, and then it was subsequently
released as Miracle Down Under, Bushfire Moon, and The Christmas Visitor. They kept recycling
it, here’s the trailer. (wind blowing)
(soft music) – [Narrator] A story
of a very special child and a very unlikely Father Christmas. – How come you’re carrying a gun? – Mosquitoes, ugh. I think there’s elephants out here. – Sometimes I can’t
believe that I was like on this same channel. (Rhett laughs) – Makes you feel great, right? – You should feel honored.
– It just makes me feel like I really did that, you know? – Well you should feel even
more honored because you win! – Congratulations. – And you actually win
a selfie with yourself. – With Rowan Blanchard! – Wow, you haven’t done that before? – Oh they’re photobombed, okay. – Congratulations Rowan, and thank you for joining us today. Check her out as the face
of Miu Miu’s fall campaign and see her in Splitting
Up Together on ABC. – And thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. Now you say, “You know what time it is.” – You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Sarah.
– And I’m Susan. And it’s our 30th birthday. – And we’re at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. – [Together] And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – Nick and Nicky grew up.
– What a coinkydink. Happy birthday, ladies. – Yes, click the top
link to watch us react to cute cats with Rowan
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